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  1. Daughter passed her driving test yesterday - sorted insurance, which was £1000 😬paid, money left the bank, error on the website, need to call, no emails or owt and they don't open until 10:00am. \still daughter is very happy that she'll soon be on the road!
  2. My C4 is the opposite - sitting at 60-62 sees 70mpg, 70mph+ and it drops to around the 55 mpg mark. My boss has an new A5 and that a regular 70MPG. His road tax is near £500 though..
  3. After not using the car since it had the clutch and the fact I had to sorn it because no MOT and dvla were sending me letters about it, I thought I really need to get off my arse and get it booked in for the tyres and MOT, battery was dead as anything, didn’t even want to unlock the car and no lights on dash whatsoever ever. After pushing the bloody thing off the drive and failing to bump start it, my road is pretty flat. I had to call out RAC to hook up a booster pack, wife’s Citroen the battery is inaccessible and the little Chevy while it gave it some dash lights etc it was just no where near man enough to start the Honda, no surprise really as it’s only a 1 litre and the battery is probably half the size of the Honda. Rac turned up, booster pack connected and away I went for my new tyres. I’ve been driving 20 years and I’ve never had 4 new tyres all at the same time. Kept the best as a spare. Really pleased to have a full set of matching tyres back on the car. Car was dead at the garage again and had to hook the tyre fitters car to jump start it! FFS. Back home and connected the battery charger up and left it for about 18 hours and it’s been okay today. £35 diesel, or as I like to call it 1/4 a tank and I dropped it off for its MOT. success! Also no more Christmas MOT’s. like fuck I’m taxing it until the first of July, already paid for a good 4 months just to be safe if I needed to put it in the road. Cleaned it and back on the drive. here’s to a happy 12 months motoring.
  4. So it's been a very very expensive week, the Honda finally got booked in for a new clutch, DMF, rear pads, discs, Callipers and a Track rod. I also had a pipe welded in after the Cat was nicked. Next on the list is a set of new tyres - may go for a full set of 4 and keep the best of the 4 crap ones as a spare and tracking! Christ - I'm not even going to start to add up how much this lot has cost me, for a car that has no current MOT and 207k.
  5. A couple of months ago I nabbed the Chevy spark that was for sale here - today we have success! New brake lines will be done in the coming weeks / months. I'm really glad it's up and running, minus the missfire now!, as the Honda has been taken of the road while it waits it's turn in the garage for new clutch, flywheel, full cat back stainless steel exhaust, new rear callipers and anything else they find wrong with it.
  6. Ordered and shall pay from work pc tomorrow
  7. I'll take one as always. Thanks
  8. I'd say a lot of people on here have been in the same position, myself included. I've had my Herald for over 10 years now, I keep saying I'm going to spend time and money on it, but i can always find 'better' things to spend my time and money on. I've been told many times i should sell it, give it to a better home, but it costs me zero ££ per month to keep. Thankfully now it's in a *dry garage, but this is away from home and means I do sort of have to 'book in' to visit and work on it. I do have keys to the garage and 24 hour access if i want. Personally unless you need the money I'd keep - you could put a time line on it, say 6 months if it's still not on the road back up for sale. maybe the push you need to get it back into action. - also surely up and running with a bit of rattle can action it'd be worth a few more quid?
  9. I feel like we should invite this chap over here, sounds like he'd fill pages and pages of the Forum with his work keeping his old pug on the road. would 100% read. Brilliant advert also - sincerely hope this chap is not messed about selling his motor.
  10. Had two auto green sport chaser on the front of the CRV, done some very very wet trips to Scotland and pushed on with them and always found them to behave very well, they now need changing and last time I checked I couldn’t get my size, 215/65/16 from national
  11. But don’t have too much credit that you’re not using, a few years ago I had a crazy amount of availability on credit cards, not maxed out, I had a couple I’d not used for a while and was advised to close them by our bank when sorting our mortgage out a few years ago.
  12. I think, more than happy to be proven wrong, that the MOT tester is wrong, doesn't look like a Minibus or coach to me?
  13. But if it’s genuine, I’m coming home in a mini tomorrow 🤣
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