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    barefoot got a reaction from Tickman in Morris Minor - An Car   
    I thought that my old man's '66 Morris 1000 had a wing nut at each side?
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    barefoot got a reaction from BorniteIdentity in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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    barefoot reacted to Cookiesouwest in The new news 24 thread   
    I just want to say, that its highly unlikley he nicked the Honda's CAT, so I didn't do it.
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    barefoot reacted to Wack in The 2006 4.2 Supercharged Range Rover thread   
    I'd call that a result 

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    barefoot got a reaction from paulplom in The new news 24 thread   
    And this ...
    ... is in the middle of that news report thing
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    barefoot got a reaction from MJK 24 in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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    barefoot got a reaction from Popsicle in The new news 24 thread   
    And this ...
    ... is in the middle of that news report thing
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    barefoot reacted to Jim Bell in I Scream. Mind that child.   
    My mam used to do similar at the chip shop.  
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    barefoot reacted to Wibble in The new news 24 thread   
    Yep, he said he bought it in Norfolk and had it transported home and rebuilt the front suspension having found the parts in France. He says it’s really nice to drive and he’s put two thousand miles on it since fixing, with it now on 69k. Very impressed.
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    barefoot got a reaction from wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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    barefoot got a reaction from Wibble in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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    barefoot got a reaction from camryv6 in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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    barefoot got a reaction from JakeT in The new news 24 thread   
    And this ...
    ... is in the middle of that news report thing
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    barefoot reacted to vulgalour in Morris Minor - An Car   
    The references I've seen about the rear seat is a 'lift the dot' fixing in the middle of the seat back at the top that you get to by opening the boot.  Seat back can then be lifted up slightly and pushed forwards, or removed completely if you wish.  However, it seems the bolt-on-each-side method is decidedly more commonplace because the original method hasn't really stood the test of time for most cars.
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    barefoot reacted to gm in The grumpy thread   
    the doctors were great - i was seen without an appointment after only a short wait, got a tetanus jab and antibiotic prescription and an appointment booked for an x-ray this morning at the local hospital, certainly can’t complain about that service. 
    hospital today wasn’t bad either, they were busy but i was on my way back to work within 90 mins - apparently i’ve chipped the bone but there isn’t any swarf or muck in there, think i’ve been bloody lucky 
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    barefoot reacted to ETCHY in Morris Minor - An Car   
    I'm going off memory & it can be flaky but I think it was a fastener in the middle.
    Or I could be talking shit & you're right 😉😄
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    barefoot reacted to outlaw118 in The grumpy thread   
    Right then, let's start this off with a big, capital letters not-to-be-misunderstood statement.
    What happened at Ringwood the other day was sickening. Two decent old Yanks, trashed by a pair of massive throbbers. 
    To be honest, I don't really care specifically that they were Classic Americans, anyone who nicks a car and races it is a massive cunt. In this specific case, there has been some debate as to whether the Coombs brothers stole them themselves (They run a "vehicle recovery" company comprising of a couple of Smileyface Transits), or whether they bought them off a third party. It matters not. They are either monumentally stupid for not performing any form of due diligence on the cars, or fucking stupid, to the extent of being retarded (yeah, bite me) for stealing them, and then racing them within 30 miles of the scene of the crime.
    One of them had already received a lifetime ban.....yeah that worked well didn't it? I'm not aware of which track issued the ban, but if it wasn't Ringwood, it's meaningless anyway. Even if the Oval Racing Council had banned them, IIRC Ringwood isn't a member anyway. Which brings me to my next piss-boiling point. Allegedly numerous drivers approached staff members at Ringwood to advise that the Brothers Fucknuckle had brought a pair of hooky motors, and they did the princely sum of FUCK ALL about it, waving them through scrutineering, and out onto the track. Due to the damage inflicted on the poor old beasts by actually building them into bangers, it's unlikely that they could have been saved at that point anyway, but at least the rightful owners wouldn't have had to see them getting destroyed by another Herbert in a Jag XJ. The owner/promoter hasn't really taken it seriously either; which is no great surprise. He's a greedy, lying bastard called Craig Somethingorother and runs Swaffam too. I've only been to Ringwood once since he took it over - his favourite trick is to publish fictitious booking lists, saying WOW 100 DRIVERS BOOKED IN ITS GONNA BE EPIC!!!, so you trundle down there, pay your £25 or whatever entrance fee, and there's 35 cars there.  SOZM9 NO REFUNDZ
    If it's any consolation to anyone, one of the drivers has ended up with a couple of broken ribs from the track, and rumour has it that due to the wonders of Teh Interwebz and a total lack of GDPR awareness, their home addresses have been made available, as has the address/location of their yard, so some kind of justice may still be served. 
    I have perused a number of banger forums, and I would suggest that the general consensus is that these two pricks should be dealt with severely, and that most have bemoaned the fact that it's yet another instance of giving the Sport a bad name. A few Scrotes have been whining "Innocent ril proven" type bollocks, but that's to be expected from the more educationally challenged.
    So what's the solution? Realistically there isn't one. The sport needs to tighten up and act faster - Arena Essex got raided a couple of years before it shut and impounded some stuff, but it doesn't happen often enough. Maybe there should be "No V5, no race" rule, but that's not really practical either. Team Outlaw, during my tenure as driver/procurement/teaboy probably bought nigh on 100 cars, and at a guess, we had no more than 10 V5s. Invariably if we bought something off the side of the road, we'd fill in the V5 with the owner, sold to scrap, job done. 
    VIN checks as part of scrutineering? Probably a good idea - especially as the VIN tends to be in at least 2 places on the car, and it should be made clear in the rules 'n' regs that they must be visible for inspection.
    I don't know.
    Anyway, opinions are like arseholes........
    Agreed, on points one and rwo - although there is now a burgeoning "back to basics formula with no built lumps, no welding, minimal prep. And point 3, there's always going to be some utter bellend who weaponises his car for grudge purposes or whatever, but thankfully it's now unusual for over-built stuff to get through scrutineering.
    It would appear so, either stupid thieves, or just stupid.
    Indeed. A Crown? Toyota?! 😄
    @Dick Longbridge
    See above, it may be that the playground laws may prevail before Plod do.
    See my comments above; track officials at this particular venue were/are as much use as tits on a fish. 'Elf and Safety? More tracks have issues with compulsory purchase and NIMBYs than H&S.
    Yarp. As above Shite track run by utter fucknuggets. And it appears that "natural justice" may well be being meted out as we speak...allegedly
    @Low Horatio gearbox
    Indeed. Even without the scruple side of things, you've got to be some kind of idiot not to look at these thing; if a deal is too good to be true.....
    I have done a bit of research on your behalf on a number of forums, and aside of a couple of dicks moaning that nothing's been proven, it's been condemned all round, with some people suggesting a gofundme page or something 
    Anyway, TL:DR fat Essex man defends dying sport, and doesn't care what you think. If you're offended by my views, you can kiss the widest part of my arse.
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    barefoot reacted to Matty in Morris Minor - An Car   
    A40s have rubber inlaid clips that hold the seat back up, that don't grip the lugs anymore after 50 odd years so the seat back folds down at junctions and traffic lights
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    barefoot reacted to Wack in The 2006 4.2 Supercharged Range Rover thread   
    She's a big old bus , interior is really clean , drivers seat not knackered 

