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  1. It wasnt pulled down it was demolished, without consent, theres videos on facebollox and thousands of pictures. I visited yesterday with my family, heartbreaking.
  2. The previous landlord had a real passion for the pub, genuinely wanted to make it a going concern. I doubt we’ll ever know who was responsible for it, but I know people will fight against any planning on this site now. They don’t make them like this anymore! Tuff old girl still standing.
  3. Yeah, sold to a private buyer, much speculation as to who it has been sold to, no one actually knows. This happed to another local pub, the one my wife and I had our wedding reception in ironically, less than a mile from this place, it’s recently been knocked down and planning has been approved. At least they made it look less suspicious than this and screwed it over, over the course of a few years. The crocked house is not only a local icon but an international one. Brilliant pub in the wrong area sadly.
  4. A local pub which has been in the news a lot recently, local and national, spontaneously burst into flames last night, built in 1765. I remember standing in the grounds with my arms around my now wife asking if she’d be my girlfriend under the fireworks on bonfire night when we were 16. And more recently our daughter working behind the bar and having a pint on a Sunday lunch.
  5. This was on my local Facebook, asked a few questions as genuinely interested, listing was pulled. area of listed auction is close to the Facebook ad, could he the same guy, maybe someone looking to sell it on, watched 😁
  6. I’ve had a few hours bodging this back together, and that’s just what I’m doing, bodging it back together, the wife says it must be presentable if it’s to live in the drive, fair enough. I don’t have the time or money to do what I really want to do to this car, which is a full restoration, which has just been a good excuse for the last 10 years of doing nothing with it. So I must now do something with it so I can use it and it’s got to look half decent. I got the callipers back on, new flexible hoses, went to look for the brake master cylinder that I rebuilt and I can’t find it for love nor money, I had my hands on it a few months ago and I was confidant I knew where it was, I may end up buying a new one as this is a sure fire way for me to find it! Talking about the bodges, I know this is not the way to do it, but time is of the essence and budget is limited. Buzzed off the rust bubbles and surprise surprise we have a few holes, remember when I mentioned the word bodge? Out comes the Alu mesh and body filler 🫣 before I slapped on the filler I gave it a slathering of Krust. similar story along the bottom edge and bottom of the door. here’s one I did earlier! I’m torn between how to do the finish coat, I have a litre of red and blue paint and I’m half tempted to mix these together and see what type of purple I get, I have a compressor and spray gun, I’m half decent with a can and the last time I used a spray gun 20 odd years I got a very good finish. I’m just aware I’ll have to do a ‘proper’ spray in one go whereas I could do a bit at a time with rattle cans.
  7. Unsurprisingly my SIL wants her garage back, it was only mean to be short term while I got the herald ready for the road, as I've not been down to see it for 2 years I can see why she wants me to move it. This is not great for me as it's in no position to be moved and in a worse state than when I moved it back in 2021. I do have some holiday I can use to go and throw it back together, but I have very limited funds ATM to throw at it. Oh well. I think my plan is now to get it roadworthy and use it over the summer. I may end up selling it next year as I don't have inside storage and I'm not sure how long it'll last outside.
  8. On the off chance is anyone near Perranporth that could collect a Facebook item and post out to me? thanks
  9. You'd hope, but he's taken the lazy approach, 4 sockets fitted , minimal cable used and zero time spent = max profits.
  10. Did you tell him where you wanted them? I gave a mate of a mate a hand doing a rewire last year, no plans or owt and the customer was not on hand to ask where they wanted sockets, switches etc. It was a bit of a fuck up really, small bedroom - 'two sockets, 1 light switch'
  11. I had a brief glance at the paperwork last night, new pads and disks about 6 months ago with a labour charge for stripping and cleaning calipers, I think he cleaned them up with sea water. New calipers have been ordered along with oil, air filters and I'll pick up some oil local.
  12. collection didn’t start brilliantly as the battery was completely flat, and I couldn’t push it to bump it, I really tried but it was having non of it. When I insured it I took out the one with breakdown and upgraded the cover just in case. Fired straight up and I’m sure the two hundred mile trip has put some charge back into it. Seller was mortified it didn’t start and offered to pay for a new battery, the battery is only 6 months old so I’m sure it just needed a good run! Even with a power bank I needed some extra juice for my phone so got utterly screwed for a usb cig adapter. £10, really! I suspose they have a captive audience. just over 200 miles and apart from the sticky caliper, I’m assuming it’s the piston as it slides enough to be free enough to drive but any braking locks it back up and it’s time to pull over and free it back up 😂 Got to be honest I was pooping my self going 170 miles on the motorway! having not driven a micra for 20 years this was an utter delight, plenty power, sits happy at 70 on the motorway something about the simplicity of the car has me smitten. No electric windows, no central locking. Simple dash and a pretty radical design for the time especially given what it replaced, a design which has stood the test of time. Initial inspection apart from the battle scars it’s an honest clean car. Just clicked onto 67500 miles. It now my oldest car and my lowest mileage. Made it to college for 5:20, and just rocked up back home. Need food and bed been up since Sunday morning 🥱 Bestest friends!
  13. Slow, sticky brake is very sticky. Pulled over to have 15 mins and also buy a usb lighter charger, thought I’d packed mine but I’ve picked up an actual socket😂 also had to do an emergency fitting of the radio.
  14. 30 mins to kill ready before my last coach
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