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  1. There where 20 all 3.0 ( only in the zodiac normally the zephyr only having the 2.5 version). One zodiac was done a Farnham est I think. They were paired with a 2wd version for comparison while in service the project was killed by the introduction of the range rover which met all the needs of the emergency services needs in a standard production vehicle.
  2. Yes or they pre-book the puncture
  3. Savage 500 wheel trims on the pubic hair
  4. Since when do the AA do yearly inspection 's & at at that price??
  5. The xjs pickup was done for I think either wolfrace or 100+ wheels. Remember seeing the half jag/Capri parked up in mablethorpe.
  6. As opposed to what? A brilliant half camper conversion? A mediocre full camper conversion?
  7. Christmas day see a neighbours offspring are in attendance as I'm walking past I notice the drivers front tyre is a bald space saver (07 fiesta) as I'm stood looking out they troop late 20's with 4 & 6 years old daughters in tow . Wasap? so I point out tyre to be told by son-in-law be right ,test runs out march I'll just get another car! I'm speechless as they drive off, I speak to neighbour few days later who says I know but what can I do they'd only just started talking to us again first time in a month because we interfere to much! Remember we share the roads with the people!
  8. The amount of cars I come across with basic obvious faults ( many dangerous ) bald tyres brakes /steering that pull violently mainly family cars ( many with child seats) is unbelievable with the regular excuse being shouldn't the garage/mot/ partner have noticed/said ( often 6 months or more ago) . More driver education is what's needed. Again this is more to do with buck passing than sorting the countries/world's current problem of the haves not wanting to part with any wealth but the sheepeople giving even more to them. The politicians are hoping the banks are gunna sort things, the banks are hoping business is gunna sort things & business is hoping the politicians are gunna sort things. None of them have a clue. None want it to cost them anything but they'll all wanna take credit for fixing things. Things are gunna get worse come spring as people start realising that they can't pay for all the smartarse phone 27's, playbox 8's, & all the other stuff they didn't need for Christmas & they can't go to Costa benicante this year . It's gunna be the 80's again as the trickle down effect finally collapses with some big players going to the wall & the others having to put staff before share holders to fix it.
  9. 1977???? Looks like last year!
  10. Supposedly UK buyers of larger cars didn't like climbing in to the rear & signified lower spec .
  11. Premier Boris Johnson?? Vosa deal with Mots not DVLA. How old is this?????
  12. Management material if ever was.
  13. I have an original BBC VHS of that programme (used for broadcasting to best of my knowledge) came direct from them.
  14. LPG at garage I use has been 79.9 last 12 months,other local has for same period been 130.9how do the justify that!is it costing 50p a litre more to deliver to them?
  15. Well that Mk5 cortina is a late 1.6L
  16. How do people think anything evolves. One That I find really ironic is that one of the world's "supercar" brands started in a shed behind a pub.
  17. Yes but think how safer the roads are & the bonus of someone to blame without having to even leave the police station.
  18. Go compare man looks thin without the beard.
  19. Except it's a MK4 ,a 77 & the "S" pack need to create a GLS was only available on mk5's . Otherwise great story. That's one of the press fleet with around 108 hp the Mk5 was quoted as 116.the 2.0 was a better all-rounder only losing out on torque.
  20. Try living in a 20mph zone you get tailgated everywhere or cut up by the ones that can't be bothered to tailgate you. Any obstruction is over come by the might is right philosophy ,speed bump are used as timed acceleration markers with the more bangs from your revlimiter the better. Most of this from the yummy mummy school runners.
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