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  1. On a Tesla of some description this morning North of Stafford: G1 VDC Rather good I thought!
  2. Wish I could buy it back! Most likely bridged sadly I bet
  3. Hello shitterz - having successfully dug out my old account I thought I’d ask if anyone still uses a 205 as a daily driver? I sold my old GRD back in 2012 (the for sale thread is probably still on this forum somewhere!) and I’ve missed it ever since. I might be on the lookout for a good one in the near future, but will need to move on my W123 first to make space - I must be mad?! There was something so raw and simple about the whole driving experience which nothing else I’ve driven compares to - and 55 mpg all day long! Mine was without PAS and was all the better for it!
  4. Also - congrats on your purchase - excellent taste!
  5. Long time lurker here, however couldn’t resist to dig out my old account to say I’ve just bought an E39 523i manual myself - but in saloon flavour. Can’t understand the comments that a 523i manual is slow - compared to my usual old chod it feels positively rapid. Official stats seem to suggest 0-60 leptons in 8.2 secs for a manual - not too shabby!
  6. Best one of the day was when he asked if Mongolia was in central Africa.
  7. Hi all thanks for interest. Car now sold - it's been a goodun!
  8. Hi folks, I've had some strong interest in this but due to logistical issues and location it's still available. With a baby on the way and a house to decorate I could really do with finding a new home for the Micra by the weekend. It's truly a great car and I've got receipts for £500 for work done on her last year, servicing, clutch, etc. £375 if you can collect by Saturday.
  9. Forgot to say car is in Stone near Stafford, 10min from M6 jnc 14. Ta. It's also stay clean silver, I do have photos but not sure how you add them on this forum from a phone.
  10. Hi folks, long time lurker here. Had a Passat to smoke around in for the last year so it's time to move on my trusty K11. It's been an excellent car over my 4+ years of ownership and I'll be sorry to see her go. Key bits: - 12 months MoT with no advisories - Well maintained and serviced - New clutch fitted last year - 4 good tyres - Front crossmember solid and oiled - Both keys - Great order and not messed with It's done 67,000 miles and has been perfectly reliable. Insurance is cheap too. I'm after £400 ono
  11. Had mine for around 6 months now. It's the 1.6td IDI engine which goes surprising well!
  12. Hi folks, just a quick update. I can't seem to get insurance (reasonably) on account of still being fairly young so I'm out of the running. I did speak to Andy earlier and he seemed a top bloke on the phone and the car sounds like a very bargainous and rapid way of making your dog sick! Good luck with the sale mate. Steve
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