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  1. Those plates look great. Which company produced them? You may want to crop the image above with your v5 address details on show mind... @GregZX needs to delete the photo from his quote too...
  2. That's gorgeous. MOT history suggests Scotland's climate has helped* the underside, but it looks a genuine motor otherwise. So damn rare now too. Can't someone buy it and point it a bit closer to Cornwall?
  3. For some reason, the photo of the lorry takes me straight back to 2005 and Hurley finding a Volkswagen bus in the undergrowth on Lost.
  4. Thanks for sharing. I've a lasting memory from around 1986 when my father dropped his Orion to the local Ford dealership for some work. His loan car was a virtually new Capri 2.8 injection on a D plate like yours. Similar metallic blue too. He collected me in it after I'd stayed at a mate's place overnight. As a car mad eleven year old, the Capri was an instant winner for me! Great to see such an original looking car and looking forward to hearing what happens next.
  5. Mazda 626. Depending on how cool they were, it could even be a 626 coupe/Montrose...
  6. Apart from the front which looks like a debumpered Astra and isn't even vaguely Fulvia-esque, that's got so much potential. Edit: The more I look, the more it's only the dash which really draws me in. These renderings are pretty smart.
  7. Looks like it's the same one then. Seriously though, is it the earliest one remaining? Checker says it was registered July 81 so it just scraped in on a W plate. What a find.
  8. Acclaim on a W plate? I drove an A plate a couple of times in the mid 90s and have seen a few Y plates over the years. W must surely be the earliest left?
  9. It's 100% the Jaywick Chevy. Look at the chrome trim (or lack of) on the LHS headlight. Same rusty bit where the wing and bonnet meet too. I guess it was always going to be inevitable, but what a shame it'll end its days being destroyed around the oval. Digging a bit deeper, it looks as though the new owner likes racing rare beasts. At least he's offering up parts from the Chevy I guess.
  10. Dick Longbridge


    Why does OP's car have to look 'exactly as they did back in the day'? I wasn't aware he was required to create an authentic recreation? I love the fact he's playing with a motor which most people overlook. Cap doffed.
  11. Argenta is an especially fine spot. Ph1 Renault 25s still look like they mean business almost four decades later.
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