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  1. That's had that private plate taken off I reckon. Its a newer shape than a P plate so I expect its still alive.
  2. Where no parking mean "No f*cking parking"
  3. Maxi front offside by Peter the Organist, on Flickr That beige Maxi was the organists.
  4. Jesus! http://www.copart.co.uk/c2/homeSearch.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e3s2&lotId=33792443&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS Min Starting Bid: £125 GBP HAHAHAHA
  5. Oldest one of these I have ever seen:shock: http://www.copart.co.uk/c2/homeSearch.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e2s3&lotId=33884093&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS
  6. https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/registering-an-imported-vehicle https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/moving-vehicles-between-britain-and-northern-ireland
  7. Thanks for the help and info offered here. Its no good as its spent 3 years in the weeds / grass and it was blue.
  8. 950 Sniffs that granny ended at do bangers pay that much?
  9. Those old ohc's go very well unless it was a red top sleeper.
  10. Looks ok but its a Renault wcpgw
  11. Christ that's some difference and rarity does not win
  12. Cheers for the helpful info guys gives me something to think over.
  13. How un driveable in normal usage would that make it?
  14. Where is it now and hows the comparision with the 2000L watchers / banger racers?
  15. Purplebargeken Your a star cheers. At 350 sniffs it sounds fun for the small amount. Its 2664cc which engine would that be? Have you still got the links to the sites you used for info / manuals etc. Des that sounds like one of my old bosses lol.
  16. Been offered a 1991 Carbodies London taxi which is a diesel automatic. What do I look for fault wise on these?. Are they a pain to insure for private use etc.
  17. I can see the V6s future bovingdon raceway,1995. by rustdreamer, on Flickr
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