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  1. Yes Daytona was a kit/replica
  2. Bet that's not a sauna on the sunny day of summer.
  3. Had me fooled at first as more convincing acting than the real one can manage.
  4. I have around 3doz MK4 cortinas in various colours /liveries from there main difference is that front doors a cast as part of body whereas UK version has opening ones.
  5. MK4 escort too & fiesta MK3 onwards , south American market too. Also Corsa C in these markets.
  6. That that was Gerry Marshalls car a first! Great story re him rolling one.
  7. 10 days later &still no crime number or even acknowledgment a chase even occurred!
  8. Sure I've seen a blue one.
  9. Top two a satchel and a cycle helmet?
  10. The door mirror on falcon Ute has been twatted so hard this morning that it's dented trim on door & marked glass , caused by a Suzuki alto being chased through estate by an unmarked traffic BMW . Contacted 101 told go to local copshop & report turn up there to be greeted by a sign saying the station is closed (sept 22 to jan23) for refurbishment. Place is full to bursting with police vehicles. Go to next nearest locked up no one answering intercom rest of Sheffield police vehicles here. Dear customer, your crime is important to you , our opening hours are 9.00 - 9.05 every 32 Nd of the month . If you have a crime outside these hours please contact us on social media where you'll find all our fantastic clear up statistics & crime prevention apps. Remember your council tax is our priority.
  11. Mid 70's pemberton 6 berth static ( model name escapes me at present).
  12. Woody Allen that stuck art critic geezer somat Sewell seem to work there too.
  13. Bob the cowboy builder looks happy down his hole.
  14. Yep all at it ,few years time it will be why is the centre centre a ghost town?
  15. Omg another one some one get it reported asap
  16. So what if you where selling a police car?????
  17. That team transport looks great.
  18. The Cornell's lorry looks to be a very early TK bedford
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