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  1. Found my old grifo. These hold special memories for me as growing up with 80s matchbox, i remember visiting my friend’s house (i was about 7/ 1987) and playing with one that her elder brothers had new the previous decade. I loved the styling and the hubs; it was the first time id seen and held an older diecast. It seemed very special even though it had a door missing.
  2. I walked past my local bric-a-brac shop last weekend and found a shoebox of diexast to rummage through on the street. I did a few buys which although battered i was happy with for 50p each, which make an instant scrap diorama with little effort….
  3. IIRC a diesel manual also never had swirl flaps fitted, either.
  4. Well done, these are great when bought well. I bought a dog, twice, which is basically careless, and has tainted my view of them. If their neediness at this age has been kept on top of they are wonderful things.
  5. Probably better than new. I bought a new defender 20 years back and it had been thrown together and badly painted.
  6. Busy but fun day Woke up with a hangover here SpOtted a typical looking (for west devon) well worn RM combo from my bedroom window and went to my first concert (muse at the Plymouth Argyle stadium. )
  7. PS- i can delete if needed the above post, im afraid im drunk, although it it stays i can search old posts when im old and reminisce
  8. Took DOY out to a country retreat to mainly drink booze and have sex with a russian bird Verdict: would recommend
  9. Great work! id probably have left the paint as is, almost as a badge of honour that you were bothered to fix with existing second hand parts rather than scrap. Isnt that a carbon neutral approach? fix what you got, with the guts of dead cars. Doesnt look as good a buying a new EV though.
  10. I didntreallise it varies between states. I presume the most shite friendly state would be a less wealthy state, with a kind climate, and a laid back approach to enforcement.
  11. Great pics! the 50s car without headlights is an Armstrong siddeley hurricane IIRC. EDIT- think its a lancaster as its a 4 door saloon. That cream 63 pontiac was for sale earlier this year for about £13k at a dealer iirc. Is this instead of the shelsey walsh hillclimb? if so can you cane it around the circuit? im presuming not in this day and age, alas. IIRC @Fennec took a w123 up Shelsey walsh and has some great pics.
  12. Yes its on that little car park area beside morrisons , beside what used to be radmores ford dealers (now a small housing estate)
  13. DOY news. The fuel gauge has never worked. Something else the vendor didnt say, besides it being salvaged. Anyway its extra confusing as the lpg kicks in and so simply looking at miles covered on the trip meter on the tank isnt an option. Plus I didnt fancy driving to shitefest like this and ending up stranded somewhere. So. I figured the sender in the tank had power. Then to e bay. This part varies between w140 models and is not easy to get hold of; which went some way to explaining the daft prices asked. No thanks. I rang the local MB dealer who confirmed the part number, and the fact that its no longer available. I think this is the first time ever in tinkering and fettling over 50 mercs that this has happened; and explains the silly prices. Usually MB are solid when it comes to supplying older model parts. Maybe a sign that they don't rate the w140. In the end i bit the bullet on e bay as this is my only car and needs to be fully functional. The next step was removing the nut that secures the unit in the tank and seals the tank. The nut is ally, and the tank steel. I presume there was some electrolytic corrosion going on as it defeated all attempts. the nut is something like 45mm. I lost my shit a bit with it half lying down in the boot, adjustable wrench on the nut and it would slide off and id bash my hand on the tank. In the end I bought something old school from screwfix which sorted it, and will be a useful tool in the future. And put it back together The bashed up edges tell a story, but in the end it was satisfying to sort. And now i can see how much fuel the 2.8 is using as it struggles to move this big beast.
  14. Is it fair to say Piers Corbyn was/ is an honorary shiter? i dont know much about him, but he was smoking about in a cavalier and wasnt a fan of ULEZ.
  15. Id quite like it just for curiosity value but i cant justify it (im trying to have one car only for a year) - lets see how that goes 😂😂
  16. sounds like he blocked a road in march as part of a protest and then accidentslly reversed into another car. Maybe its in copart after the insurance fallout
  17. Collected DOY earlier with 12m ticket. Still looks dodgy by the roadside, mind.
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166095093749?hash=item26ac09fff5:g:jEkAAOSwenlkV8o~ merc c w202 c class estate, 12m mot, decent spec (v6, leather) £650
  19. The big benz lives…. I had a look online today, and they managed to sort it. I will call and collect tomorrow.
  20. Im in both days, going to take friday off work and meander up through wales with LPG power.
  21. just remembwred the name- its the panther rio…
  22. The panther that was based on a triumph dolomite
  23. It failed, not disasterously, and i knew about the brake pads. Im wondering about the gas analyser and if it can be adjuated in settings if a vehicle is running on lpg? they didnt seem too alarmed by any of it.
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