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  1. Apparently the Welsh have a real soft spot for an A Series 1275 lump and like to show this by rewarding owners with discounted RFL. Apparently anyone considering dropping one of those heavy-breathing Rover V8s into a Montego engine bay are charged heavily and told to 'GTF boyo' if asking for cheap rates.
  2. Someone been watching VGG? I'll be dipped!
  3. Do the 6cylinders know anything of it's story previously?
  4. Poor old thing. Looks like the tailgate sticker doesn't allow for the state of the bodywork. No second gearstick, unlike my old one. I wonder what the story was, and whether Trebus had a brother?!
  5. Yours is a much better starting point! Having said that, it's great to see the 505 above live again. Has he got a build thread on it anywhere? Could do with getting him on here... Edit: Just found the thread for it on the blue 👍🏻 All this 505 talk has reminded me of a local Cornish lad who picked up a rough 505 gti from nearby a few years back. It's a great watch - he's keeping it for spares for his decent, identical 505 gti. In fact, I'm wondering if it was you who shared the link originally?!
  6. ^ Photo required for maximum entertainment. What happened to your ex Slater/blue forum 505? This one looks bloody lovely to be fair
  7. I wonder what that was describing? Back in the day, I owned a couple of Mk1 Renner Cinqs in succession. I still remember one night when I was designated driver for the night and had a car full of pissed mates on the return journey. My good pal Darren (RIP fella) questioned why the car was 'rolling so f****ing much in the corners'. My response was TADTS, obviously. Within a mile I'd had to pull in, eject him from the back of the car and allow him to vomit his evening of fun into the layby. Nice.
  8. Whenever I think Montego estate, I think back to sitting in the front of my father's e plate Ford Orion on the morning school run. We regularly used to see a Monty estate of similar vintage with the optional extra boot seats fitted. The owner's two lads used to enjoy pulling faces at whatever car was behind them as they faced out of the rear window. I don't think I've ever seen another family motor with rear facing extra seats aside from the aforementioned Montego.
  9. @Tommyboy12 Did you buy it directly from the original owner? If not, is there any paperwork with their contact details on it? Would be worth asking them a few questions directly, including 'tell me the full story of the Montego from day one', assuming they're still with us.
  10. Someone has done almost 300k in a 1300 petrol Montego? I'm not sure who to congratulate - you or the previous owner! Intrigued to see the recommissioning on this one.
  11. I'm not sure how to embed facearse posts, but this is WELL worth a look. Good to see his mate put his hi-vis on eventually, just in case one of the parked cars wanted to surprise him. Honda Logo looks ok. https://www.facebook.com/www.metrosalvage.co.uk/videos/949289365643102/
  12. Still looks clean. No offence but I think you'll struggle to pull anywhere near 5k for an Li. I sold my Imola 186 kitted SX150 for £3600 around 18 months ago - mine had lots of trick parts to boot, such as front disk, long range fuel tank, electronic ignition etc. Good luck anyway and good time of the year to sell!
  13. That must be a photoshop. There's no rot around the fuel filler.
  14. That's worth every last penny of £1k I reckon. Long MOT and seemingly clean as a pin. Utter barg!
  15. This 100%. I bought one from Bristol a couple of years back purely as a donor setup for my MR2 - a project which didn't happen due to finances being required for new baby boy instead. The Corolla was brilliant at lower speeds and for sheer acceleration. The sound of lift kicking in was addictive. On a long run though, the gearing was bloody ridiculous. I still keep looking from the corner of my eye for another cheap* donor... I still wish I'd had the opportunity of sticking the 190 in my '2 though.
  16. If that's a factory job, there's someone working for Peugeot who is keen on the 'I'll only paint half of my car whatever paint I have sat on the shelf to cover the cheaply repaired accident damage as I'm a tightarse' look.
  17. Slight aside, but could you pm his details? Am also in Kernow and could do with mine sorting.
  18. I still marvel at the fact that this era of J interiors show virtually no wear (including the higher milers) yet <10 year old 1 series look like Big Daddy has been rubbing himself all over the edges whilst wearing a sandpaper jumpsuit.
  19. Welcome back, and sorry about the plague. I didn't know the back story on your SJ, but it makes perfect sense now that it's so clean looking. I'm assuming it's not seen salt before?
  20. That is absolutely FANTASTIC. I was impressed with you managing to find the unicorn status van back in 2016. The work done to this trooper is massively heartwarming too. I love the fact you drove it when it was a dealership car and that's it's now the oldest Pride left. What a special little car.
  21. Negative. I was after this one...
  22. Noice. If you're looking for a home for the I'd be keen...
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