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  1. Say it ain't so! She might be hunkered down in the back of that 130 coupe, lovingly feeding its leather with crumpet grease.
  2. Ha! I became rather excited when I found out I was buying mine off Dave Bartram. YOU KNOW: Sadly though it was another Dave Bartram.
  3. Thanks carlo - yours looks ace, I quite fancied one with that brilliantly hardcore red interior. My last attempt at an eBay BIN auction was a one-way ticket to FAIL CITY, so I've had to take out an extra week's insurance (brilliant) and stuck it on a 99p-start-no-reserver: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251541919903 No one's even bid 99p yet, FFS! At least I've got a massive blue 840ci to cheer me up.
  4. Tell me about it - I figured I'd bought mine at the bottom of the curve, but figured WRONG. There are a stack of V6s on the Bay for under a grand - they all have issues, but most still look pretty smart. Probably be another couple of years before all the barried-up crocks and Ferrari shite-alikes disappear and these nose into the classicdom they so richly deserve.
  5. eBay listing: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2002-PEUGEOT-406-V6-COUPE-AUTO-GREY-/251535929596?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a90b5b0fc I have a feeling I may have to take an offer. HEAVY SIGH.
  6. OTHER FOATOES HERE: http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=7SKxZ9NT0uKAMA%2F1oquBFQ%3D%3D
  7. Thanks for the insur-o-tips, GB. Flogging-the-406-wise I have just suffered a terrible bereavement in the SD card department. Pending photos, here are the modestly adulterated bare bones of my forthcoming eBay listing: Satellite grey, V6 D9 (210bhp) auto coupe 99k (mileage will rise slightly as still in use) [this is my eBay-friendly way of saying I clocked the 100k yesterday] Cambelt changed at 76k, Oct 2009 MOT Jan 2015 (no advisories) Tax Aug 2014 Full service history (and I mean FULL – all receipts/MOTs/11 stamps in the book – last service at 95k) Six new ignition coils (improved durability ‘white top’) New engine mountings New crank pulley New brake pads (er, arriving from Germany later today - ATE brand, supposedly proven not to squeal like a bastard as Brembos are wont to) New bonnet and boot gas struts A/C recharge (ice-cold, functioning perfectly) New bonnet release cable Auto gearbox oil flush and change (recommended at 100k) Powerflow stainless steel exhaust 'Starfish' alloys in very good condition (small kerb scuffing on one – the spare is better) Owned by 406coupeclub member (acquired from another club member) Avon and Kuhmo tyres, plenty of tread 6 CD changer JBL speaker system with amplifier Head unit with iPod adaptor cable Steering wheel audio controls Auto-dim rear view mirror Electric seat with memory function Cruise control Auto headlights and wipers Heated seats (driver’s-side function intermittent) Recent ‘Planet Peugeot’ onboard diagnostic analysis – no fault codes showing. Black leather interior Onboard computer with remote control Slight scuffing on driver’s seat piping (much better than most of this age) Electric mirrors with fold-in function Satellite grey Enthusiast owned for last 8 years Peugeot over mats Paintwork generally excellent with the odd very minor stone chip and scratch – see photos (ptth) One of the best around, excellent inside and out, mechanically perfect, a rapid, reliable, comfortable and extremely handsome car that will be sorely missed. A smart and very well maintained example of this bona fide future classic blah blah bollocks blah. £1200
  8. LPG savings off to a poor start: £100 extra on the premium! Wankers. At least the old chap left 3/4 of a tank of pez in (and three months' tax - SCORE). He's taken it into the dealer to get the a/c sorted - and the wheels rebalanced, which I didn't even ask him to. BTW Taff it wasn't actually Swindon but a nice little village 3 miles outside - this guy is STRAIGHT OUTTA WROUGHTON. Those rims aren't quite as unblemished as they look in the pics. Actually one is - the one that used to be the spare before the LPG tank took its place. Anyone fancy a silver 02-plate 406 V6 coupe? 100k, cambelt done, 9 months ticket, ace history, ace nick, literally no issues and goes like a pilled-up fucker thanks to a sport-mode footswitch mod. Stainless exhaust, electric leather, cruise, CD changer, auto lights/wipers, Everything works except the driver's heated seat. I know I'm wasting my time trying to flog this here, but doing so allows me to feel as if I'm taking affirmative action. In the meantime: I AM THE LORD OF THE SHITE SAID HE. Though I do still have a Rover 75 Tourer.
  9. Thanks men. I couldn't sleep last night, through sheer nervous exhilaration. That and being punched over and over again by my wife.
  10. Would you buy a used car off this man? I JUST HAVE. Almost! The a/c was completely non-functional (despite a £1,500 main-agent bill 13 months ago), so I've left him a deposit and he's agreed to get it sorted. It's not perfect, but way better than you might reasonably expect for 4 and a bit bags. Thought I felt a bit of 55mph wobble but it seemed to go away (once we'd spent literally 40 minutes sitting in the Swindon rush-hour, which at least made it impossible to avoid noticing the a/c's knackeredness). No other obvious faults. He's spent a terrifying amount at the BMW main agent in the last few years (approx 100% more than I intend handing to any BMW main agent from now on - ADIEU FBMWSH). Lovely chap though. The extraordinary - and genuine - reason he's selling it: his wife has developed an alarmingly extreme sensitivity to odours, and has decided she can't now bear what this 840 apparently smells of (car, as far as my nose could tell). She also made him take off and scrap the s/s exhaust he'd just fitted due to the noise - BMW shipped over a new stock one from Germany. Weirdly she seemed lovely too, not the frothingly deranged Hyacinth Bucket these tales seemed to suggest. FURTHER IMAGES FOLLOW OF THIS LIKELY NEW ACQUISITION:
  11. Tempting. Glass front door as well!
  12. LIVE UPDATE. I'm outside his house & he's not in. *sad trombone noise*
  13. Thank fuck for that! Also looks like Tatra took the rear-view mirrors out of the parts bin and stuck them upside down on the doors.
  14. NOT SMALL COCK MIDLIFE CRISIS DUTCH PIMP BENT COPPER. It just gets better and better!
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