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  1. The five are abroad... Well, just the four then.
  2. Me either, my usual place tells me it's fucked, I buy a new one and take the punctured one to SB. Its either repairable or its not.
  3. No idea, give him a ring and ask him.
  4. The bloke with the vulcaniser tells me he can repair anything as long as its not 'right on the bead'.
  5. Take the tyre off the rim and take it to a proper repairer. Tractor tyres and lorry tyres aren’t scrapped for a minor injury like that. I use SB tyres in Coalville 07914 820229.
  6. SFQ, but if you set the tappets, and then reset them every 1,500 miles or whatever, do they quieten down and stay quiet? Chrysler Alpines etc weren't rattly when they were new were they?
  7. But only because I already own a Rover 75. Well bought, Sir.
  8. Sorry to be thick chaps, but what's this?
  9. Me too, I can't believe that it was 17 years ago when I uploaded this little film. Never made a fucking penny from it.
  10. Good to see this thread continuing and if you want me to firebomb the half arsed trimmer, please send pm.
  11. It erects and packs away in moments and the camper is just as uncluttered as if you've an awning, ready for travel or just chilling out when you'll be able to see out of the windows. Take an awning and before you know it you'll be taking stuff specifically to put in it. At peak awning we had a fucking bookcase!
  12. Hot tip from T2 owner; don't use an awning, instead take a pop up tent & chuck all of your stuff into it as soon as you arrive.
  13. I seem to have to blip my carburettor fed Scirocco to keep the engine spinning and ready to go. Perhaps I'm a twat.
  14. It's her nipples, see my other wicked lady thread disruption.
  15. This was back in the last century before the intergoogle became all powerfull. We didn't know what we were getting into.
  16. re: driving 600 miles in one day. We drove down to le cap d'Agde in our bay window and divided the journey into 3 X 300 mile sections. The VW has a similar 4 speed box and cruises happily at a not too dissimilar 55 mph... And we were absolutely fucking fucked when we got there.
  17. What about breakfast? I'll not get a wink of sleep...
  18. In my Scirocco, I tend to use the headlights much more than is actually required, just to ensure that other folk can see a grey/silver car that's just 1, 300cm tall. On the other hand. I love parking it at Sainsbury where I can tuck it right back into a space between two monster suvs where it becomes totally invisible to people looking for a parking spot.
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