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  1. back in 89 i had a 76 350 auto firebird, then in 04 i had an 82 F350 S6 300 3spd auto on lpg, would do low 20's on gas being ex usaf it had the big steel push board on the frt was great for playing chicken with arrogant minicabs (never lost).

    only had 46 k on clock & very reliable, allways regret not buying another with 17k on it ex tug so would have made a goodun once stretch back to std wheelbase had 4 spd auto £800 !

  2. i stopped going on  RR due to this stuff & haveing the attitude about it being dangerous, i tend to not fit in any "scene" as i like allsorts std & modded .

    but my V8 mk3 isn't wild/uptodate enough for the modded crowd & the opposite for the flatcap & driveing gloves & my mk3 bakkie & mk5 crayford aren't concours enough etc.


    this is why i like the motornutz club they are just happy if your into fun with cars.

  3. i own more cars at present the my dad had throught out his life.


    when i was born in 66 he had an early morris mini minor, replaced soon after by a beetle, then around 1970 a dark green corsair GT, then in 74 a K reg red mk3 1600L 4 dr cortina & lastly in 81 a dove grey mk5 1600L 4dr (which i still own) the only new car he ever bought & drove upto his death in 03.


    i remember the bay city rollers cartridge in the 8 track in the mk3 & hearing "true or gold" by spandau ballet instantly takes me back to being in the mk5 on fri eves as a teenager travelling to our caravan at chapel-st-leonards on the east coast near skegness.


    they where all just transport to him,so don't get my car obsession from him?


    must be from all the 70's tv shows & a fascination of how things work & that they give you the freedom to go when & where you want.

    my love of  mk3's esp prefacelift ones comes from muscle cars & not being able to affford one!! my 5.0 V8 2dr is my interpritation of them.

  4. all thanks to the we don't need industry mentality foested on us in the late 80's/90's,they shipped everything abroad for bigger profits & bollocks to quaility.

    so now all the decent stuff is no longer avl we're stuck with the shit, but joe public doesn't care as long as its cheap as they'll be bored with it by the time it shows up and they'll have moved on to the latest must have.

    coil springs seem to be the latest round here had another one snapped ,that was still smooth & shiney from being replaced only a few thousand miles ago.

  5. no wasn't haveing ago at you was haveing ago at the usless twats that book/pick the vehicles.

    in that they don't have a clue re appropreateness to era production is set in or the logistics in supplying said vehicles.


    been involved in this since late 90's on an ametuer basis & most of time its a pleasent experience & the vehicles have been well looked after as have owners.


    quite a few of the mistakes are down to them being more interested in the image than the accuracey & have little knowledge of the period thier representing, even as recently as the 80's as they were prob young kids or poss not even born.


    but i'd rather have inaccuraces than reality tv.



    its an alfa sud if it had been under water only the glass wouldn't have rotted.

    remember investingateing a bad screen leak on one, turnrd out you could put your hand through top corner of bulkhead/Apost/scuttle area from inside it was 5 years old!!

    how it didn't fold in half i'll never know?????

  7. becausethey tend to want vehicles midweek when owners are at work & usually at the last minute.

    cloths,furnature & other props are stored in warehouses with inventories that can be ordered & delivered in a van & stored in a room ready for use.


    so they think that people like fred have a yard/multi storey full of vehicles avl at the drop of a hat.


    i've turned up on set where they've no clue about the age/type etc of the vehicle,they just liked the look/colour etc of it in pics on website when they looked a couple of days previously.


    once had to deliver a mk1 fiesta from leeds to london with bearly 24hrs notice constantly haranged on phone about must be on set by 5pm, given wrong address in east london instead of west still get there for 4.30, crew turned up at 7pm started filming at 9.30pm.left at 2am no catering & never a word of thanks.

    yet again a case of the more upmarket/expensive the production the more the minions are tret like crap.

    they were offered 3 in london! but director (madona) liked colour of this one.



    but then perhaps you'd rather have big brother,towie or the latest chav crap celebrity spa.

  8. the mk5 2dr rally car NHK 244 V was based on the SA cortina XR6 homologation papers, its spec was for the time pretty impressive with 4 wheel discs, turreted 5 linked atlas ,triple down draughts giving in the region of 240bhp.

    it was originaly campaigned buy julian raymond from late 80 through 81. competed on the manx international several times its been off the road since 89 various stories surround its currant state/ownership with several people claiming to own it.


    its sister car KLM 123 was a 4dr again built to 3.0 XR6 spec but this time std in mech spec this car does still exist.


    as said both cars main prob was understeer. with slightly better results in tarmac events.

    the XR6 was pretty successful in its native sa as a circuit racer.


    been on NHK's trail for 20 years would love to have it in my collection.

  9. the cortina based starcraft was one of several incf the sherwood (same front end) pickup/est, aswell as the spartan all made by the same company.

    whist there roomy there slow & thirsty (20mpg) from a 2.0 is doing very well.


    that caddy looks to be a demountable which give the best of both worlds ideal for weekends etc.

  10. the shape was a big departure from the whole ford range of the time & along with the lack of a saloon option alianated core buyers.

    the orion was introduced within a year of cortina cesation but people had defected to the enemy (vauxhall), if it had been introduced during late 81-82 i think this would've helped, also i think the lack of a grille on sierra had some kind of negative subconcious effect most other manufactuers cars of the period still had somesort of grile until later in the decade.

    the car buying public at the time needed evolution not revolution cavalier had gone fwd but looked to be a continuation of the previous model.

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