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  1. the simple fact is not everyone want's or needs a garage, and I'll be frank here if I had a garage, well I did and it was full of old car and crap, I'd just see it as an extra place to keep more old cars. My herald has spent 10 years outside, it's very sad but I do genuinely love the car even if it looks a little unloved!
  2. Decent yard is Mainline, they had a tidy volvo 340gl in last week, the guy said it was one owner low mileage, it had already sold. Honestly it looked cracking.
  3. This is the reason I'd never sell a car or anything for that matter to family, not that they'd be seen dead in one of my 'old' shitters! OP - decent motor these. We nearly had on on the knock years ago as a family car..
  4. lol, my old van was the same, full or empty did the same also seemed to be as fast to 60 regardless of how much weight was in the back.
  5. I'm just shocked this does 25MPG! good luck with your French trip, I'll keep my eyes out for you..
  6. Wish I had a spare £800 as this would be a great project,
  7. Treated the Honda to 5 and a 1/2 litres of fresh 5w30 oil, new oil and air filter the weekend. approx. 192k. For anyone that reads this, we've had a 'clunk' while driving for what seems like an age, after having the car checked again the rear ant roll bar seem to be past their best, nothing flagged up at MOT's but I've ordered two new ones and will try and get these fitted before holiday starts on Friday.
  8. We were due to have our windows and doors fitted this Friday, spent a fair bit of time getting quotes etc, making sure we have a decent spec on them etc, had a call from the window place this morning and they have gone bump, no great shake to me as I've not paid them any money up front but feel for the people and owners of the place. I did ask if they'd had the windows etc made as I would have paid for them and got a local fitter to do the fitting for me.. he's 99% sure they have not been made.
  9. Stupid fucking track rod on the Peugeot, I can’t remove the lock but for love nor money, it’s stuck. Wd40, even a bit of gentle heat and whacking it with my hammer still sees it stuck. Grrrr, I really don’t want to have to put it back together and take it down to the mechanic to sort.. any advise?
  10. This was a big factor when I sold one of my heralds. Thankfully the new owner started work on it straight away and is really cracking on. I like changing, don't like selling, Long term is the honda, 7 years now, the C4 before that was about 3 or 4 years, but these are our main family car, in the last 2 years I've had 7 cars! the 207 is the newest car I've had for my self and one of the best!
  11. You’ve had a complete and utter bargain with that old stock set. My luck they’d send me a set worse than the one ordered!
  12. Small update, The nut remover from Screwfix is by far the best £13 I've spent on tools lately. Cracked it off with zero issues. Once the EGR was unbolted I still had to move another bracket that was in the way of the EGR coming out! Thankfully this was just 3 more 12mm bolts. New alternator slotted in, and bolted up, belt back on and the other million nuts and bolts and we have a running car again. Total time spent is probably 5 - 6 hours, FFS, but I reckon I could do it in half that now I know where and how things go. I'm sure it's in my mind but the car does seem much quieter while running. This is the only picture I have from the swap, hats off to you good folk who work on cars, take pictures & document it for us all to read,
  13. Well the YouTube videos clearly tell lies, 'I'll just wiggle' this out, utter utter bollocks. the alternator is free from the car in the sense it's no longer connected to the car but it's well and truly trapped , radiator off would be helpful, but there's still a A/C pipe in the way, I think my easiest option is to remove the EGR valve and pipe, started to take this off last night and managed to round a nut, picking up this later https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-bolt-nut-remover-set-6-pcs/6083d#product_additional_details_container very very good reviews so hopefully I'll have it off and get the alternator taken to be refurbished.
  14. it's the diesel, it died the weekend, nearly 7 years and my actual 1st ever FTP, Started okay and then as I rolled back about 5 various fault lights lit up, thought I'd just do the old windows reset, turn it off and on again, dead. Started taking bits off to get to the alternator yesterday, what a pain in the arse. I think I need to buy some extra long spanners, 12mm for the bottom brackets, you can just about get to them from under the car, but not enough to get any purchase on to crack the bolt. I can see why garages have quoted over £300 for the job, I can also see why decent cars get scrapped for a couple of jobs.
  15. I’d 100% have a 2.0, 5 pot estate again in a heart beat, i should have have jumped at his Brava he was selling, I just did t have the cash at the time. Give it a couple of years and there’ll be none of these around,
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