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  1. I assumed Nigel still had it but remember he quit the forum shortly after buying the car? Wasn't it an immaculate garage find? Hopefully it's stored well in the meantime.
  2. I'm still impressed that the last remaining (I think) Sao Penza ended up on here, albeit briefly.
  3. Worth getting kitted up in the appropriate gear to be taken seriously too.
  4. That does sound about right. It was terrible on juice, I know that much.
  5. I wonder if this would be the same 1.6 pez lump my old 2007 Leon ran? I seem to remember you said they were fairly dated engines at this point. The MPGs from mine were really poor - my 1.8 vvti MR2 is way more frugal.
  6. @SoundwaveHow did you work out the registration which is SORN? It looks like it was untaxed when @SambaS checked it in 2013 along with the batch below, so someone has SORNed it since... Lonsdale 2.0 - A710 SYR - Blue - Date of liability 01 03 1997 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 522Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 02 1988 Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 507Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 12 1992 Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 508Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 08 1990 Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 509Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 06 1995 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 510Y - Green - Date of liability 01 02 1992 Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 512Y - Silver - Date of liability 01 07 1990 Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 519Y - Red - Date of liability 01 07 1992 Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 520Y - Blue - Date of liability 01 11 1991 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 521Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 08 1991 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 522Y - Brown - Date of liability 01 02 1988 Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 532Y - Silver - Date of liability 01 01 1990 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 533Y - White - Date of liability 01 10 1990 Lonsdale 2.0 - DDF 565Y - White - Date of liability 01 05 2000 Lonsdale 1.6 - DDF 566Y - Green - Date of liability01 07 1993 Lonsdale 2.6 - DDF 594Y - White - Date of liability 01 03 1996
  7. A710 SYR untaxed since March 1997. As featured* on Harry Enfield's show.
  8. Another idea - if anyone spots a Lonsdale on the webz anywhere, stick the registration down here and run a quick check on its current status. Probably won't help, obviously. A71 JCE - untaxed since Aug 1997 DDF 508Y - untaxed since Aug 1990
  9. My local train station - St Austell. The Victorian footbridge was grade 2 listed along with several of the platform buildings. Obviously Network Rail flattened half of the buildings and replaced them with ultra modern replacements around 15 years ago. Then the listing was removed* from the footbridge and it was taken apart and taken away a couple of years ago. Proper shitshow.
  10. I've a soft spot for the mk1 Fez. Volkswagen were at least two years ahead of the game though launching the mk1 Golf in October 1974. Groundbreaking when you consider it was intended to replace the Beetle.
  11. Just a spotted this on the antisocials. Want one. "These are all replicas of previously produced models, commissioned for the 75th anniversary of Toyota for display in their museum in Japan."
  12. I've just read this whole thread in a couple of sittings. I can't remember exactly when I formed a mental image of hell. It was the stereotypical furnace of fire guarded by an unpleasant chap with a fake smile holding a pitchfork though. However, I reckon it's time to update that mental image and replace it with the vision of the internals of your autobox. In fact, in the corner of my mental image I spy your S Type parked up with wonky wipers and rear wheel akimbo. It's purring like a kitten cat though, just for that deceptive sense of security. Cap doffed multiple times to you for sticking with this ungrateful cat. The reading's both fascinating and horrifying in equal measure. You are winning though - just remember that. The old girl will run out of toys to throw out of the pram soon enough.
  13. Nope. The interior says it all. "The pristine and as-new 1974 Vauxhall Victor FE, which is reported to have been saved by someone else who removed it from the rotting garage the original owner stored it in, has recently arrived at The Great British Car Journey in Ambergate with less than 100 miles on the clock, and the low mileage is attracting the most interest, so officials at the attraction have gone out to the public using social media to try and get more information. The car was discovered following the death of the owner - a Mr. Milner who bought the car in the Summer of 1974 from Mercury Garage in Ilkeston. Six years later, it was taken to Derby to undergo rustproofing treatment after which it is thought that the car was never driven again and merely stored away. After arriving in Ambergate, a raft of spare parts, a Haynes manual and seven empty fuel containers were found in the boot of the vehicle, but have been left exactly as they were found. The social media post about the car attracted a variety of responses, one suggesting that the fuel crisis of the 70s peaked around the time the car was purchased, and the owner may have considered that he could not afford to run it due to prices having remained high and to await them coming back down again, whilst another wondered whether the owner had been on extended military service so didn't use the vehicle for that reason. Explaining its continuing pristine condition, Richard Felkin, who discovered the Vauxhall in storage, said that all chrome and light fittings had been removed and stored in the car whilst what couldn't be removed was covered in order to protect it."
  14. I wonder what the story was? Such good looking old barges. https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/news/people/derbyshire-car-museums-plea-for-public-help-solving-motoring-mystery-3990519
  15. That looks a lot of van for a smidge under 10k. T5s of that age without the camper bits don't command much less than asking. GIB!
  16. Those 2.5tdi lumps aren't known for their reliability...
  17. If the level of pudding stuffed in the front end is representative of the rest of the car...
  18. Great work Grizz. It's funny how when reading about the evolution of your garage spaces that it all seems so familiar. I used to frequent RR a fair bit at the time and I always enjoyed reading your escapades on there. Great to see you active here now too. Sterling efforts with the jeep. As for the rot on the MX5, what were Mazda playing at with the mk2 and mk3? It's like 1970s Fords all over again!
  19. I bet! Yeah, I'd scoured the bay in the meantime to no avail. Will keep looking!
  20. Right, I'm now actively looking for one with superfast wide wheels. No cigar yet - if anyone on here is selling or spots one, please let me know!
  21. Boom! So I did remember correctly! Just need to find one like the example on the right now.
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