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  1. It's been a while since I went for a drive almost for the hell of it, but the Panda wanted to be driven. The A34 being closed gave me a good excuse to take the back roads to Newcastle this evening and the Panda revelled in the twisties. Tried to take an arty shot with a misty moon and failed. Enjoyed some old school club classics on the CD player at unhealthy volumes.
  2. I do Sutty, in Stone. It's quite a rare thing for a car I'm interested in to be conveniently located heh! Whereabouts are you?
  3. There's something very endearing about the 169, they are such a good all round car that are also fun to drive. I like the trip computer this one has and the rev counter is nice to have too. After I backed off to save some fuel, I reset the trip and it was reporting 60mpg, which I know will be over-optimistic on the computer, but I bet it'll put in 55 if I take it gently.
  4. So I've been on the lookout for something cheap to run for a couple of months now, but struggled to find something that ticks all the boxes. Most recently I thought I was sorted with a Golf estate locally, but sadly there were a few issues and I chose not to go ahead. Thankfully AutoShite came to the rescue in the form of a cute little 169 Panda. I've always rated these cars as we've had one in the household from new which has been a fantastic and dependable thing that's taken us all over the place, including several trips to the Highlands. Last night I went down the A50 to pick up a blue '06 plate from member Ian and what a pleasant experience it was. Ian was an absolute gent and the car was immaculately clean when I arrived. Half an hour later me and my brother-in-law Al were on our way back to Staffordshire, choosing to take the scenic and twisty series of roads through Newborough and Abbots Bromley. If you can avoid the farm traffic, there are some great twisty and fun stretches of road perfect around there to test the poise of an Italian supermini. I'll attach a few snaps from the collection shortly. Ian was interested to know my thoughts on how the earlier Euro 4 engined Panda compared to our later Euro 5 with VVT, which I'll share here in case it is of interest. With the Euro 4 I think power and torque are more evenly spread across the rev band. The Euro 5 is ultimately a little quicker, however they feel hesitant and somewhat strangled at lower revs. The Euro 4 in contrast is more fun to drive and feels like it has more 'get up and go', despite being 7 bhp shy. I definitely prefer it. I'm not sure if the gearing changed between model years, but the Euro 5 feels taller geared? Handling-wise, the blue example outshines our yellow car. It could be it's a little lighter without air con and things, and the wheels are smaller for more engaging handling. More likely though is Ian had got it in very fine fettle with excellent tyres fitted. A big thanks to Ian for fixing me up with a happy little car that's a hoot to drive. Steve
  5. Here’s the latest, 60 mpg between fills with 4 people in car and a boot full of luggage.
  6. I’ve got a Jazz Mk2 but with the CVT box. It isn’t great economy wise around town, but on a long run it’s truly excellent. 60 mph is less than 2,000rpm and measuring between fill ups I’ve managed 72 mpg on free moving motorway journeys. Not bad for a 1.4 petrol auto!
  7. Good point - must have been a different plate.
  8. I’m sure this chap worked in Stone, Staffordshire. The BX it used to be on was immaculate!
  9. On a Tesla of some description this morning North of Stafford: G1 VDC Rather good I thought!
  10. Wish I could buy it back! Most likely bridged sadly I bet
  11. Hello shitterz - having successfully dug out my old account I thought I’d ask if anyone still uses a 205 as a daily driver? I sold my old GRD back in 2012 (the for sale thread is probably still on this forum somewhere!) and I’ve missed it ever since. I might be on the lookout for a good one in the near future, but will need to move on my W123 first to make space - I must be mad?! There was something so raw and simple about the whole driving experience which nothing else I’ve driven compares to - and 55 mpg all day long! Mine was without PAS and was all the better for it!
  12. Also - congrats on your purchase - excellent taste!
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