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  1. The 2.3/2.6 straight six engines where prone to camshaft seizures due to a poor oil feed while the 2.0/2.5 triumph straight six was prone to thrust washers falling out of main bearing mounts & fuel injection pumps failing on the 2.5pi version so it was six of one & half doz of the other.
  2. If we're talking about the GM diesel V8 of the late 70's then that was based on the 350ci (5.7) cast iron engine not the early 60's 215 ci (3.5) aluminium engine . Most of the problems where due to the block not being able to cope with the far higher compression ratio required by a diesel.
  3. Once they became BL in the 70's is when the rot should've been sorted as has been debated time & again. Let's get back on topic. In gaydon there's an ohc A series it's this sorta thing we need here.
  4. Think the first has been done , definitely has in a mini, few of second one my own MK3 has been since the mid 00's (302 5 speed alas no blower). Wouldn't be surprised if third one has.
  5. You have to remember that to big business the UK is an insignificant little market , contrary to what we it's inhabitants are led to believe.
  6. Wheel adaptors to take Bedford wheels!!!! ( That have been modified with owners false teeth!!!
  7. Zephyr , zodiac had thin rear pillar with a window & ribbed rear panel trim.
  8. I'd rather eat the packageing than any of the so called food from any of these places.
  9. The Celeste will probably be a Chrysler/Plymouth/dodge I think it was sold as the charger in America.
  10. Doubt it only made as 1.3/1.6 & 2.0, Mk5 was only available as GL & Ghia with the 2.3 V6.
  11. Some more utilitarian ones where made I believe.
  12. These are the one MK4 that fetches good money only just in double figures survive the 2.3 S (sport) is in low single figures.
  13. Horizontal or vertical?
  14. Was Frasier when you need him doomed! We're all doomed a tell ya!
  15. Your at our local sorting office & icm£5
  16. Yeah but I is entitled in it!
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