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  1. I do love a marea / brava. Had several over the years, the 5 pot 2.0l is still one of my favourite engines, slow and thirsty by modern standards but a hoot to drive just for the noise.
  2. I very much enjoy driving a modern car, so light, so easy, so helpful with all the gadgets. Adaptive cruise control - brilliant, actually love it, cruse set, let it take you away, brakes, accelerates etc all on its own. crawls in traffic also, first time i used it it was strange, but I'd 100% spec it on a new car. Auto main beams, even turns back to dipped beam if it 'sees' an oncoming car. again great feature.
  3. Yeah both cars will be brand new. I'm 99% sure he'll go with an untethered option. Thanks
  4. I love the direction you've gone with the electric videos, a serious question. My MIL is taking delivery of a nissan leaf this month and the FIL is looking at a Tesla or Merc EQC, what home charger would you recommend? @Kiltox
  5. Last week while on holiday, I received an email stating my delivery had been sent out with a screw pack! Thankfully it was held at the post office for me. A tiny bag of screws about the size of a childs hands came in a pretty big box all the way from Germany. Just over a month from initial email to customer service.
  6. I was sent about 40-50 pics of this place about a month ago, I'd have loved to take a walk around and just absorb all the smell and splendour of the place.
  7. Absoualtly no worries at all, I have a pipe dream of a diesel Herald, touring Europe running on Veg 😄I have very little mechanical experience though so by the time i actually get around to this it may well just have been the oily bits left as the rest would have rusted away!
  8. It sounds like a friggin great idea 😁
  9. seems this is going to a good home, however if it does come up for sale can i put my hat in the ring!
  10. Kitchen aid dont actually sell this in the UK direct, so Kitchen aid were as much use as a chocolate fire guard. I've emailed a customer service for the place that supplied it, noting back as of yet. I shall give it the weekend and then chase again.
  11. Purchased a expensive BBQ the other day, only to find that it's missing 50 screws/ bolts. No issue i thought I'll just buy some, NOPE. not a chance. the BBQ is for the americian market, Kitchen Aid, and the screws some are UNC, some are god knows what. the guy at west brom fasteners, who have been in business for many years, couldn't pin down what the one was, the size is 5/32-32 x 5/32 with no thread description etc. I think it's a BSW thread, but the other is a UNC thread. why would they mix them like that? I could have taken this back, but i had the very last one that was for sale across all the stock. and i very much like the look & quality of it, so i shall have to put google to good use and order a range of screws and see what works!
  12. So glad you had found the nearest petrol station! It’s a nice straight drive tbf, already missed it on the drive at home. Good news for the engine light!
  13. Heard this on the radio on teh way bac k to the office, checked my mini and takes the offer to £900, gutted as I've said my brother can have it!
  14. love it, just watched it on my lunch. 37 miles range - perfect. Also would be bloody great in my herald! 😂
  15. I'll have to watch the electric vid later, I love the idea of a shite electric car, I work 4 miles from home and with a new MG HS family car on the way I'm starting to think long and hard about splashing the cash on my CRV to make it perfect, It'll be lucky to do 4k a year from the end of this month as all holiday duties etc will fall onto the main family car. Shite electric car would be ideal. @KiltoxIf you'd not already had some interest in this I'd like to throw my cap into the ring when you come to move it on.
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