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  1. Whatever happened to the 60hp family estate car? One of these might be nice but they're an awful lot of money and I'd need to drive one before I committed, because they could be brilliant or the worst shite ever to drop out of a Japanese arsehole. Failing that, an HC with its distinctive whine wouldn't go amiss.
  2. I found a Makita battery powered angry grinder without a battery hidden in the long grass nest to a padlocked stable yard gate. 1. It didn't have a battery and neither did I. And 2, I couldn't be trusted with such a tool, so I gave it to my favourite mechanic in exchange for potential discounts.
  3. https://motornewsmagazine.com/news/the-rover-75-had-both-fwd-and-rwd-plus-bmw-z1-suspension/
  4. So much for reading half arsed American motoring articles on the interweb!
  5. Isn't the rear suspension Z1?
  6. A shiny pound coin says you never ever buy a TX anything.
  7. I had one of these as a courtesy car for a week and it was fine. As you say, a bit basic but not the worst thing I've ever driven.
  8. Have we had this lowered Streetwise? https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/rover-streetwise/1472094125 https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/rover-streetwise/1472094125[/img]
  9. Update, the Rover was collected the following morning by my favourite mechanic who tested the car and was totally unable to get the fan to run. The relay was fucked, but as he took hold of the fan it came away in his hands. I now have a new radiator, uprated fan and relay, supplied apparently by a Rover specialist in deepest darkest Wales. Contact details will follow. The car was tested for signs of HGF and passed with flying colours. The fair wife is happy again.
  10. Chap across the road has a new eco steer. He's planning to use it as a local delivery vehicle for his shop. It'll be sign written 'Johnsons rapid response ' and will have a sound system to play 'bat out of hell'. Hes a lovely bloke.
  11. Plus eleventy - DIY - Don't Involve Yourself.
  12. I thought Direct Line were good, until they stopped quoting for anything over 20 years old.
  13. Fuck that, tell me about breakfast.
  14. What about your breakfast though?
  15. Sadly no. As the fair wife had had more than enough!
  16. Burrows recovery bloke, who's apparently owned a couple of Connies thought it was the bottom hose. He currently owns a maxi and a wolsley 2200!
  17. Broke down at 16:53, finally finished reporting the breakdown to Autoaid at 17:17 and home at 19:10
  18. That'll be the first thing I'll ask her for when she eventually gets back home on this bitterly cold night...
  19. The fair wife has broken down in the Rover 75 on the M1 in heavy traffic between 25 & 24. Autoaid have been called and charged her £25. I wonder how soon they'll get there... I'll be looking for a replacement car as her trust in it will be gone.
  20. Buy her a ticket in exchange for a cheeky gobble? You've made a reasonable fist of breakfast by the way.
  21. Are you joking? You are clearly not one of us.
  22. I understand that the KV6 and Jatco baderbox will bolt almost straight in with minimal fabrication.
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