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  1. Ordered and shall pay from work pc tomorrow
  2. I'd say a lot of people on here have been in the same position, myself included. I've had my Herald for over 10 years now, I keep saying I'm going to spend time and money on it, but i can always find 'better' things to spend my time and money on. I've been told many times i should sell it, give it to a better home, but it costs me zero ££ per month to keep. Thankfully now it's in a *dry garage, but this is away from home and means I do sort of have to 'book in' to visit and work on it. I do have keys to the garage and 24 hour access if i want. Personally unless you need the money I'd keep - you could put a time line on it, say 6 months if it's still not on the road back up for sale. maybe the push you need to get it back into action. - also surely up and running with a bit of rattle can action it'd be worth a few more quid?
  3. I feel like we should invite this chap over here, sounds like he'd fill pages and pages of the Forum with his work keeping his old pug on the road. would 100% read. Brilliant advert also - sincerely hope this chap is not messed about selling his motor.
  4. Had two auto green sport chaser on the front of the CRV, done some very very wet trips to Scotland and pushed on with them and always found them to behave very well, they now need changing and last time I checked I couldn’t get my size, 215/65/16 from national
  5. But don’t have too much credit that you’re not using, a few years ago I had a crazy amount of availability on credit cards, not maxed out, I had a couple I’d not used for a while and was advised to close them by our bank when sorting our mortgage out a few years ago.
  6. I think, more than happy to be proven wrong, that the MOT tester is wrong, doesn't look like a Minibus or coach to me?
  7. But if it’s genuine, I’m coming home in a mini tomorrow 🤣
  8. Yes, by loads, phoned left a message, it’s either a scam listing or the seller doesn’t know what’s it’s worth,
  9. I’d just love to bring that back to its former glory.
  10. What a great read, only just come across this thread, brilliant.
  11. Found a box of old cars in our loft earlier, most are from my older brothers and from the 70’s & 80’s. They are well played with and have been passed onto my son, we put them away about 4 years ago when we moved.
  12. I’m hoping so, I’m very tempted to just have a ‘decat’
  13. Been out and done about 10 miles, all seems fine* in the sense of no lights etc, and drives as normal.
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