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  1. Badges should be black on a sport
  2. Wasn't that something to do with street machine ?
  3. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  4. Always liked the broadspeed GT fastback mini, like the 6 wheel beavertail elf/hornet.
  5. That was made by ginetta cars to go on a MK4 zodiac they had in the day to tow their racer.
  6. Looked at this some years ago its based on a saloon cut at boot floor level couldn't see how it was strengthened but rear of car was still underneath you could see the rear lower corners etc! The same company did a late 70's accord ( don't know model designation) ,a MK2 Granada & a Chrysler alpine. Dunno if they did any others. The cortina handles like you'd expect!
  7. Believe those have the American iron duke 4cyl in them & all the HC models are badged as Firenza.
  8. The pubic hair behind tender trap has done well towing that caravan. Was tender trap the one dlt drove at one point?
  9. Yet another hidden reason why these things are impractical in the real world I believe that towing can easily more than half their range too.
  10. There's a mad woman stood in the middle of the road waving her arms about she'll get knocked down.
  11. Great who????? She one of those z list celebrities on " I had a carer on ice it's behind me factor"?
  12. Pink with little ears on front wings & curly tail on back door. Used to be a 4 wheeled Jag engined one drag race called the squealer.
  13. I think the rolled Cambridge is destined for the oval.
  14. Doesn't matter you'll think of sumat.
  15. Dunno but better watch out for the yanks!.
  16. The Mustang 11 & early fox's bodies did but by the late 80's the power was back especially the more important torque figures.
  17. Probably just been told his fee for appearing in deadenders.
  18. The NA 2.3's are anemic but the 5.0 V8 are the American escort.
  19. Poor little lamb needs a cuddle how dare someone have something he can't.
  20. This 7% inflation is getting out of hand fray bentos pays in Asda have gone up a pound from £2 to £3 in a week! Either that or my maths has deteriorated really badly since I left school.
  21. Don't remember us having global warming back then?
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