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  1. It sounds like an open cockpit Morgan 3 wheeler flipped and carried on down the track, presumably on its roll bar and the drivers helmet. Sounds nasty, in period Brian Redman had that happen in a formula 5000 race in the 70s, and was seriously hurt, and in the 50s Jean Behra had that happen (in a gordini iirc) he ended up with a prosthetic ear that the used to unnerve team mates that room shared with by detaching it prior to sleep and putting it on his bedside table.

  2. 51 minutes ago, DVee8 said:

    The 6am news mentioned that the latest series of Top Gear has been cancelled, due to Flintoff's accident  last year.

    Saw that, also that the production team felt they couldn’t carry on “without him” 

    It never stopped them when the old threesome left, nor when Hammond had his crash.

    I wonder if this will create friction between the “entertainment” aspect of the show and health and safety considerations? The risk and the jeopardy (real or manufactured) are ingredients of the show. 

  3. 1 minute ago, SiC said:

    I bought a key for the glove box as none of the keys I had moved the lock. Handily (but insecurely) Rover put the key numbers on a plaque on the A post. The key I had for the boot lock is one number out from that.

    Anyway good news! It turns the lock!

    Bad news! It still doesn't open.

    I think I'll need to find a way to break in. I really want to know what's inside. Probably nothing after all this.

    I asked the vendor about the history, he said he was hoping it was in the locked glove box, will be interesting to see it’s secrets!

  4. I did the school run this am in the p4.  I got to it a bit earlier than necessary as I was unsure if the car would turn over and start. It did perfectly.  I have low expectation, at least at first when it’s called upon to be AN CAR rather than an exhibit.


    It had rained quite heavily overnight and a the front mats were quite wet, looked like the door seals were to blame.  My eldest (aged 9) was much taken with the radio that needed to be tuned manually. Totally alien to him, and a source of amusement. I did test it out but although it had power, it just made cracking noises. He suggested we look for an antenna (which we found mounted on the roof) and when we extended it the radio worked! Think it was bbc world service that we picked up on LW?

  5. 2 minutes ago, SiC said:

    I bidded on that to £1950 but it didn't hit reserve. It was on the P4 drivers guild website at over £5k and I assumed the reserve was a lot higher. Anyway I decided to buy the one I have. 

    When the auction ended, the chap offered it for my bid price. I was very tempted but I turned him down as I'd rather have the 6cyl, even if scruffier than this 4cyl when given a choice. 


    Likewise I offered on yours via Facebook, and the vendor was going to get back to me, if it wasn’t collected; which it was. I’ve had a 100 and a 110 and a dead 80 (which I never actually drove) and wanted to try a less nose heavy one for local pottering.

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