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    barefoot reacted to Bfg in Trailer Tent for a small car - home build   
    It's been a looooong time !!
    Mostly due to getting the Triumph back from having it's chassis changed and various other things, and then finding that I had a whole lot of working to do to correct what their mechanic had fouled up !   This in turn led to despondency which took a long time to drag myself out from under, and then finally I've spent the last couple of months making a Surrey top roof for that car. 
    With that done to such a stage where i can now use the car and get on with other thing, combined with my wanting to attend various events in different parts of the country ..and then seeing how few Bed & breakfast had availability in the summer months nearby event venues, ..and the cost of those !!! not least because as I'm so big a single bed really doesn't give me a decent night's sleep, and it's time again to get on and get this trailer tent fit for use. 
    I've asked a local boat cover company to have a look at making the wrap around cover for it ..and from our initial conversation was shocked at the price estimated. Still it's something I want, and if used frequently will pay for itself in short term (compared with even basic hotel room prices). So tomorrow I'm hoping to get the trailer around to that trimmer and to get a cover made. 
    Last week I pulled the trailer out from the back garden where it's been sitting neglected for all these past months.  I gave it a scrub over and cleaned out the spiders and earwigs from within.  The shitty fibreglass that I struggled with because it wasn't curing has now cured ...but is still tacky when rubbed down !  I needed to smooth the inside face of the lid's overlap, so as to not snag and tear the fabric cover I hope to have made for it.  And in cleaning that up with a sanding disc, even though used on a slow speed - I spent more time wire brushing the sticky crud off the disc than actually sanding the surface flat.     I hate this resin. never had such issues before.  Someone has suggested that some fibreglass resin has wax in it which floats to the surface as it cures.  That may be useful for fibreglassing a roof but for what I'm using it for it's more trouble than it worth.
    Aside from that I've reshaped a bimini cover bow that I picked out of the boatyard skip. I used the smaller of the two parts but still it was far too rounded a  shape and 24" too wide.  It's an anodised aluminium tubem with I'm guessing a steel rod inside it, because it  took a lot of effort to straighten the curvature, My 100kg trying to bend it over the raised edge of a paving slab (with a piece of carpet on that to prevent scratching the metal).  I then had to rebend it to a tighter curve, trying to get things symmetrical and to roughly match the curvature of the trailer's body tub . . .

