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  1. You've limited your market with that modification if you plan on selling the van at some point. The whole point of a van is decent storage space in the back! 😄
  2. Sorry to drift @Zelandethbut had to share a photo of my father's Casio FL-1. He bought it new in 1979 when he started a new accountancy job. It's still going strong and remains in use every week all these years later. It looks like the model was launched in 1975, so Casio got some mileage from it. Photo taken just now:
  3. Come on guys. It's reduced to 300 notes now and Bogdan can deliver.
  4. That photo surely was taken at least twenty years ago.
  5. That reminds me, in a roundabout way of a scenario from when I was in my late teens. I had a summer job as a kitchen skivvy in Mevagissey - an old Cornish fishing harbour. To reach the car park, you had to drive along the narrow harbour edge at a snails pace, dodging stroppy looking tourists. As a long-haired, DM wearing teenager, my patience threshold was fairly limited, and I'd alway put my foot down as I finally entered the car park, aiming at the large puddles whenever feasible. I drove a mk1 Volkswagen Jetta - 2 door RHD and knowing what I know now, the only one in the country. That'
  6. I reckon LBF bought his in the nick of time, looking at the way prices are going for these.
  7. Have you ever been caught adding structural* bridgeagap to a hole in the floorpan of a Mk2 Astra diesel? My mate Nathan, who worked in a bodyshop for years still reminds me of that one twenty five years later.
  8. Shame, but one of those things. I bet the seller ends up selling it for £150 to a racer because dickhead.
  9. Have you ever driven from Mid Cornwall to Plymouth in a 1967 Beetle in winter with no heating, with the passenger window down and with leaking heat exchangers whilst having to keep your left hand firmly on the gearstick to stop it jumping out of fourth? Have you then had to climb out at the Tamar Bridge toll booth to hand over the money (because driver's window mech borked) much to the disdain of the queue behind you, whilst struggling to speak because of the cold and monoxide intake over the past hour, and whilst realising your left arm is still locked in the 'keep her in fourth gear' po
  10. Have you ever spun your Morris Minor on black ice at 11pm, lost all lights and ignition after twatting the kerb with a back wheel, and then had to scrabble around in the dark to reconnect the loose battery clamp so you can get on your way again? Yes.
  11. After reading a post of Vulgalour's thread just now where someone posted they'd never driven a Maestro, I started thinking about questions which could be asked to prove your Autoshite credentials. I'm struggling to narrow it down to one as there are so many, but here it is. For now. Feel free to share one question per post to prove your own Shite credentials.
  12. I'd imagine the 'unbelievable interest' has been the questions from here and a couple of racers wanting to finish it off. I agree it appears to be well worth a save though. MOT history doesn't look too scary although emissions have been borderline for last few years. No failures on rot. I wouldn't mind throwing a bit into a pot and being part-owner if it helps save it, although being in Cornwall can't really help beyond that.
  13. Looks great! What do you do about the drilled out rivets to hold the base on?
  14. VIW 8021 currently on an Ovlov Chelsea XC thing. I quite like the look of these little three coupe* 323s. Wonder what the story is with it?
  15. Now £350, out of ticket and a gnats whisker away from the oval I'd have said, poor old thing. Someone save it, please. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/379408483128885/
  16. Were they stolen from the roadside? There must be someone with CCTV nearby that picked up something of the theft. Bastids.
  17. Bloody nora. The Acclaim was doing a pretty good job of hiding that grot. This photo is the exact scene right down to the same colour Acclaim which I witnessed in around 1993. I think I said the story before that our welder, Pete left the arse end of the Acclaim on axle stands at 5pm after starting to chop the grot out of it. It would only have been around 11 years old at the time. When we entered the workshop the next morning, the car was innocently sat back on all four wheels. The axle stands had popped straight up through the structure overnight where the metalwork had collapsed
  18. So what's the actual story with this, then? Why was it stored for so long?
  19. What a shame the owner(s) of the buildings is a twunt.
  20. That sums up the attitude of so many towards historic buildings. I really don't understand why people don't appreciate them more. What's the situation with protecting buildings in Ireland? Do you have graded listings as well? To be fair, most of the time listed status tends to mean a building stays derelict for longer prior to demolition rather than flattened before it's burnt to the ground anyway.
  21. Fantastic photo. Proof too that Victorian buildings with intact sash look beautiful. Something we've completely lost since.
  22. I've left a suitably salty comment. What a dick.
  23. Good lord, really? I clearly haven't played music loudly enough to find out! Having said that, I've been trying to look after my hearing for the last decade after developing tinnitus from loud personal stereo listening in my late teens and playing in a band (with a brilliant, but excitable drummer) with zero ear protection for a few years.
  24. I like Mk1 Polos, but fark me that's grim.
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