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  1. The Visa GT had TRX rims - The Visa Cabriolet had the exact same design of alloy wheel in non-TRX 🤪
  2. I bought a set of 6j banded steels for my LNA, which had undergone a similar process: However, I thought the 'lips' on TRX rims was also an issue, when it came to sealing a non-TRX tyre?
  3. True - South-west might have been a better direction. 7 years have passed quickly - Still annoyed at myself for not using it as much as I'd hoped. I did have a reasonable excuse when it was in the UK and I was in Ireland (with no parking for it), but it's 4 years since I imported / registered it. I think it falls down to my lack of faith in its ability to start - and I've a sinking feeling it was the rubbish £5 eBay fuel pump fitted by me back in 2014. (Although the starter solenoid did also jam at one point and the ground cable from the starter disintegrated). If you have no confidence in a car's ability to at least start, you tend not to want to use it often, as it has potential to become a major hassle if you're just popping down the shops to grab a few things. (If I'd fitted an electric pump way back then, it might have been a different story). I suppose I'd expected it to be more akin to the 1989 205 XE 954cc / 4 speed I bought when I lived in London - It was only 6 years younger, but I didn't think twice over whether it would start / get me to my destination, with it eventually making the return trip from NW6 to Stirling 6 times and from Stirling to Dublin and back fully loaded. The LNA never left me stranded, but did require a fair bit of cajoling on a few occasions - i.e. I was at the head of a queue of cars about to disembark the ferry in Belfast and it wasn't playing ball in terms of starting initially, which certainly bumped up the blood pressure...!
  4. The Merc left last October (£4.5k in running maintenance / repair costs in just over a year 🤣 ) Maybe I should just seek to blend in by buying an Irish staple - The roads are still infested with these if you head a couple of hours west (or south) of Dublin 😛
  5. The LNA is departing soon for pastures new, so I decided to try and tackle the 'hot start issue', which has gradually become a 'hot start issue'. First step was to have a look-see, at which point I noted the breather hose to the oil filler cap (situated directly above the plug holes) had popped off - Whether it resulted in the below is up for debate, but I'd be surprised if the stem seals all failed en-masse, especially as the car drives well enough. New plugs fitted, I also fitted a new fuel pump - I'd replaced it before, when I bought the car from @wuvvum in 2014, but I'd made the rookie error of fitting some very cheap eBay tat. It appears to have lost all spring in its diaphragm, so hopefully the Valeo replacement will last a bit longer. Lastly, I fitted new ethanol-safe J30 R9 fuel hose along with a new in-line filter - I used thermal reflective sleeving in a vain attempt to protect them from under-bonnet temps, which do get high with the spare wheel stored on top of the engine. (Yes; I do need to re-route the line further away from the alternator belt). Seems much happier starting now, so long may that continue - The new owner may elect to fit an in-line electrical fuel pump / Filter King, which would probably be the best long term option. Despite not using it quite as much as I'd hoped, I will miss it; it keeps pace fine with modern traffic, and its squishy ride is a world away from the modern shift to sports suspension & low profile rubber. There's something quite endearing about its face, being the runt of the 104 / Samba litter, and it offers an amusing 1970's driving experience for very little money.
  6. I have this chap in my LNA, picked up for £20-30 about 5-6 years ago from eBay - It's actually a VW dealer fit option, but seemed to fit the 1983 vibe quite well...
  7. I thought it was Bobbydoo who had one? (Also long gone from here)
  8. A rare old bus nowadays - A friend's father had one back in the early noughties - Same vintage / colour. I remember copious amounts of alcantara and the fact that it shifted very well for a 1600cc vehicle. Looking forward to seeing more 😃
  9. Just after seeing this now! We're away to Kerry this weekend for a staycation (not in the Citroen ? )
  10. @hairnet Proper Irish-spec modifications to the front bumper and NSR wheel arch ?
  11. Ah - I'm near Balbriggan in North Co Dub and always keep an eye out, but the place seems bereft of chod!
  12. Nice work - The Senator has an NCT till the 23rd of October this year? Where is this purveyor of shoite on the Emerald Isle?
  13. I had one of these 22 years ago, when it was only 7-8 years old - Usual Lotus Bitsa (i.e Mk2 Astra front calipers / glovebox lock and McLaren F1 windscreen) - Hood in mine leaked like a sieve when it was comparatively young, so I can imagine some decent footwell puddles in this one. Having lived in NW London from 2009 -> 2013, it's probably the place I've seen the most old rammel parked in the streets (e.g. Vauxhall Belmont / Saab 900 / Nissan Cherry all lived near my Queens Park gaff)
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