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  1. Looks good fun 6 years since I last drove Knockhill - the data file from race chrono reckons: Main straight V MAX: 90 mph Duffus Entry: 58 mph (Definitely more brave pills required ) Speed at base of Duffus on run up to McIntyres: 70 mph Entry for McIntyres: 42 mph (Braking too late into the turn, so generating oversteer) VMAX Run up to chicane: 68 mph Through Chicane: 58 mph VMAX up to Clarks: 77 mph Entry to Clarks: 51 mph VMAX on back straight: 91 mph Hairpin: 31 mph Lap - 69.7 secs Standard MX5 / 140 bhp / Toyo T1R's - Interesting to compare to the Puma
  2. I'm willing to try anything to improve the look of the plate I saw a '79 Capri on the M1 the other day, and it had a 79 D on a yellow UK style rear plate...Anything goes, I guess
  3. Below seems to be the favoured option - Worth noting that they're not fog lights... They're driving lights (clear lenses). Will look at apeing the 104 style: (Oh, and the AA badge was something I found lying around my old man's garage, so I stuck it on the grill). The bloke at Eireplates reckons this might work / is similar to the font on the old French plates: Might give it a go.
  4. I read somewhere that there's loads of original numbers from pre-87 kicking around (i.e. the AZG 472 the LNA might have had back in the day), but it's too much hassle to allocate them, so they give imports ridiculously high numbers as it's easier for the civil service. #welcometoireland. To completely barry the LNA up, I also got a rev counter. #Autoshitephail
  5. Project Boy Racer LNA continues. I managed to beat Eddie Honda's record of x4 back-and-forth trips to the VRT centre, with a total of 5. (Various reasons, mostly the NVDF's inability to get the model designation correct). Got there in the end, and was penalised rewarded with a registration number so long it barely fits on a plate. I'll need to seriously think about a switch to a 'ZV' next year (it's around "ZV 11156" at the moment), as it looks a bit shit - Punishment for importing a car into state. In other news, a trawl of everyone's favourite French tat site turned up some goodies, and it just so happened some friends were in the south of France last week with their car, and only 5 minutes away from the seller. Goodie pile includes an 8 port head/ 'hot' cam (from a Visa Chrono / 104 ZS2) / inlet manifold to suit and Weber twin 40 DCOE's with mounts. Long term plan is to acquire a 1360cc block from a 205 GT/ XT or Samba Cab, and either build up a 1360 with the above parts; or use the 1360 block & pistons, plus my current 1124 crank & rods, to create a 1219 hybrid (which is what the Group A rally Sambas' did back in the day). The 1360 has more torque - The 1219 revs much better. Both set up's make around 100-110bhp with the twin 40's and a decent exhaust. (Double what it makes now... ) I have a Group B front subframe to chuck the above in, so it's relatively easy to remove the whole lot and revert to standard in the future if I wanted to. Obligatory Cibie's bought too - Just resting on the bumper, while I decide how best to mount them. Top of bumper or below - What sayeth Autoshite??
  6. Bureaucracy is wot keeps the Civil Service in gainful employment here Now that the LNA is probably going to be garaged till next Spring (I'm working in the UK for the next 3 weeks, then off to the States for when I get back, so won't be able to do much till October), I thought I might tackle some paintwork. Disclaimer: I've never so much as picked up a rattle can in my life. If anything below is completely incorrect, please pipe up, as I have very little clue what I'm doing. The rear panel of the LNA is a sort of matt black finish - It's pretty faded, and at some point, someone has decided to swipe a brush loaded with gloss across it. There's also surface rust breaking out, especially in the fold where the boot rubber seal lives. The rear bumper looks like a galvanised steel beam, and has hardly any paint left on it - There's also some surface corrosion evident. Like most mechanically / artistically inept people, I've delayed and delayed doing anything about this, as I was sure I'd screw it up. But feck it. Shure, it'll be grand. Etc. Before: I don't think the paint was particularly great from the factory, either: Wire wheeled the rusty bits, hit them with rust convertor, rubbed down to key the surface, masked up & panel wiped / tack cloth'ed: Etched: High build: Guided coated & flatted with 800 grit, then matt black top coat: x4 double (back & forth) coats later: (Number plate hides the spot welds) (Reasonably straight line...) The bumper was completely bare-metalled, etched and then covered with Zinc primer: (I was going to Plastidip this in grey, but have decided to obtain the correct factory shade of paint). The finish doesn't seem that bad for my first ever attempt at painting a car, but I'm sure it looks like a dogs dinner to those who know what they're doing ...which this leads me to ask a couple of stupid questions to any of the painter types reading this: Do I need to flat back the matt paint? There's amazingly no runs / nozzle splatter. Do I need to apply lacquer / clear coat over the matt? Rear valance next -
  7. Frustrating day - Arrived for the VRT in good time, to be told that they couldn't proceed as I only had the driver's seat fitted to the car (wasn't going to fit the new interior till I apply a lick of paint / fit some sound deadening to the floor). Not up for debate -Doesn't matter what the V5 says. Or showing them a picture of the car with the interior fitted / registration visible. It's not a 4 seater unless it's seen with 4 seats fitted by the eyes of the VRT agent. Drive 40 mins home - refit interior. Drive 40 minutes back. Have a blowout around the halfway point. (Having a tyre go pop at 75+ mph on the motorway to Dundalk was certainly exciting*) Tyre is/was a decent Uniroyal Rainmaster and under 2.5 years old - Lucky not to swap ends Rest of the journey was driven rather more circumspectly on the 34 year old spare, which is a different width / 70's compound & tread pattern. Arrive back at the VRT centre, where they spend all of 30 seconds looking at the interior, then go off to enter my car's details... To find that there's an error in their system, and the only entry for an LNA has it having 1 seat / 1 window. They've raised an anomaly - Now need to wait for a letter from the HQ in Shannon, then drive back to the VRT centre to present the V5 and €200 in person, when I'll finally be assigned an Irish registration number. The joys!
