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  1. Yo - Stick me down for 3 randoms (I asked for 2 for me on the last page, but the missus clocked me browsing the thread, and also wants a ticket for herself...!)
  2. I like it too - But I already have too many cars I don't use, and a turbo / semi-auto gearbox give me the fear a bit. Stick me down for two randoms if you do roffle it, though...
  3. Sorry 6C - Meant to reply, but naffed off for a long weekend in that there London - I'm just outside of Dublin... But I was kind of hoping to use them on my LNA, if I can't lay my hands on a reasonably priced set of Amils. That said, if they are the final piece of the puzzle and unavailable elsewhere, I'd rather see them reunited with the GT, so give me a shout if that becomes the case.
  4. I'll have a look in the daylight - One of the lads from the Visa club gave me them for my LNA, so I'm not sure what they came off...(!)
  5. Seen this, and thought of you - £170 ish for an Opel Corsa (Nova) seems cheap cheap? https://www.facebook.com/groups/342377522550334/permalink/1058317044289708/
  6. LNA Inca? Visa GT?! Are you trying to win at Autoshite, or something? Phwoar...
  7. It's in Terenure College, just south of Dublin city centre in the Republic of Ireland - ZV plates are issued to cars over 30 years old (although usually denotes an import from the UK / elsewhere). Original Pre-1987 Irish reg's look like this: (And aren't transferable to imports).
  8. Working this year - Otherwise I'd have dragged the LNA along again.
  9. A few of the local lads are off to France to cheer on Ireland, and have created an Autoshite camper specifically for the purpose... It's currently down in Bordeaux, and has only 'failed to proceed' three times so far. Not bad!
  10. Mosney was originally a Butlins camp till 1982, before passing into private hands and eventually closing in 2000. It's now an asylum seeker accommodation centre, which is possibly one of the more unusual venues for a car show... From one ERA to another... Desirable top down summer motoring? Vulgalour needs to park his next to this one when he finishes it. These are quite appealing - Not sure why? Three or four of these Couple of Renna's - The 5 owner is selling a RHD 20, if anyone's interested Some more J Tin Posh Dolly "Is she diesel?" This looked a pile of fun These things are HAWT
  11. Possibly more relevant to the eBay thread, but this popped up about 7-8 miles from me - If it's complete, is it worth the £500 he's asking? http://www.adverts.ie/vehicles/austin-a30/8957983 Another adverts.ie gem - A 1.5 'B' Series DIESEL from a Marina - You can create that diesel Maxi you've always promised yourself...! http://www.adverts.ie/parts-accessories/classic-car-parts/10540637
  12. I'm about 13-14 miles from Whitehall if you get stuck - Although I'm flying back to the UK next Wednesday...(!)
  13. http://www.adverts.ie/vehicles/mk3-ford-cortina-gxl/9961328 Trigger-mobile - Needs TLC. Located in the tiny village I've just bought a house in. Sub-£3k seems reasonable for a GXL, if all the bits are there and it isn't terminally crusty? Non?
  14. Thema Turbo? https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/lancia-thema-turbo-s3/11497143
  15. Firenza was very enthusiastically driven - Made a nice noise David Llewellin in the WRC Scooby (sister car to McRae's N555 BAT) was impressive to watch too - Great car control.
  16. Sure is - More info here: https://grrc.goodwood.com/festival-of-speed/latest/cars-that-rock-fos-2015-rallying-lotus-esprit#5QuF6ijLRhWMMLZl.97
  17. Largactil

    Race Retro

    I'm stuck in Plymouth on a course for a fortnight, so decided to grab a cheap hire car (£10.50 per day!) and boost up to Coventry at the weekend. Just over a tenner acquired the keys to a one litre Focus - The little Ecoboost is actually quite amusing in the Focus, and knocks out 123 bhp from its thrummy three cylinders & 999cc. Nae bad. Anyway, some pictures of some old cars being driven round in circles, watched by men in anoraks. There was a sort of autojumble there, but mainly Ford stuff - I went mental, and signed up to bid at Silverstone Auctions, buying some signed Henri Toivonen pics. Anyone else make it along at the weekend?
  18. Nice Rover - Have a picture of the minty 200 I snapped at Terenure last year as a reward.
  19. £16.77 posted if you buy them from their eBay site: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ignition-Cable-Kit-BOUGICORD-313-RENAULT-4-/191696378137
  20. Have you tried Mister Auto for leads? They don't list the R6, but if the R4 is the same mechanically, these might be the ticket? http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/ignition-leads/renault-4-112-1-1-45hp_v27723_g685.html
  21. I'm game, but I can see the logistics being a frigging 'mare - I think it was more wishful thinking when I commented on davenumbers thread. I need front & rear seats for a Citroen LNA - Blue / grey (the orangey ones would look a bit mental with a blue carpet, door cards & dash) - Same seats (albeit without the split folding rear) are fitted to the Peugeot 104 3 door (Shortcut), which are much more common than the LNA Car's worth £600ish, and the best re-trim quote I've seen is £370 + P&P, which doesn't make much economic sense, even to my Autoshite brain.
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