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  1. Haha
    barefoot reacted to paulplom in The grumpy thread   
    Landlords alternative view.
    We bought a flat for my mother to rent. Got her to pick it as it'll be the place she dies in. Make sure you pick one you're happy with and needs no work doing.
    She picked a decent one on a private estate and it was clean and ready to move in. 
    So far she's had us replace all the doors and windows, full kitchen, new bathroom with shower quadrant instead of  bath, new boiler. And now she's asking for the patio door to be bricked up and a window fitted. She can fuck off.
    Other than the boiler none of the work needed doing. It just wasn't to her style even though she fucking picked the fucking flat. We only charge what the mortgage is too so she's getting an immaculate 2 bedroom flat on a private eatate for not much more than £300 a month.
    Tldr.  ALL tennants are cunts in my experience.
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    barefoot got a reaction from MJK 24 in The new news 24 thread   
    This morning I took my old T2 over to my favourite carburettor man for him to have a fiddle. It was running very, very rich and now it's not running quite so rich. 
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    barefoot reacted to Rust Collector in The grumpy thread   
    He's all good, he's never touched the cooking oil again though and that was about 9 years ago when this happened 😅
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    barefoot reacted to cort16 in The 2006 4.2 Supercharged Range Rover thread   
    it's really not that great a job but better than what it was and I didn't feel like spending £160 quid getting them done properly.
    I did all 4 wheels with 2 tins of wheel paint and 1 tin of lacquer but used every last bit of it.. The lacquer is great and goes on really shiny without blooming and  I used alloy wheel repair filler to get rid of the big digs but it was had to get looking decent.

    Top bodging tip is to paint on this flat stonechip first. It's goes on anything, flashes off quick and is like the worlds thickest filler primer.

  5. Haha
    barefoot reacted to Rust Collector in The grumpy thread   
    This is kind of the crux of it.
    In the second house I rented, my Labrador got up to the kitchen counter one day when I was out and pulled down a 2 litre bottle of vegetable oil, which he burst and then drank. He then vomited and arse blasted oil all over the kitchen, which luckily had a tile floor and I cleaned up without issue. He was fine all evening after that, and I stupidly thought all was well. He looked a bit sorry for himself though and so I let him come and sleep upstairs in the bedroom with me so he was more comfortable. This was error of judgement number one. I was awoken in the early hours to the smell of rancid arse and a sound like chunky soup pouring out a drain. Panic kicked in and I ran over to the dog, grabbed him in a bear hug and ran through the house to the garden with him. This was mistake number two. Instead of just ruining the bedroom carpet, I ruined the upstairs landing, stairway, and downstairs hallway carpets too. I had a vax type thing, but it just couldn't shift the oily poo mixture completely and the carpets were never going to be quite the same again. I went to the local carpet place and had a chat, it turned out that they did the carpets before we moved in and were able to supply the same carpet so that I could replace it like for like. A friend was a carpet fitter so I got him in to do the job as I trusted him to do it right. It cost me several hundred quid to put right, but I couldn't have left it in good conscience as I don't think 'wear and tear' quite covers what happened that night.
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    barefoot reacted to Pieman in The new news 24 thread   
    Nothing to do with me, sorry!
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    barefoot reacted to MattJY in Renault 14 Madness   
    I am. Went to France a few weeks back on a parts run, got two TS interiors, 1.4TS engine and 5 speed brand new bonnet, NSR door, car  engine loom and all the electric windows and locks. Oh and a tinted glass set
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    barefoot reacted to dozeydustman in The new news 24 thread   
    The little independent (I think) in Bognor is quite nice. It’s £3.50, they open and close curtains before the projector starts, have an interval between the cartoon and the film, and the stalls are quite comfortable for a 6ft 5 idiot like me. There is a covered iver organ pit as well in screen 1.
    Needs Pearl & Dean though. And possibly a lady with a torch carrying a tray of half melted ice creams for that classic cinema experience.
    Meanwhile after 5 weeks of 6-day weeks (2 more to go) I’ve had some time to get on here. This coming Saturday  I have a day out with stepdaughter. To a scrapyard.
  9. Haha
    barefoot reacted to andyberg in HMC- new - BMW 330ci convertible   
    Train arrived early 🤣🤣
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    barefoot got a reaction from Wibble in The new news 24 thread   
    Exactly, I don't pay that much to watch fucking adverts & trailers. I want to go in, watch the film without distraction & come home. 
    Obviously I've stopped going.
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    barefoot reacted to Wack in The 2006 4.2 Supercharged Range Rover thread   
    The wheels are a bit of a mess , loads of chips but no corrosion , been looking around at a wheel refurb but £120 a corner won't be happening 
    Just spent an hour with some wet and dry , I'd think maybe 2 hours a wheel would get them good enough for some paint , I've got a photo booth thing big enough to get one wheel in so I think that's how it's going to go , makeshift spray booth and rattle cans 