  8. I always assumed that the inner bush was this: https://www.yakarouler.com/silentbloc-de-suspension-corteco-80000086 Goes together like so:
  9. Poke about time, now that it's back in the garage. Fuel economy doesn't seem to be as good as it should be...and when I brimmed it prior to catching the ferry, it pissed a litre of pez onto the garage forecourt, like an incontinent puppy. Hmmmm...Fuel swishing out when cornering too? Aha... (At least the tank isn't holed ) The TCA bushes on the front anti roll bar are a bit perished also. Need to load the suspension to change them, so I'll need to buy some spring compressors (assuming I can find spare bushes - I think Six-cylinder was having a few issues doing so?) VRT appointment tomorrow in Dundalk, but I think I'll hold off on NCT (MOT)'ing it here till I've sorted the above. (They're bound to find more stuff anyway, so I should fix what I already know about).
  10. You're probably correct - I missed a trick of getting him to do it at the same time, but he did have a good prod of the patch with a screwdriver / tap with a hammer, before shrugging his shoulders and declaring 'meh'. Will keep an eye on it, and revisit as necessary. You're right about price too - I have an old Clarke MIG in the garage, but by the time I got it back up and running, bought the steel & materials, it'd likely cost around the same as I paid, and I'd have made a right hash of it. Knowing someone nearby who can weld / fabricate quickly & well for a decent price, makes running crusty old chod much more viable.
  11. What sound deadening did you end up going for? I'm thinking of putting something in my LNA before I stick the interior back in - Most of the sound deadening market seems to be aimed at the big stereo / brrraaaap brrraaap brigade.
  12. Just collected JJO after its weekend with the welder - Mega speedy turnaround, and rather happy with his efforts. (Price was very reasonable too, at around a ton). He did find some more grot in the driver's footwell at the seam: And the outer skin next to the jacking point was holed too. Welded and dressed: Sealed & painted: The inner skin was cut back, new metal tacked in, and sealed / given a lick of paint. Only one pic of the rear repair - But it was tricky, on account of being directly over a petrol tank, with heavily perished filler / breather hoses. That's pretty much all the grot cut out for now, so fingers crossed that garaging will slow the onset of future corrosion
  13. Alas, had I planned things out a little better, I could have stuck it on retention for £80 - It didn't seem to be worth much though? (A few hundred max, and you could be waiting years to see it...) As far as I know, the plate goes into limbo - If the LNA ever gets exported back to the UK, there's a fair chance it'll get it back...Perhaps.
  14. Ha - "It's not an import duty - that'd be illegal under the treaty of Rome - It's a registration tax". Much as I'd prefer to keep it on UK plates, it's too much hassle - And they like their Garda / Revenue checkpoints where I live. The thing that puts me off a ZV, is that if you go that route, you can't switch to an 83 later (but you can do vice-versa with an 83 -> ZV). The red rear plates look great, but only with an original pre-87 Irish reg (i.e AZG 472 or something for a 1983 motor) - Not a fan of ZV red plates.
