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  1. The youth are fascinated by trafficators, no seatbelts and no infotainment!
  2. HMC


    Newly Acquired Morris here. Stodgy?
  3. Yeah, Im amazed, so many of then are 869uyu or something along those lines now.
  4. The interior is nice, headlining mint, the drivers footwell carpet less so. Seems to be the original floorpans, sills, spring hangers and “chassis” legs. Im wondering if the 37k is the true mileage, no way to be sure as there is little history. There’s hints its stayed close to where it was sold, and had few owners…. Initially it was running a bit rough, and was almost out of fuel. After taking it for a run its now running perfectly with the typical parp from the exhaust when you change gear.
  5. The first task was to remove the chrome eyelashes. No thanks.
  6. Shes lovely. Not messed about with, had an easy life, and slighly faded paint that wears its years well…..
  7. The Jaywick minor has arrived…….
  8. Next feature “what Rudy Uhlenhaut looks like now is heart breaking “ (CLICK HERE)
  9. Daily Mail online, w123 driving readership targetted in dieselgate emissions development 😂
  10. HMC


    As well as the overall feel, there is also a great stodge colour pallette to draw on. Its not upbeat or aspitational. Its workmanlike, its woodbine, its usually a very muddy and subdued hue. Greys, greens, blacks; they all add to the post war plodding vibe.
  11. How so very British 1. Drizzle 2. A crumbling stately ruin 3. And a Church
  12. Update- i spent first thing hiding from the rain and gales under the ally bonnet of the p4. Disconnected each plug in turn and tan the engine, with the pot nearest the bulkhead having the least impact on running- so i thought this must be the dosgy one. I replaced the plug (which was wet) and re tightened the odd little screw in lead connectors these have. Annoyingly i didn't donit methodically so i wont know what actually fixed it. BUT - its now running on all 4 and happily chugged its way along the school run this am
  13. UPDATES: Been collected from Jaywick, home of The Abandoned Jaywick Chevy
  14. Think you’ve got it there
  15. HMC


    My p4 has got really heavy steering when parking, and a poor lock, and about 5 turns lock to lock; STODGE indeed
  16. Apologies for crummy screenshot but could any people with local Essex/ Clacton knowledge shed light on this plaque? Maybe a local dealer? @Angrydicky @trigger
  17. I nearly bought “MO57MPG” for a 3 cylinder polo tdi I had but then got a life 😂
  18. I Keep coming back to Morris minors. They are a bit “obvious” but I think they drive nicely. I’m a sucker for a 4 door clap hands wiper 1000 especially if it’s still got it’s original number plate.
  19. Fleet news: Rover p4 chugging on- although when I went to pick the kids up it was only running on 3 cylinders untill warm- need to investigate. I’d been feeling a bit guilty about leaving the Austin 7 out in all weathers, and sold it on to a local Austin 7 enthusiast for what I paid for it. And I’ve replaced it with a cheaper, younger British people’s car- which is arriving at the weekend from Essex…
  20. Rolf Stommelen- great footage of him chucking the aerodynamically suspect early 917 around at Le Mans 1969. Big balls needed! A fellow competitor got it wrong in the first “customer” 917 on the first lap, the car snapped in half and he died.
  21. Might be worth trying brentacre, they sorted my Chevy pickup insurance no trouble, and was cheap, and the crown vic, although this wasn’t as cheap and a bit of a ballache re street parking. But they do specialise in American cars, apparently.
  22. HMC

    Tickford Stag

    Or, which probably wouldn’t fit, 2.5 / 4.6 Daimler v8 a with fuel injection. Russ carpenter (drag racer I think) could have been the development “consultant” on that. Trouble is they seemed to have trouble when BL had a dabble with fuel injection and basically seemed throw in the towel. Edit- there he is. Sorry for daydreaming/ thread drift!
  23. HMC

    Tickford Stag

    Plus it recieved no real development aside from minor cosmetics. I wonder if it could have enjoyed a long production run , and been successful in the us like the r107 sl (1971-89) I’m picturing the Buick v8 from new, fuel injection and 3.9 / 4.2 as time went on, and high assembly standards, we can but dream.
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