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    barefoot reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    True.  I went to the cinema a couple of months ago to see the new Top Gun film - thoroughly enjoyed it but all the trailers at the start were for Marvel superhero bollocks.
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    barefoot reacted to Split_Pin in Mouth breather motoring memes   
    Waiting for @barefoot to like this.
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    barefoot reacted to beko1987 in Xsara - MOT Pass 🎊   
    Nope! My phone wouldnt pay for it at first, and I didnt have my wallet on me! Luckily with the phone unlocked it went through, rather than fingerprint from the closed screen.
    It's just what happens when you own £150 20 year old reliable old cheap citroens! You should try it one day
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    barefoot reacted to artdjones in Mouth breather motoring memes   
    It's true about people who name their cars 
  16. Haha
    barefoot reacted to BorniteIdentity in The new news 24 thread   
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    barefoot reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    This is a tremendous 75, runs like a Swiss watch and is in great condition.

    I've had 3 of them, all diesels and the noise is starting to annoy me. Someone I subscribe to on You Tube had just bought a V6 model and it sounds glorious. The way a 75 really should be. I have always felt that the diesel was only offered as an option because they kind of had to, to widen the appeal*.
    I have also concluded that I prefer the looks of the MK1, obviously it's true to Richard Wooley's original sketches.
    There is 0% chance I'm moving away from 75s, but I'm going to scout around for a V6 Connoisseur MK1 before reasonably sorted ones aren't £1500 any more. 
    In the meantime I'll keep this one though, a remapped auto is probably the best setup for diesel.
  18. Sad
    barefoot reacted to stuboy in The new news 24 thread   
    You won't be surprised to realised I've put some more tat on the mondeo

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    barefoot reacted to Jazoli in The new news 24 thread   
    Fuck me Stu have a word with yourself, the stickers are fucking embarrassing, why the fuck would you have a joke about a vagina on your car? your kids get in that car don't they? poor bastards, Grow up man, its fucking tragic.
  20. Haha
    barefoot got a reaction from beko1987 in The grumpy thread   
    I took a Peugeot minibus down to the local specialist to have the air conditioning re-gassed. They phoned me an hour later to tell me that rather than the usual 4-600g of refrigerant, the Boxer holds a full 2 kg. It would therefore cost double £120, did I still want it doing? It's done less than 10,000 miles & I'm not paying. Of course I do!
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    barefoot reacted to Missy Charm in Ford timelord   
    The KLF, for all sorts of reasons, were a product of their time.  1988-1992 wasn't a great period in this country's history: Thatcher's policies really started to bite in working class areas, de-industrialization continued apace, privatization went on, there was a recession, a mortgage crisis, vandalism was cool, Essex-man was found urinating in City gutters, there were new drugs, the ERM collapsed and so it went.  It was grim, back then.  Parts of London started to resemble the Blade Runner set: all decaying concrete, graffiti, run-down shops full of second-hand tellies, clapped out cars belching smoke on the streets and the only respite a cup of tea at a plastic table in a cafe with steamed up windows.  I liked and hated it in equal measure; less safe but more interesting than the plastic fantastic, sensitive and inoffensive vision of town we inhabit now.  But anyway, The KLF provided an ideal soundtrack to those lost, grey days.  What they didn't account for, I suspect, was a desire to escape it all on a magic carpet ride of trashy Dutch disco-pop.  What the people wanted, amongst those serious environs, was to have the fun of high-energy music without the pretentiousness and heavyweight aspirations to serious expression that characterised the late eighties.  Some people still liked it, but they all donned death make-up and went to the Bat Cave.  Thus The KLF served their purpose and became obsolete, in a sense.  
    Almost anyone with a creative vision is a narcissist, for the record.  One has to be.  
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    barefoot reacted to Philmanns in Ford timelord   
    There were others at the time saying “Oh it’s a work of Art now” and “he should have left the paint on it” etc etc. And how it would be worth a fortune now as a Drummond & Cauty artwork. I don’t agree with that one bit. As it stands it is instantly recognisable (to those of a certain age!) as the KLF Ford Timelord, and draws attention accordingly. As some old shitter covered in white paint it’s recognisable to no one , completely defeating the object of its creation in the first place. 
    I wonder how many of those claiming it to be a valuable piece of art, would actually have been willing to pay a fortune for it? None if you ask me 🙂. 

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    barefoot reacted to mitsisigma01 in The new news 24 thread   
    That interior makes old BMW interiors look interesting 😴
  24. Haha
    barefoot reacted to Sham in 2003 C5 exclusiveness!   
    Looks like the parking sensors need adjusting. 
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    barefoot got a reaction from BorniteIdentity in The new news 24 thread   
    That's not a downside.
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