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  1. Isn't R reg to new for a genuine sportshatch?
  2. I love the 6R4 for it's complete absurdity, for once some one at BL or whatever they where called that week understood that to continue in rallying they'd got to come up with a comparatively highly powerful 4wd car, but realised they'd got no budget, no highly powerful ( or easily modified ) 4 cyl eng & the only 4wd system they had was from a thinly disguised ww2 tractor! So they took one of they're smallest cars the metro (less weight), their commonest lightweight powerful engine ( the aluminium rover V8 ) then realised it wouldn't fit so chopped a 1/4 of it off, bunged some big carbs & heads on it, then realised the rest of the running gear wouldn't fit so stuck the gearbox wear they could, plonked some old filling cabinets ( minus the drawers on each corner) ,Remembered two burly blokes in ovies & skid lids had got to fit in it & called it done "pure genius".
  3. The DVLA you meen? Isn't fit for purpose! I'll have you know their perfect & have confirmed this on many occasions. The way nowadays to sort this stuff is to convince the powers that be of all the revenue,vat,fuel tax, national insurance payments & anything else they'll be financially losing by backing these sort of decisions.
  4. I 'm definitely a car bore so try to avoid it but then I'm not into soaps,soccer, reality TV or my financial or social media status so am a social outcast anyway. Like it really bothers me. If I mention cortinas then they've all had a savage or a 2.0 that would cruise all-day at 130! I've lost all interest over the last ten years in the club/show scene as now it's just full of wannabe Mike brewers.not interested in the vehicles or heritage just being the centre of attention is what they want. The looks of astonishment when I tell people no I'm not selling it to work my way to a porch,merchedis,Aldi etc,don't care what's it's worth & that I own drive/it because I like it . The next most oft asked question is what's the towbar for? You don't tow things with it do you!? No only the caravan,trailer , broken down moderns! Next is the you wanna sell it give you a grand? really wow! If been told in surprise that I can be talkative /intellectual on " important topics" my reply yeah but I'm not interested in it. The last one I built is a 70's touring car that looks down at heal with fake ( as in spoof history) to mock all the top gear experts that stand looking at it pontificating that they knew/ remember the car/driver/team in its heyday has to be overheard too be believed especially the snickers/knowing smiles from other bystanders that twig.
  5. Those bits will have been filmed here in the UK.
  6. I always refer these things to the ford motor company escort H1 FEV. The MK1 escort!!!!! You try to do that!
  7. Nah I don't have a God complex , he needs to get a newer supercar,roller, Bentley or similar, I stopped going to a good local one a few years back due to this snobbery.
  8. Shirley that's child abuse/cruelty making him eat that!
  9. Yes there from 11.30 till 2ish. You'd have to be a bit more specific on that score!
  10. The do the MK4 taunus as a 2dr Ghia & S.
  11. The first version of the thunderbird was in the pink livery.
  12. FFS point I was making is that they were supposed to be in Australia and the cars where LHD which where not allowed on public roads in that country until I think the 90's possibly 00's. So the police definitely wouldn't have had them. It probably was filmed in southern Europe as cortinas Upto the MK3 where sold in lhd in Italy,Spain etc same as they where in northern Europe alongside the equivalent taunus. The other "Australian" scenes hand the cars like the white MK2 jag strategically shot so the steering wheel was obscured.
  13. Correct, but lots still didn't want to buy it due to this. Was a good car though.
  14. Except it's Japanese & everyone knew it.
  15. Yep saw those & loads of ixo 1/43's circa £25.
  16. Bloody spell check I'll alter it.
  17. Just watched ep2 of Stonehouse not bad but one glareing mistake I'd noticed in the trailer & was in tonight's episode a pair of nice MK3 cortinas except that Australian vehicles are rhd! & These where LHD.
  18. The corgi MK3 cortina innthis batch is couple of pounds
  19. The bronze corgi MK3 cortina is probably £30ish unboxed without Graham hill figure.
  20. That will be home made they only made mk1-2 z car Ute's in Australia . That's a 1700 zephyr 4 so a bit underpowered too!
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