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  1. The Abbey Road Beetle was found and restored many years ago.
  2. Go on then... who can identify this Routemaster?
  3. That's lovely. The classic Imprezas are so good to drive too although I'd have to own another turbot if I ever went back down that road.
  4. What's the story with the Samurai? It looks like it's previously had some lift attention.
  5. Does your mate work for Practical Classics? Just spotted this on my Twitter...
  6. His two door saph looked good. It just worked. This carbuncle... ouch.
  7. I'm in awe of the level of detail you're going into with the fabrication of various NLA parts for your Invacar along with your general attitude towards making the resto top notch. Just brilliant 😎.
  8. Yes, yours was a facelift, same as my father's E plate Ghia. I mentioned in my post that the facelift cars had a sleeved extension bolted over the end of the tailpipe to make the exhaust longer. I think you're missing the entire point I'm stating about the pre-facelift Orions which didn't have this...
  9. Nope. Standard setup on them as per photos.
  10. There seem to be a number of Ford lickers on here so thought I'd ask. Mk1 Onions had a stubby tailpipe as standard. It was much shorter than the equivalent on the mk3 Escort and tucked quite far in contrast. Father Longbridge replaced his C plate Onion with an E plate Ghia equivalent with a mild facelift. From what I remember, the tailpipe had a short extension piece bolted onto the end from new so it appeared someone in Ford decided to do a cheap fix*. Can anyone confirm this? I'm assuming the exhaust was sourced from the Escort and then bodged onto its booted brother to save Ford's design team a few £££ ... As an aside, Orions have aged very well, haven't they?
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