    ^ rebending that bow to fit within the trailer took a whole lot of work.  I must be getting old ! 
    I would have preferred it tighter into the corners but that would have been pushing my luck ..and my knee caps used for bending.  I have to pretend its rounded shape was deliberate ..to allow for the fabric to fold away under it

    ^ I'm impressed that it's size happened to work out usable  ..And almost corresponding to my drawings !     The string illustrates where the cover will hang and the additional headroom I gain by adding the single bow.  That headroom is not important over the bed but it will be over the doorway. 
    Next up., was cut down the jockey wheel's tyre . . .
    ^ don't try this with a pneumatic tyre !     Because the jockey wheel (tyre) was previously too big, and it needing to swivel around under the trailer's chassis, meant that the whole trailer was tilted up at the front and imbalanced.  In turn, this led to the bottom edge of the back of the trailer's body being prone to dig into rough ground.  As you can see I cut quite a chunk of rubber off the tyre with a saw, and then went around again cutting the hard corners off, before using a sanding disc to round the tyre again.   It's amazing how much easier it is to man-handle the trailer now ..chalk and cheese.!   The loop of string is simply a lead to pull it along with ..which is easier than my reaching / bending down to the handle.  It's shape is quite chunky looking but this trailer is all so very small and therefore low. 
    Overall : 32" high (812mm) x 45" (1145mm) wide x 65-3/4" (1670mm) from ball hitch to the very rear ..to be lightweight and neatly tuck in behind Katie.
    ^  I've also fitted the rear lamps I'd bought.  They're repro items for a split-screen VW combi, and are not wired in yet so I've borrowed a light board.  Why is it that when I borrow things - I have to fix them before I can use them ?  ..they just see me coming don't they !  Out of the six filaments in the four bulbs - only one illuminated - duh !  A two minute job turned into two hours.

    ^ and last but not least I added some grease to aid the telescopic action, and some marks, as well as a length of cord - to easily know when the trailer is fully extended. Beforehand., it was inch in and out until I could locate the pin / bolt in the hole to lock it in place.   At the top of this photo you can see an over centre toggle clamp ..also just added, to secure the trailer's-front-half legs, which are also the stays for the hinged lid. 
    And so there we have it. Unfinished but ready to go off for the cover to be made.   I've done series of drawings to explain what I'm hoping to achieve . . .

    That's all for this update, hope to see some progress in a couple more months.  The trimmer has suggested a nine week turn around to make this.  That should get the trailer back to me ready for camping in October ! ??
    Bidding you a good evening.
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    barefoot reacted to Nyphur in The new news 24 thread   
    Thank Christ for that. 

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    barefoot reacted to Timewaster in The new news 24 thread   
    I've had my new daily a couple of weeks now.
    Taking some stuff out to the bin, I look at it and wondered if the little square inserts on the front bumper were headlight washers. 
    To cure my curiosity,  I opened the door, stood outside the car, turned the lights on and washed the windscreen. 
    I can report that Yes, it  does have headlight washers, they are very powerful and the screenwash tastes fucking awful!
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    barefoot reacted to Spurious in The grumpy thread   
    Wee update. It seems the Dooovla are actually doing some work. Spoke to a chap in Swansea this morning who said it was printed this morning (as I didn't need any additional documents) and would be with me in the post Monday probably. Or Tuesday. 
    However. Some kind soul found it in the carpark in Tesco's. Result. Now have a spare driving license, so no harm. Other than paying £20. 
    Nice. Now I'm going to buy a Bluetooth tracker thingamajig for it. 

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    barefoot reacted to Schaefft in Monthly Collection Thread of Joy   
    Plane achieved.
    Also, great display of the evolution of the Transit Connect. How nice of them.

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    barefoot got a reaction from Yoss in The new news 24 thread   
    I keep meaning to mention the retired brain surgeon who lives in the next village. I suspect that he used to experiment on his first wife who was absolutely crackers.  He owns a Bentley Continental Coupé, a Maserati Quattroporte and a Piaggio Ape which he is generally seen pottering about in. I was amongst a long procession of cars following him the other day, when he pulled over to let everyone past by hiding the Ape behind a couple of cones that had been left in the road. It is incredibly slow & looks dreadfully fragile.
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