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  1. Ive removed the load bay liner in preparation for the rear seats ive got coming off e bay.



    Having had 2 RR classics in the past, i was a little bit wary/ having the fear about what id find. Turns out the boys at lode lane did a great job of not making it rot. 

    Actually the whole car is incredibly sound. my then 17 year old classic was eye wateringly crusty in these bits that are blemish free on this 27 year old p38. So its not as iconic; but it doesnt dissolve so VIGOROUSly either, at last bodily if not electrically.













  2. 3 hours ago, fairkens said:

    My great uncle had one like this, or at least very similar. My schoolboy recollection is that it was a DSE. He was also a Hampshire farmer, albeit it wasn't his primary occupation. I don't recognise the reg though.

    If I have any other unhelpful musings I'll let you know. 😄

    It was originally registered J1AWD if that helps?

  3. 48 minutes ago, cort16 said:

    I've not even had a 4x4 I think going direct to p38 might be too traumatic .


    42 minutes ago, Tayne said:

    My p38 put me off Land Rovers for life.

    Ive always dodged them. For me growing up i loved the classic . Seeing one was an event. I had a couple ages ago. IIRC @Tayne you had a k reg one in a really cool colour.

    I skipped p38s and went straight to the L322 as, to be honest i wasnt keen on the styling compared the classic, or the horror stories.

    It seems the styling has grown on me, and im ignoring the horror stories. IIRC @Sam Glover recounted his experiences with his p38 in an article in PC, which made sobering reading!

  4. On a similar subject- the focus on prices and consequently what a car is to a person is a double edged sword. For sure, increased values mean things are worth restoring properly; but that brings with it a need to “protect” the investment - before you know it its in a carcoon most of the time and great care is taken to not add wear and tear- to avoid use basically. 

    TL:DR a preoccupation with values and the market is good and bad. It basically made me stop buying “Classic Cars” mag as they seemed obsessed with “the market” no thanks.

  5. Some of the more speculative prices eg e bay classified ads havent found buyers- in a few cases there are ads that have been up for literally years. Basically the market isnt there for them but people not in a hurry “testing” the market with unrealistic prices.

    Of course , this creates a mindset to others with the same car that their car is worth x as theres an ad up with it at that money.

  6. 3 minutes ago, mcmolloy1 said:

    There is a back up braking system in the event that the engine stops. Underneath the car directly under where the drivers seat is, there is a standard master cylinder same one as an early Land rover. I think it just goes to the front wheels but it's enough to stop the car.

    I know this because I was the lucky* person who got to steer a shadow whilst being towed by another car last year. The FTP was caused by a faulty coil ballast.

    That good to know, cheers. Would have made it less scary for me!

  7. Riding high on all 8 cylinders was great, but was swiftly followed by the starter jamming whilst backed on single  yellows right outside a pub, on a hill….


    Try as i might i couldnt un jam the starter from the flywheel. I spent while lying in the gutter hitting the starter with a hammer, with water running up my sleeves.  Result? I ended up very wet, but the starter wouldn’t budge. I had a crack at moving the crank but its quite hidden. I was going to take the plugs out to help, but basically i needed to just get it shifted as i started to attract the attention of the parking bods. I even wrote a little sign (in vain)

    Why all the fuss trying to start it? Well, in rolls wisdom the brakes are powered by an engine driven pump, theres no traditional master cylinder, there would be no brakes, and the handbrake is shit. And its on a hill. And its pointing downhill. A recipie for demolishing shops right there.  It felt a bit like being one of those engineers who were trying to figure out how to raise the Mary Rose without trashing it more.  it is quite boat-like when it works.





    Anyway i parked a car behind it and tethered a tow rope to it, buttock clenchingly i slipped it into neutral, using the other cars brakes and the slack taken up by reversing the other car up the hill. Then we eased around a blind corner, Shad first and onto the flat at 6am this morning.

    There we switched the cars so the powered car went first and at walking pace we rolled into a suitable unrestricted parking slot



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