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  1. IOW registration. Fiat rear light clusters?
  2. Brought home from the maternity unit in a year old Capri 1.3. Bet that took a while!
  3. My try, long exposure (possibly 5 seconds i think) held steady on a window ledge last autumn
  4. Rover KV6- quad cam v6 with a variable lengh intake system. great concept, sadly let down by detail design such as a crack prone plastic thermostat housing- as if a lump from the k family needed any more encouragement to blow its head gasket(s)
  5. We gave the wifes 72 triumph spitfire to my father in law as a retirement present/ project. We drove it over to Germany for him. Here spits are 10 a penny, over in Germany much rarer, and values much stronger. Apart from a few small headaches with the German TUV it was fine (they insisted the chassis itself, not just the body should have a specific factory ID, though triumph never did this apart from dutch market spits apparently) Did make me think....
  6. Love the dash! I've recently had my share of e bay messers, so i sympathise! (AFAIK it is also impossible to leave negative feedback of some kind for a non responsive buyer- quite an annoyance to put it politely!) Good luck with the sale
  7. Cant even remember when I last saw a sherpa in the wild! Thanks for posting your trip. Are those type of trains quite old then? (forgive my ignorance, I know nothing of trains) Shame the rover P4 passed by so fast, as I'd like to see more of the Psychadelic paint job! (clearly not your typical P4 owner!)
  8. What a find! Local westcountry reg too if im not mistaken?
  9. Glad to hear you had a good trip back! It was a pleasure to meet both you and Brad, and hope to see you soon. Matthew
  10. Your car doubles in value when you fill it up you park at the top of inclines 'just in case' Parked at the top of said incline you point the wheels to the kerb 'just in case' You are proud rather than embarrased when you car turns out to be the oldest at work/ in the family A new set of tyres could technically be an insurance write off You keep some decent car mags in the boot incase of breakdowns
  11. Such a great looking car, and due credit to dedication and persevereance, where others (dare I say myself) would have thrown the towel in, but thats how cars like this survive, huge respect!
  12. I think its the original lights swapped over and turned on their ends. On a similar theme there was a vw scirocco pick up on e bay not long ago
  13. I'm another fan of the 'FAB' Allegro. Cars left to sit in fields tend to be a bit of a mixed bag, either suprisingly good, or pretty rotten. Sounds like its gone tho
  14. IIRC not suprising those suzukis got basically zero factory rustproofing other than a lick of paint, plus with such a small car suspension and seatbelt mounts are within xcm of most of the body MOT wise
  15. HMC


    fly over, pick up a 7.5 tonner over there and off you go. What could possibly go wrong!!!!
  16. A real shame to see those before and after rebel pics. I'd imagine rebels are quite rare, but any car that was worth around a grand or less were basically 'at risk' The whole thing was very materialistic, the opposite of make do and mend, dressed up as a way of saving the rainforests etc
  17. HMC

    FSO 125p Estate

    I'd imagine thered be quite a few interested parties on this forum, particularly with the lack of corrosion, and nice history, not forgetting the website colour scheme. Great!!
  18. Was going to go in an 800 of some sort, but this may displease the Austin 7 people as its actually cowley built, would be in the spirit of things though
  19. Now provisionally sold. I wont be without an 800 for long, however, as I've acquired a project. It ticks a few more shite boxes than this 800, as its a gold coupe with, for extra shite points, the infamous KV6 engine: for people who thought one head gasket to fail per car wasnt enough, rover group give you the KV6- twice the fun
  20. Nice rarity, one for a road trip to the summer lancia barbeque do in wiltshire maybe? Seem to remember there was a 'Fire' trim or option on these?! (no jokes about italian electrical systems please)
  21. I do like road trip write ups! 33mpg aint bad for a 3l 24v in lie six either. Had my eye on this but was out of space to had to resist. Any immediate fettling plans?
  22. liking the BMW (CSL?) did a double take of the number as IIRC geroge harrison had the same model, new, with a very similar and appropriate registration- LYRIK
  23. Had a productive morning. Took a look at the vacuum hoses and so on under the bonnet, tightened up a few, and now the idle is down to around 800 rpm. Then went for a nice drive in the sunshine.... Bit more detail of the door... Might have a go with some t cut as it doesnt look like its broken the paint Nice original dealer plate, tax disc holder and window sticker....
  24. A while backI had a morris minor 950AOD, a terminal rotbox. The (devon I think) -OD series caused much consternation amongst the ruling classes way back when due to the possible combinations deemed by them to be off limits. hence no SOD or GOD. But i think therre are numerous examples of where mr cholmondley-Warner let things slip through the net
  25. Our disco is UJ, which iirc is shrewsbury. A long since departed merc g45juj I had some while ago. Unusually I ve had a coupe of isle of wight regs- old morris Traveller, xdl193, and an Ex lord Romsey xj12 TDL333X, though I think by 1981 the issuing authority had changed to portsmouth. My P4 is XM, which is south east london where it was run by an engineering works. Our old reliable civic is BA- manchester. Appropriately enough the MGB GT is GT- a london reg i think.
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