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  1. forsale sip 130 migmate (hobby type) mig welder gwo £70 collection only . Sheffield close to M1 j34/5 07766634012
  2. shame the sunroof was only avl on export versions.
  3. duno how? even if mileage is gen the grande is the least popular body shape so would be suprised at a payout that high. a fastback or convertible yes.
  4. French soccer playing cunt I think you'll find.
  5. they want 18 bags for the least popular body shape & they don't even know what eng is in it (4100 cc V8?) no wonder they can't sell it.
  6. 5.0 Cortina on lpg tops out around 135
  7. looks like a 72/3 (chrome bumpers rather than the big inpact absorbing ones) mercury capri prob a 2.3 V6.
  8. the extra lights (spots) are usually for use in poorly lit yards/depots/alley ways etc
  9. yep got one too, i'm also waiting on 2 new type logbooks promised a year ago & 2 from early dec 2013.
  10. the mk4 2dr was sold only as 1.3 base & L, as was the mk5 with late mk5's avl as 1.6 auto only ( mainly as part of the motobility scheme), the 4dr escort sport was very rare only avl for about 18 months.
  11. rekord is a taunus coupe (P7 I think) the black back panel on the green mk 1 4dr escoet denotes it as an XL. must repaint the grille on my GT. this is a great show on a wed eve in june.
  12. prob yes as all the bits where avl & a straight swap, ford claimed that mainland uk buyers didn't like having to climb in/out of the rear of higher spec cars??
  13. its a GL too,as unlike the uk they could get rhd ones above base/L trim. this is how Crayford got the bigger eng/trim cars to make into convertables. Volvo sold 142 & 242's in rhd there.
  14. wasn't there a dinky PB milk float?
  15. far as I know satisfaction is in the Nottingham area.
  16. you'll be lucky to get owt for a ton.
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