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  1. And OMGHGF! That's a bit of a bastard. Split on him last night apparently. When asked for a price to repair, he said I could leave it with him. But it might not get done before Xmas. Hmm, I'm not saying that's a bit shit but... mg-rovermobilemechanics.com I'm off to speak to a bloke called Steve who regularly tears apart Audi V8s.
  2. My Rover 75 has been running cool with a higher than expected tickover, so I took it to a specialist. He switched on the ignition, pumped the pedal 5 times, counted to 10, switched it off and fired it up. Tickover sorted! The errant temp gauge is caused by a split in a hose by the bleed nipple right in the centre ov the V. That won't be sorted quite so quickly, but I've left the car with him...
  3. My kid brother has been banging on for ages about having bought tickets to see Bob Dylan. It turns out that Bob's tour is currently moving across North America and Cambridge corn exchange will be hosting Dylan, 23 year old electro pop artist, Natasha Woods. Nob
  4. If it's of any interest to anyone, we once saw a dark coloured Shadow & caravan combination on a site in the New Forest. The van was nothing exotic, just a relatively elderly single axle caravan. Thinking about it now, I'd imagine that it was practically effortless to tow behind such a large engined car.
  5. Paul & Mike's sports cars.
  6. Surely you read my post some months ago about being escorted from Halfords whilst pointing at my Scirocco and exclaiming, 'of course that's not a fucking 02 plate Billy, you buffoon'.
  7. Honestly, it's like when I named my girls, from left to right: Willy the white car, Olly the orange van, Billy the blue car and of course Suzy the silver shit heap. Christ, the grief I had trying to get parts.
  8. You can probably get a replacement door from PM Sportscars in Shardlow. 01332 799217
  9. I'm curious to know what a Kei car is really like to drive in the UK. Are these the real deal with the 660cc engine, the CVT box & AC? Please write up a proper road test style review.
  10. I doubt it was the speed, was it the ludicrously short wheelbase, its three wheeleryness, or the proximity to the ground that caused the fears? I still remain a little curious, I'd be very grateful if you could upload a scan on here, or to me via PM.
  11. I'm pretty sure that I read on the interweb that an indicated (and therefore presumably 100% accurate) 92 mph was achieved. Certainly, there's now a couple of web references to 92 mph, which will helpfully begin to show up in google searches before long.
  12. It was a long time ago and I can't prove it but i once saw an indicated 92 from a courtesy ac70 when I took my Cobra back to the dealer for a service.
  13. Went back again today and paid my respects properly. If I'm honest, the food wasn't as good as yesterday...
  14. I've just been to a funeral, a chap called Graham Barrett. I'm fucked if I know who he was because I went to the right place, at the right time but on the wrong day. It's not really good form to walk out halfway through is it? So I had to meet the family, do the old friend from school bollocks and say what a nice service it had been. Bizarrely not one single mourner mentioned my total lack of foot wear. Back again tomorrow then...
  15. A Toyota Corolla touring sports for me please, that should see me out. And in 1994 I bought a 7 year old 944S (the one in my sig) for £7,000 plus a Cavalier 2, so I suppose with the extra £18,000 you're offering, I'd have been able to afford a 2/3 year old 964 which would have been even more fucking costly to run over the following 30 years.
  16. This morning I have a courtesy car whose controls are so light, it's like playing a video game.
  17. I was also with DL for years until they stopped insuring cars older than 20 years.
  18. Presumably been brought down for mot. I can't remember the last time I saw one in the wild. I'd have put it off until tomorrow when it stops raining.
  19. I didn't know that, but my mother in law insists on paying through the nose for Panadol claiming 'nothing else works'.
  20. Or a Wankel engined CX with a CVT box? I understand the difficulty there is just a question of having enough tissues to mop up all the green fluid.
  21. How about a mid engined 1303 on a 914 floorpan? Apparently once you've removed the rear seat it's just four bolts.
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