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  1. It went to tiverton to keep another company. I had a very decent offer from a member of the devon austin 7 club. He must have been about 65-70 - he turned up, jumped in and powered off, in a manner of speaking.
  2. Im sure the shiters will reveal themselves in due course
  3. Its also got actual rather than faked patina; wonder if someone spilt some brake fluid?
  4. DOY news First decent length trip in DOY as i had to go to a hotel in plymouth this afternoon. Quite nasty traffic with lot of idling. Pleased to report it didnt overheat. The temp did climb to 100 several times but not over, and each time the cooling fan came on and did its thing. 100 sounds alarming but MB say this is normal, it used to bother me when i had a w124 230e, untill i got used to it. Anyway back in tavistock, rear electric roller blind up, looking like an Albanian Mafia sentinel…..
  5. I did look at a 19k 1961 flat floor e type FHC in about 2004. It was a distress sale and i was going to swap it with my 2003 land rover discovery. They had similar values then, but not now! in the end i sold the disco and it helped fund my first house purchase; so its a case of sad / not sad. Id probsbly have ruined it by parking it on the street and caning it about. When you cut through the hype they tended to disintegrate unless well cared for.
  6. CAJ has been collected…. Its gone back to Stockton-on-tees where it was originally registered! Farewell, it follows in the tradition of haunted P4 ownership. I still feel theres unfinished business with these, or a p5, which ive come close to buying about 4 times over the last 20 years.
  7. there was a white 3.0 manual senator 24v on retro rides in 2008. I cant remember the price but it wasnt a lot. It looked a bit scruffy and hacked about but i would have really liked that.
  8. Almost forgot some Morlaix “street art”
  9. Actually sorry @83C is first, then @flat4alfa and then @DaveDorson
  10. No probs. @flat4alfa has first shout as he asked first but yes you are number 2 for the xj8.
  11. DOY news It started after being left 6 days. Doesnt sound much to get excited about but i was concerned it had a parasitic battery drain as there were clues the battery had been disconnected/ reconnected regularly (loose cover, clock at wrong time etc) Typical signs of a ropey old banger. Cashback. Also; the ride is so much better on the fat 90s rubber it was intended to have, as some of you rightly predicted. It also looks a bit less like a beached whale. Only a bit though!
  12. Came back on the afternoon ferry, about half an hours drive on the french side and 20 mins up from plymouth here. The jag was relaxing transport and i love the little v8 its got. Sounds lovely when you work it.
  13. Morlaix by night Jag by ford
  14. Those french arches are older, and most likely better preserved than the jag ones
  15. Took a minor road along the coast and the estuary On the short cruise to Morlaix…
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