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  1. Not eBay specials, but not overly expensive, the bloody problem is I’ve had them for about 12 months kicking about before I got them sorted. I’m sure they’d have had the wheels off to do the job, just for ease. The mechanic did say they were soft rubber, and not to expect more than a couple of years out of them. I’ve priced up poly bushes, £150 for bits. I’m tempted I really am.
  2. I’ve been looking at the new MG HS, what a bloody car for the money, honestly it’s absolutely fantastic. I test drove one a couple of weeks ago and was not disappointed In the slightest. The reason for my rambling? My bloody Honda which has been my most favourite car, most useful, most used, most faithful, most reliable car I’ve ever owned is still bastard clunking ☹️ Suspension arm rubber appears to have separated, I know they weren’t expensive but I’d have expected more than the 550 miles I’ve done. The rubber is also shredded on the balljoint. Overall I’m having a grump
  3. I’d have honestly thought you’d get more than 45 out of the civic, regularly get that from my CRV loaded up? Mega MPG you need to be looking at 206 1.4 hdi, 207 1.6hdi, easy 65 mpg out of mine. Our modus does 47 knocking about and again 65 when we get it on a run.
  4. Picked this back up from the garage today, they had a *fun time swapping the rear shocks, I’ve read that it can be a bit of a bastard. Also swapped the front suspension arm rubbers, he said the balljoints were fine so didn’t change them. It’s 100% better, and it’s no longer knocking and cluncking over every bump and lump
  5. There is a ongoing theme with when i service the Honda, and it ties in with going on Holidays! We had grand plans, like many, this year, and many thousands of pounds have been spent on holidays that we are waiting to get back. We are assured that Virgin are in the process of sending our money back. We have however also booked to go to DLP - Disney Land Paris, this weekend, normally we'd drive in and have an afternoon around Paris etc, but we have opted to do the Eurostar down, this takes us straight into the station at DLP. I still have to drive down to London so with this in mind I cra
  6. this was being broken a couple of months ago, the guy reckoned there's 3k worth of parts, I dont see it myself. after many messages he said he'd sell if for about 2.5k. now up for 1400. which i reckon is about is true value.
  7. After the amount of complete and utter twats That have been on the roads recently I welcome more police on the roads, sadly it’s not actual police patrolling the roads that we will get just speed traps. The real problem is the utter morons doing 50-60 around residential streets, tailgating and overtaking on double whites on blind bends.
  8. Ohh that mini sounds tempting
  9. stephen01


    Purchased this from Amazon, £25, delivered. I've had a quick look at it and it seems well made. I've ordered it as I've started work on my Herald and have been jacking it up with the Jack from my CRV.
  10. We have a very expensive holiday for August, at the moment I’m just waiting for it to be cancelled due to Covid-19, also have a chuck of dollars that we won’t be able to spend!
  11. Fantastic, looks like a good un. looking forward to the updates !
  12. It means that the garage didn't get the work, and this is his way of proving a point. As for the woman, well. Not that I'd be able to afford his services but I'd 100% let MrB at any of my cars, welding or mechanicals.
  13. How many people are now thinking about buying a Z4? ?
  14. Hand your bonus money to a trusted friend, run your current ZX until it dies, just chuck some oil in, scrap when it breaks for £100, scrap money plus bonus money = buy new car from here. The last 3 years I've had 5 cars put 4 through MOT's , scrapped 1, I've sold 4, while I'm not making money on them my loss on each car is only a couple of hundred quid, not bad really.
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