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  1. The pale blue Kadett with Shirley temple is one of the export versions Shirley
  2. Only 2 where made ones in gaydon the other s in either Haynes or beaulie I think., usual BL bickering won't sell ,don't have capacity to make them blah blah
  3. Probably staggered while trying not to spill his beer.
  4. On eBay an Italian seller has several diecast cortinas , I presume eBay is automatically translating as titles say ford curtain ( cortina is Italian for curtain).
  5. Nora battys early career?
  6. Didn't know Arthur replaced the combination with an Audi, looks like olive still wore the crash helmet though.
  7. Love it when people say they or their mate have a big pickup then show you a "nivarna or animal" I say nah my F350 was a big pickup or mates C20 crewcab is. Usually accompanied by a confused look.
  8. But does it have fool injection & twin con shafts?
  9. 不不不不不不不不不不不
  10. Usual asshole parking you can see white line under engine.
  11. Think we have around a dozen from when I was a kid. Plus I think a poster to go with that one.
  12. Imagine the type of idiot who'd try to tow a twin axle caravan with that.
  13. I wouldn't mind getting some of this year's releases nevermind next year's!
  14. Wheels 4x108 ford, Peugeot, Citroen.
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