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  1. 20 hours ago, High Jetter said:

    Sure, but the only online references are to those 3 door ones. Flanks look so different on that 5dr. Wasn't there another coachbuilder, between those 2? 

    Friary used to do the vexhill cresta EST conversions, but now you mention it I think there was, I'm more a 70's guy than the earlier stuff.

    Carbodies of Coventry used to do this sort of stuff too they built the triumph 2000/2500 ests & the Mk5 cortina convertibles too.

    Woodhall Nicholson like Colman Milne did ford based Funeral cars at least from around the early 60's & hooper's did some MK3 zodiac (luxury upgrades ) possibly mk4's too.

    Have to have a think.

  2. 22 hours ago, High Jetter said:

    Yes, but they were 2/3 door? That looks totally different, with 5. Crayford experiment?

    Didn't think they were doing EST conversions that early, Farnham were the ford EST convertors, but there were quite a few coach builders still around at that time. So could've been one of many.

  3. 10 hours ago, RoverFolkUs said:

    Can noisy inconsiderate neighbours just fuck off to the nearest desert island :(

    Nobody wants to hear your non stop gangsta music, with TikTok music thrown in, at MAXIMUM volume

    I get that it's a reasonable time to enjoy your music, but is there really a need to blast it out? 

    They're two fucking adults with three children under the age of 5. And they're behaving like feral teenagers. Couple that with the constant shouting and smoking of various substances outside other people's windows it's really beginning to get irritating.

    The worst thing about it is that 50% of flats in the building have people who do night shifts, so quietly enjoying your music is not much to ask for. No need to blast it out

    Neighbor opposite (not even in the same building) sent me a text asking what all the noise was about! It's that bad

    Its really annoyed me as I deliberately didn't put the washing machine on at 11:30pm last night so as not to disturb them, and they've gone and done this without any consideration. 

    Why do people have to be such cunts? 

    Another flat has a teenager who blares out music sometimes, whilst annoying, to be fair I can forgive them slightly as that's the teenage way. But we're talking about grown adults here :(

    Because it's there place now & they can do what they want init!

  4. 8 hours ago, JimH said:

    Still around and still on pneumatics. I've never seen it and there are few photos. 



    They used to have quite a few old tractor units (circa 50's I think) still in use on local steel runs in the 90's & where based just of the south bound end of J34 of the M1.

  5. On 6/16/2022 at 8:30 PM, myglaren said:

    Walking through the park to my son's to collect my car.

    The amount of rubbish and dogshit is appalling.

    Worse were these buggers allowing their dogs into a children's playground with 'No Dogs Allowed' signs all the way round.  Woman letting her dog shit there too.

    There are acres and acres of fields for the dogs and they let them crap in a playground.





    A bit hard to see, they are lurking near the trees at the back.

    You don't understand that applies to everyone else.

  6. 7 hours ago, Remspoor said:


    One or two interesting specimens there barkas camper & Merc 503? Too, centre stage with bonnet & boot open looks like a P serieries taunus, couple of plastic pigs ,a red Yugo, 127 fiorino Bauer 3 series.

  7. 5 hours ago, JakeT said:

    A day late admittedly, but yesterday seemed to be ‘treat me like a tosser day’.


    As a driver of Bavarian Tosser Mobiles, I do understand that people will treat me like a tosser. I try and be more courteous than the usual, in the hope of some mind changing. Yesterday was on another level, probably not helped by it being Sunday.

    First instance: following a slow moving vehicle, towing another. Fair enough, my giffermatic 1993 320i probably wouldn’t get a safe overtake in. Neither would the Porsche Uglymera that attempted a poorly timed overtake before diving between i and said slow moving vehicle. Good lady called him a dickhead. I shrugged, these things happen.


    Second instance: entering the M4 at Jct 12. Two lanes entering. I’m accelerating down the slip road, when an angry man in a modern Citroen SOOV goes for the aggressive undertake. Good lady called him a dickhead, I shrugged. I think many people are still releasing their anger at 90s Bavarian Tosser Mobiles. These things happen.


    Third instance: Leaving the M4 at Jct 11. Having seen the above SOOV pilot undertake a coach, I’m moving from lane 3 (having overtaken the coach) back to lane 1, this being a filter lane to exit the M4. This chap seems to now take umbrage at the shit old WankerWagon being ahead of him. Proceeds to then undertake me on the hard shoulder. Good lady called him a dickhead. I was quite annoyed now, and thought about giving him what for. Decided against it, as these things rarely go well.


    Fourth instance: We’ve been to Marks and Expensive, driven back a junction down the M4 (no angry SOOV pilots thank Christ), and I nipped to get some petrol. On the big roundabout at Jct 12 of the M4, someone then proceeded to do a lane change while I’m in passing alongside of them. Good lady calls them a dickhead, I at this point ask “Is there a sign in my forehead that says wanker? Because everyone seems to know something I don’t”.


    I get that people get it wrong, as we all do, but to any other Shiters face this sort of ‘argh’ behaviour when out on the roads? I don’t know if it’s “Old car = poor wanker” or what.


    Aaaand breathe. To finish, here’s a couple of a lovely Open Corsa A spotted at ‘Swiss classic world’ I stumbled upon while there a couple of weeks ago. Boxed Arches have a lovely soothing effect.



    Try driving a classic ( one with adequate power to cope with modern traffic or worse one that looks like a a competition car).

    The reaction seems to be it's old therefore slow which also means it will stop as it's not going fast, also I'm not getting stuck behind that slow old thing.

    Or if in the latter I believe the reaction must been hah he thinks that's fast I'll show him ( ensue very dangerous overtaking manovoures)

    As both above situations will obviously cause male impotence & /or  penis shrinkage .

  8. 4 hours ago, Timewaster said:

    I've grumped about absolutely useless dealers before (still waiting for the outcome of the "sorry we don't know how to fix your air conditioning" saga).

    My colleague has a 21plate Kia Sportage.

    There have been knocks and bangs from the back recently and he rearranged the stuff in the boot several times to no avail.

    It wasn't until someone he knew was following him, they said the exhaust was at a funny angle.

    The dealer said a weld had failed and they had ordered a new exhaust, but.... It wouldn't arrive until September.

    They said a hire car was available until then but it had a £1000 damage excess which he said was unacceptable.

    After phone calls back and fourth all morning, I just asked the question "can't they weld it for now?"

    He asked the dealer to weld it.

    They reacted like he had asked them to perform a seance on it. They knew what it meant, but had no idea why it would help or how to do it!

    2 days later he has his car back after complaining to Kia UK.

    They presumably managed to find someone who could perform a 2” weld.

    I wonder if it was JB?

    They prob couldn't find an app for welding it.

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