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  1. Fiat Boo was my first real forum that I was a member of, used to go to meetings and everything, I’m pretty sure I still have my members card somewhere! The place was a beehive of activity about 15 years ago! Used to be a single page, like the old autoshite layout. good times
  2. I honestly thought that *joke was going to fall flat on it's arse!
  3. when is it for sale?? 😀
  4. You'll know if it's giving you trouble from the screeching it'll make - ask me how i know! You'll have to remove the cam cover to access it and then its a couple of bolts holding it on, but if it's been looked after then it should give you no trouble.
  5. The more i think about this the more i want it, and I've not seen it.
  6. If you don’t want it for £200 I do! Serious. 1.4 were notorious for the oil feed clogging and starving the camshaft of oil and them wearing out very quickly! But who care for £200!
  7. Very tempted to fit these to the CRV the £450 is putting me off a little* and I know as soon as I drop that much money on tyres someone will ram into me 🤣
  8. That’s cheap that, I already have oil for the little C1 and the Honda, ready for the next service and no room to keep any more oil.
  9. I’ve been very tempted to buy a compressor and spray gun to do the final top coat. I was tempted to go all modern and paint it Renault flame red. loved this colour when it came out on the clio, not sure it would look right on a 50 year old herald mind. Also really fancy an old English white roof and wheels. My biggest concern is leaving something in primer for ‘x’ amounts of weeks / months and it just starting to rust underneath. I think I found those masks, not mega money really so will probably invest in one in any case regardless of what paint I use.
  10. I'm going to break the 'secret' part here, I matched @inconsistant and posted your amazing* gift out on the 21st December, First class signed for! I'm miffed at my self here as I can't find the bloody royal mail receipt to follow it up, It may be at home, I'll check when I head back at lunch. I know the secret part is out the window but the present will be a surprise! I've just checked and amazingly it's in stock from a 2nd hand seller so I've ordered it for you, much better than the 40 odd mile round trip last time & half price of what I paid 😄
  11. A couple of weeks ago i removed the brake master cylinder ready for a refurb. It was seized solid after not having any brake fluid in it for the best part of 5 years maybe. I managed to free it up and remove the very rusty piston. The retaining clip here is the new one, it was that manky the original one had disintegrated and was no where to be found. Cleaned up with new rubbers. All refitted and the main body given a decent cleaning, took me a good couple of hours with cleaning everything up. I need a new cap as this one is not giving me
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