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  1. Is that on the set of " carry on up the Khyber"?
  2. Funny you should mention that ken Bruce was talking about it on Fridays show think he said it's something like 40 years ago!
  3. In the early 80's tamiya used to do an RC kit in 1:10 ( Possibly 1:12) .
  4. Poor fuckers wonder what they'd do wrong.
  5. No he brings them in from south Africa where ford did make them, there where a handful of savage mk4's ( not sure if any survive) & superspeeds I think only the very well known brown estate survives.
  6. Way better than when Lance is talking on their videos.
  7. You could get one in a prefacelift 1.3/1.6 base/L MK3 cortina 4dr/estate
  8. Anyone recognise this mercury cougar slot car ( ho-ish scale) no marking looks unused?
  9. The last time I had this it was a seized fridge compressor trying to cycle.
  10. Anyone who believes anything he says deserves what they get.
  11. This was my point, not a clue about job/service their doing.
  12. It could be a factory test mule that can't go on the road due to type approval. Once they reach first MOT they have to be "scraped", the rwd Mk5/6 escort RS 2000 16v lives in the German ford collection (on its UK plates) & isn't allowed on UK roads. Some used to be donated to technical colleges as tax dodges too.
  13. I ment the day to day managerial side.
  14. Because the world but especially the UK is fucked. Anyone in charge of anything hasn't got a clue what or how to do it. So just pass the buck to the people below them.
  15. Is that rot on the viva frt valance?
  16. Yep, they did alot more stuff than people think.
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