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  1. Like I keep saying it's fuckall to do with saving the environment it's the cash cow motorist can pay for stuff as their getting less from the drinker & smoker nowadays. & Until the I'm all right jack of the PCP generation wake up it'll just keep happening.
  2. More likely it's already broken down & she's alighted for shame I mean safety.
  3. No should have radio/speaker & I think a small cubby hole there.
  4. They all seem to spell entitled prick to me.
  5. Because there originally for American kids.
  6. As laurel & hardy were jettisoned on impact.
  7. Can you talk enough bollocks to make the job take 3 times as long though?
  8. Back then it would've been.
  9. Bout ten years ago mate had a trooper in with one side of tow bar hanging off complete with chassis rail attached was towing a horse box few days before, Another a P100 ex garage parts hack etc tow bar was attached with M8 bolts.
  10. Probably right you couldn't to original KA.
  11. Yep sounds like the later matchbox one.
  12. Presume no drowned occupants? Unfortunately.
  13. Isn't that spa franchamps early 70's
  14. Matchbox did some in the late 70's like that ( village sort of layout & I think an airport or docks),earlier ones were card with popup buildings ( farm, motorway & building site).
  15. I hate doing bodywork, if it wasn't so expensive/hard to find it would be easy to fit you pas. The steering is very heavy on crayford dunno why even original owner said it's why he sold it after a year & bought another one. Hopefully Inc is a pic of a pic of it as poor thing is buried in garage with bakkie & the 1.6L saloon my father bought new.
  16. All the quote me insurers want is Joe average ,never been with any of them as the stuff I own /drive will fry their crib screen.
  17. My crayford needed 2 full length floor pans a full boot floor, full rear wing, bulkhead ends, full scuttle & an engine, it's the only 1.6 auto that was done (9 of 28). Spent a long time on the east coast ( 5 years with roof in tatters) in a carpark on a caravan site. Then 2 in a garden sunk to axles. My bakkie needed full floor ,full chassis rail the front leaf spring mount had ripped out of chassis rail, both front subframe extension's, a full scuttle , full load box made from scratch ( when I bought it in the early 90's it was the only one known of in the UK, the original owner imported it when 3 years old when he returned to the UK it spent its life in Cornwall mostly in the sea I think). I'm doing the mo saloon to pick up conversion on here somewhere for my mate. Floor/sills had fallen out,no cab back obviously, repair/make B posts & a load bed (stepside style). I get a kick from saving basket case oddballs especially when experts say not worth it,waste of time etc. Done all sorts over the years. Wether standard or modified, What's wrong with yours pm some pics,
  18. All the gear & no idea, nother one who probably thinks it'll be worth a fortune when done. Love how they all watch wanker dealers & YouTube & think it's gunna be a doddle & take a few weeks. Presume this is the one that was on eBay that looked like it had been stored on the titanic. Even I wouldn't bother with this one & I've saved ( doing one at mo) so real basket cases.
  19. Been trying to sell it since last year, these idiots think they're gunna make a killing coz escorts sell for mega money even LHD ( but these are very hard to convert to rhd) lack of home work.
  20. Remember these & I think spitfire.
  21. Yes how did you guess their sophisticated modern equipment.
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