  15. Quick update... It's funny how jobs on old cars tend to snowball - Although given that the poor LNA has sat outside, static on a driveway for the best part of 3 years, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I set out to remove the interior yesterday - It's utterly knackered due to sun damage, and was one of the reasons the old lady owner got shot of the car after 29 years of ownership. Wuvv covered it up with a fetching* sheepskin rug, but I ditched this for the threadbare seats, as it kept bunching up. Leachibob (Tom) got in touch a while back, as he was breaking a crusty LNA, which just so happened to have the same colour of interior as my car. Deal was done, and I now have a full interior in VGC, which cleaned up well with a wet & dry vacuum. The old interior came out easily - It's a simple little car. Things of interest buried in the seats / under the carpet: (The Belgian / French Francs back up its use abroad that the original owner mentioned - 20p from 1982 /1p from 1973 - Not sure about the dimes?!) On the removing the plastic cover over the OSR turret, I found a great bodge: I guess it rattled a bit when newish, so the owner took it to a Citroen dealer who padded out the gap with empty parts bags & a rag. The NSR turret has seem some sparkly stick action, but seems fine for now: I knew the window seals were leaking, as a few times I spotted puddles of water in the front footwells while it was sat on the drive. With the carpets out, there was plenty of surface rust, which I hit with the wire wheel / Loctite 7503 convertor: Could have been a lot worse, but 2 areas of concern: (Drivers footwell - Double skinned area... Unfortunately above the jacking point). (OSR under passenger seat - Single skinned, but unfortunately above the fuel tank). It's off to a welder tomorrow for a quote to sort - I'd rather bite the bullet and pay extra to have someone else do it straight away, as opposed to trying to DIY it and taking forever / making a hash of it. (My dodgy old Clarke Turbo needs wire / tips / gas, and someone who's competent behind the torch). Finally (and this won't be to the tastes of some on here), I stuck the Amil's on it - I need to repaint the OEM steels (that's my excuse ) Next up (assuming the welder doesn't find galloping rot somewhere) is a VRT inspection next Wednesday, which is part of the process in Ireland to register a car here - A75 JJO will become 83-D-120*****. Then it's a case of straightening & painting the bumpers & valances, window frames & wiper arms, plus fitting the new interior & door seals - Servicing & mechanical tweaks to take place over the winter months.
  16. Afraid not - I'm on holiday elsewhere / working, so September is a write off.
  17. Long shot / cheeky request. I bought a subframe / timing chain cover from a chap in Swindon last month. He's popped it on a pallet, and I've been investigating ways to get it shipped up to my folks place in Stirling (I'll bring it back over to Ireland when I next visit them with my 3 series tourer). Apparently it's around 1m square, and can be lifted by one person. I don't suppose there's anyone in that neck of the woods that could help? Failing that, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced pallet service?
  18. Gah - What's up with it? (I've just remembered - That bloke never got back to me regarding the window channel for yours... I'll give him a nudge).
  19. Destination achieved on Wednesday afternoon, and (thank feck) it actually fits up the narrow drive at the side of my gaff. (The neighbours had their place externally wrapped in insulation at some point, and it's taken a good 6-8" off the width of the drive). It's been a busy week for the LNA - Stirling to Aberdeenshire & back (over the Cairn O' Mount pass), then down through rush-hour Glasgow traffic to Cairnryan on Wednesday to catch the ferry to Belfast. Last leg was Belfast to Dublin, and it's now safely stashed in its new home. The little 1124cc suitcase engine didn't miss a beat over the 500+ miles, either. Having owned the car for almost 3 years, this is the first time I've actually had it located where I live - It's been sat in my parents drive in Scotland for the bulk of the time, slowly mouldering away, while I felt guilty at not being able to do more with it, because I lived in Ireland. You might ask why I bought it, only to leave it mouldering for so long - I guess when I saw Wuvv advertising it back in 2014, I found myself constantly coming back to his post, pondering how I could justify buying it. I didn't need it; I didn't have anywhere to store it in Ireland, and it made no sense on so many levels. So I obviously booked a flight to London, caught a train to NE Norfolk, bought the LNA, and drove it 450 miles north. (Because -"Autoshite"). I knew I'd never see another running / MOT'd one for sale, and that I'd work something out at some point... That point came 18 months ago, when we bought our gaff in Ireland - a house with a garage. It's taken 18 months to renovate the place, and gut out the garage of all the old crap associated with the renovation. The LNA now finally has a forever home. Plans? Sort the scabby valances / bumpers / crusty section of the bulkhead. Refresh the suspension - Fit the complete new interior I acquired from leachibob. I'm awaiting wheel bolts for the Amils I bought last month, then they'll go on. I've acquired a Samba Group B subframe / timing cover, and I'm contemplating building up a 1360cc engine over the next year or so, to fit next winter. Nothing I'm doing isn't reversible, and making it a bit more fun to drive won't be the worst thing. Fingers crossed, more regular updates to follow
  20. Had an unexpected week in the office, and was put up in a posh hotel in the middle of nowhere. This meant I should obviously go fetch the LNA and use it to get around Aberdeenshire, and hit up the office car park. Alas, its occasional starting issues became constant starting issues - Diagnosed that the +ve lead from the battery to solenoid was FUBAR'd, so obtained an old van battery with 800 cold cranking amps of goodness & jump leads to carry around in the boot. Starting involved dragging everything out the boot, then fannying around trying to get the +ve lead on the exposed threads on the starter / earthing the -ve on the water pump. Joy. Finally changed the battery leads today, and the +ve was totally knackered - Pretty much disintegrated. Off to test it out by driving it from Stirling to Dublin tomorrow. Leaving for the Belfast ferry at 07:30 - Wish me luck
  21. Braw. Are you still out in Banchory? I seem to find myself staying in Kingswells for a week with work, and am contemplating bringing the LNA up to Abergloom. I might pop by the garage to give it a run...
  22. T1-R's like to melt a bit - They're not really up to sustained abuse on track (albeit they're a decent enough tyre).
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