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  1. £200 biid increments !!! Suppose if they gimme £400 I might be able to do sumat with it.
  2. Just think how your helping the environment buy using up petrol faster than those menaces doing 40+ mpg
  3. Isn't that berpop the saloon racers from the 70's
  4. Been better off with a wacky baccy crop round here sanctuary housing & plod aren't interested. Than a dirty (spit) motoring enthusiast planet murdering scum!
  5. Publicity still from "Herbie goes on a bender"
  6. . they're banned under Darwinism
  7. Honestly don't know where you all keep finding all these where ever I go in Sheffield it's a wasteland!?!?
  8. Was in classic van and pickup, used to be in chesterfield.
  9. Early 80'svone in Sheffield the old guy has had for years tows a 10ft 4 berth with it
  10. Seen many towing caravans over the years.
  11. If that's Eyre st in Sheffield then from autumn 83 to spring 90 I used to work to the right of that picture at a cutlery factory.
  12. No RS/sport always got black "chrome" irrespective of body colour (popular & popular plus too) L/GL/Ghia escorts got chrome, same for MK1 fiesta,MK4/5 cortina. MK3 Capri's where always black only the 2.8 injection MK2 Granada ( all the others had chrome).
  13. Like I keep saying short of cash the cashcow motorist is your friend!
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