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  1. I ment the day to day managerial side.
  2. Because the world but especially the UK is fucked. Anyone in charge of anything hasn't got a clue what or how to do it. So just pass the buck to the people below them.
  3. Is that rot on the viva frt valance?
  4. Yep, they did alot more stuff than people think.
  5. Cushman , traffic warden transport.
  6. But these people are the real menaces to society nevermind about driving drugged up or like a twat we need to clamp down on the danger that is a dodgy plate.
  7. But super rare as most where reliant robins
  8. On the beatific islands. Where Dr nookie was sent.
  9. There will be it's like for years ads for 2dr Mk5 cortinas always said "only 11 left"!!!!!! Because how many left said so, when in reality it was that only 11 logbooks said 2 Dr saloon them while the rest just said saloon. One of my MK3 GT 's says 2 Dr the other doesn't. So obviously that's one less that exists.
  10. I'll have you know I resemble that remark, but I prefer the term eccentric I feel it carries more gravitas.
  11. Are right, shove some injector cleaner through it . But I'd suspect some perished vacuum hoses. Nope prices are ridiculously cheap for parts over there even with the crap exchange rate. Last year I got early 90's tbird monroe frt legs for £32 the pair all-in £90 delivered within week. No name ones where a tenner each. a new Bosch efi intank pump same as most 80-90's UK fords was £30, plus the filter that fits on pump gen Bosch £3 ( UK car spares say unobtainium)???? So made in Germany sent to USA but not sold in UK??? Smog gear will be airpump (piped into inlet) egr valve stuff like that & bin cat . Get a Haynes manual for it from rock auto there'll be a section on emissions stuff rip most of it off. Fit blanking plugs, plates etc. You'll probably get better info by googling same age/engined foxbody Mustang. As all running gear & floor pan is based on them. Bit like UK fords.
  12. Yes foxbody based, std ford 4x108 stud pattern parts wise rockauto is your friend for std parts, Def bin the smog gear, carb may benefit from a rebuild/overhaul if it's been stood.. Check for vacuum leaks , tons of hoses on this era engs. These engs are prone to head gasket failure but being ohv simple swap. If it enforced it will have not been sold new via UK dealer , non olive drab vehicles where usually military police/ambulance issue , low milage is indicator of on base use my F350 was 40 odd thousand seem stuff virtually only just in double figures , regret not buying the one with 17 k on it mate has a V8 TD Chevy ambulance ( ex marines) with 23K with no paperwork ( so wasn't allowed to be road regd) bought for £500 from salvage collected from a base ( saved on "handling " fees)that all the running gear is going in his camper.
  13. From memory the dash was black in mine with black rubber mat ( exmilatry 83 model) black door panel , off white roof panel B pillars.
  14. He's a Muppet being saying it for years & one of the reasons he can't get TV work anymore.
  15. There where several limited editions in 79 trying to clear stock for the pending MK3 release.
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