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  1. Wow, I'd forgotten about this thread! I remember HairyMel's Sunbeam escapades originally from the blue - I reckon that must have been a decade ago now.
  2. Someone else enjoyed Lost. Cracking series, apart from the ending.
  3. Alanis Morissette didn't understand the meaning of ironic but she still made a song about it which sold in the millions.
  4. I can't work out if the owner of DPD was brave or just plain fruitbat. The Messerschmitt* doesn't look too happy about things!
  5. Now you mention it, I do vaguely remember reading about an A plate Horizon on here a few years back. I guess this is one and the same. Have you seen this brochure for the Ultra Horizon? Looks like the seller is open to offers too. The slotted steels are the same as my father had on his Ultra. I'm trying to work out if they're different to standard Horizon steels, and where your alloys came from... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TALBOT-HORIZON-ULTRA-Car-Sales-Specification-Leaflet-Dec-1981-C9621-1-50-/202918427507?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  6. I didn't realise there were any Ultras left. Dad owned an immaculate black Ultra Horizon in the early 80s - VFJ 570X, following an earlier Horizon and Alpine. It looks like it lasted a decade, which was pretty much standard fayre for these at the time. What's the story with yours? Long-term decent storage?
  7. That's really frustrating to see the issues you've identified. Surely a phone call to those involved is in order, particularly the company who rebuilt the gearbox? The customer really shouldn't need to get their hands dirty after paying (I'm assuming) handsomely for the privilege?
  8. My main GM love is the mk3 GSi, which are downright fantastic cars. However, this mk1 is stunning. What a gorgeous example.
  9. Yes. I love the way the Mini couldn't be any further removed from the Montego in any shape or form. I'm also a sucker for getting sentimental about cars- I've owned my MR2 for six years - a personal record by far - and it's staying forever.
  10. A pair of CF projects which need to be gone by the end of the week: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/608830453477667/?ref=facebook_story_share
  11. Aurelias are gorgeous. On a different note, it's not that Fuckington is it?
  12. Let's see what Mrs Woooooo000000oo000 says.
  13. Or buy back the red one for £hellofalotless?
  14. Wow! That looks lovely - I'm surprised I've never seen it trundling around Cornwall though. Maybe it was a fair weather car! I still have very fond memories of my old 1969 2 door in trafalgar blue. Brilliant cars, bags of character and ultra reliable. Well bought!
  15. Ditto. As soon as the notes at the bottom of the screen started appearing and there had been no testing of the finished article, I felt cheated. However, the testing which followed certainly didn't disappoint.
  16. Hooked for the entire 20 minutes. Everything about that is just perfect.
  17. That's the icing on the cake. Amazing. However, whilst the BBC voice direct from 1955 is a winner, I can't help but feel slight disappointment at the fact it wasn't instead spoken with a thick French accent ala Gordon Kaye from Allo Allo.
  18. How do you know she gives a good blowjob?
  19. Again, this highlights the problem with a large percentage of our society. You're making it all about you. I find it really perturbing that the default with many is 'I'm not going to follow guidance until you make me'. The irony is when we're then forced to do something with no exceptions, the same people have issue with that too. I think of others as well as myself. I do find this thread enlightening as to the general attitude of some of our members towards others. Having said that, a couple come as no surprise.
  20. Mk1 Fez. Yes please! Oxford Ute is gorgeous - intrigued to know more about both.
  21. Government guidance updated 17th September 2021. You're misinterpreting the recommendations. Recommendations rely on people being trusted to be sensible and to follow them. That's the issue we have in the UK.
  22. And therein lies the problem. It's generally recommended that masks are worn in public indoor places yet many, particularly the younger generation, have interpreted the guidance as 'only wear a mask if it's a legal requirement'. I see my mask wearing as basic etiquette. If the guidance is generally to be a decent person and wear a mask if mixing in a confined place, aside from the tiny percentage of the populous who have a genuine medical reason to not wear one, I interpret the remaining mask non-wearers as lacking in basic etiquette.
  23. That's the spirit. As long as you're ok, eh? This is the very reason we're in this bloody mess.
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