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  1. 12 hours ago, CaptainBoom said:

    I saw something yesterday that lowered my opinion of my fellow species. I had the misfortune of riding a train from London out to the suburbs at 7:30PM. The train was busy, I was walking through the carriages to get a bit of space (my journey was short and even though I now walk with a stick, I can stand for a while) I spied an elderly couple (I reckon in their 80’s) standing at the doors clinging on to each other for support. All of the priority seats were full of people younger than me glued to their phones watching shite. I leaned over and asked the couple if they would like to sit down. They looked like drowning people who’d been offered a rubber ring. So I made a bit of a fuss and asked some people to relinquish their seats for this couple. The dirty looks I received from people were quite something to behold like I’d just asked them to give up their first born child or something.
    The experience left me feeling sad and grumpy.  Back when I schlepped to London every day, (late 90’s to 2013) people on the train (and I) had the decency to give up seats if someone needed it, without being asked/shamed into it. 

    I blame deadenders  everyone thinks the show is an instructional guide to Life.

  2. The royals bring in the tourism , if your in the principality of London.

    Everytime Sheffield council has another scheme to waste money/bring chaos to the city they role out the "it,ll bring in tourism/ benefit the residents line.

    Witness student games,supertram,Euro cup,etc,etc.

  3. I'm sure I live in a different universe to you lot as no matter when or where I go hot wheels & matchbox are vertually unfindable.

    Local Poundland this teatime still only seem to stock some kind of wooden myfist hot wheels type of thing.

    While rest seem to have only a handful of unwanted orphans Tesco seems to have a few five packs.

    Dunno why I bother checking.

  4. 8 hours ago, iainrcz said:

    We had a "training coordinator" or some other silly titled gimp at our place.

    Ex machine operator (I'm one, so not being disparaging) Didn't have a fucking clue, hardly showed up. Finally fucked off.

    I think sometimes the person that can speak the most bullshit on the day gets the gig.

    No the bull shifters always get the prize.

  5. 7 hours ago, kirton said:

    !!!!s parking on your drive

    many of the suggestions could end up with you having a conviction for criminal damage that wouldn't look good on your CV (and would probably bar you from travelling the the USA, maybe not a bad thing?).  Just remember the 11th Commandment if you do take action, and that these days must include CCTV in the locality and the possibility of a CCTV system in the car itself.

    From reading the many postings on this subject in Speeed, Plod and the Law in Pistonheads it seems to me that there is nothing legal you can do if someone parks on your drive but doesn't block you in. Just ensure you have a vehicle that is blocked in so the police have something to act on.  If you do crack a legal way to deal with the problem do let us all know. 

    Could Zelandeth park on the local school's drive whilst not blocking anyone in? Sideways across the drive if neccessary.   He might think himself lucky that the parking is only short term around school arriving/departing and that he's not close to an airport  and has someone leave their car for weeks.

    Try parking like this on some local bigwigs property & I bet there's loads plod/court can do about it.

  6. 10 hours ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

    I love your Ghia estate , with the alloys it looks like it should have Cowley’s new desk on the roof.



    That car (a 2.3 Ghia) was thought to be a pre production model or modified MK4 as the series was filmed in early summer for broadcast over Christmas.

    So a couple of months before launch but ready for free primetime advertising a couple of months post launch.

    As the estate was basically only  new bumpers, frt wings grille/lights  & seats, h vac.It was easy to coble together from a MK4.

    But it has several anomalies for even a pre production/pilot Mk5, no tape stripe on lower doors, MK4 door cards & in at least one scene the door mirrors appear to have no remote mechanism or with the front windows fully closed  ( as there possibly mk 4 doors/windows & would interfere with the glass ( stopping it closing) .

    Also unlike all the saloons (not easy to disguise from a MK4) with this reg sequence (June/July 79) it never appears in any road-test reports or sales literature/promotional material.

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