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  1. Currently watching said film. Grim but interesting.
  2. I had a look inside and there’s some sludge inside similar to the sludge that Richard Attenborough used to create the T Rex in Jurassic park
  3. This looks fabulously sinister, like a northern strip club owners company vehicle in 2001. Love it.
  4. I gave mine away on here, Solidarity with fellow comrades etc IIRC I even covered postage, as I’m a true believer.
  5. HMC

    Tickford Stag

    Yes dont take me too seriously
  6. Got a little pic of the p4 at lunch today. It’s been on the button and reliable. Those little things that crop up when you press stuff regular use, have been so far so good.
  7. HMC

    Tickford Stag

    I believe the owner was assassinated in 1983, but I dont know the fate of the car.
  8. Seat fabric used to be so much more interesting.
  9. Loving the click bait title. Should also contain ”5 REASONS WHY THE EDWARDIANS KNEW WHAT NOBODY ELSE DID”
  10. HMC

    New Yota!!

    Presumably there’s a short story worthy of publication regarding the first owners driving habits in the description.
  11. Brilliant! Probably unfair but The amount of inches George Bishop devoted to to food and drink at junkets immediately makes me think of him.
  12. HMC

    New Yota!!

    Wow! Epic ! Love that original radio, I wonder if the wood is aftermarket (there used to be ads for veneer kits for all Sorts of cars) Regardless of the wood status; WOULD!
  13. I was keen on this as well and nearly did a buy, pretty much my ultimate 800.
  14. Did a quick fleet shot yesterday…. And had a bit more of a look around the p4…
  15. It sounds like an open cockpit Morgan 3 wheeler flipped and carried on down the track, presumably on its roll bar and the drivers helmet. Sounds nasty, in period Brian Redman had that happen in a formula 5000 race in the 70s, and was seriously hurt, and in the 50s Jean Behra had that happen (in a gordini iirc) he ended up with a prosthetic ear that the used to unnerve team mates that room shared with by detaching it prior to sleep and putting it on his bedside table.
  16. Looks really smart, isn’t it ex met police?
  17. Saw that, also that the production team felt they couldn’t carry on “without him” It never stopped them when the old threesome left, nor when Hammond had his crash. I wonder if this will create friction between the “entertainment” aspect of the show and health and safety considerations? The risk and the jeopardy (real or manufactured) are ingredients of the show.
  18. Fleet shot… (minus mk2 focus)
  19. I asked the vendor about the history, he said he was hoping it was in the locked glove box, will be interesting to see it’s secrets!
  20. I’m gonna say leave it, embrace the look.
  21. On the school run….. Sticking out in the works car park….. And suitably shonky accessory just fitted….
  22. Do you think you will go for cross ply or radials? I think longstone have some options but some are £££££. Currently mine has cheap brand modern radials.
  23. Its just occurred to me that “radio on” is a 1970s British art house film what I’ve got a copy of. The protagonist drives a knackered p4 from London to Bristol. Might watch it again soon.
  24. I did the school run this am in the p4. I got to it a bit earlier than necessary as I was unsure if the car would turn over and start. It did perfectly. I have low expectation, at least at first when it’s called upon to be AN CAR rather than an exhibit. It had rained quite heavily overnight and a the front mats were quite wet, looked like the door seals were to blame. My eldest (aged 9) was much taken with the radio that needed to be tuned manually. Totally alien to him, and a source of amusement. I did test it out but although it had power, it just made cracking noises. He suggested we look for an antenna (which we found mounted on the roof) and when we extended it the radio worked! Think it was bbc world service that we picked up on LW?
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