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  1. You’ve had a complete and utter bargain with that old stock set. My luck they’d send me a set worse than the one ordered!
  2. Small update, The nut remover from Screwfix is by far the best £13 I've spent on tools lately. Cracked it off with zero issues. Once the EGR was unbolted I still had to move another bracket that was in the way of the EGR coming out! Thankfully this was just 3 more 12mm bolts. New alternator slotted in, and bolted up, belt back on and the other million nuts and bolts and we have a running car again. Total time spent is probably 5 - 6 hours, FFS, but I reckon I could do it in half that now I know where and how things go. I'm sure it's in my mind but the car does seem much quieter while running. This is the only picture I have from the swap, hats off to you good folk who work on cars, take pictures & document it for us all to read,
  3. Well the YouTube videos clearly tell lies, 'I'll just wiggle' this out, utter utter bollocks. the alternator is free from the car in the sense it's no longer connected to the car but it's well and truly trapped , radiator off would be helpful, but there's still a A/C pipe in the way, I think my easiest option is to remove the EGR valve and pipe, started to take this off last night and managed to round a nut, picking up this later https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-bolt-nut-remover-set-6-pcs/6083d#product_additional_details_container very very good reviews so hopefully I'll have it off and get the alternator taken to be refurbished.
  4. it's the diesel, it died the weekend, nearly 7 years and my actual 1st ever FTP, Started okay and then as I rolled back about 5 various fault lights lit up, thought I'd just do the old windows reset, turn it off and on again, dead. Started taking bits off to get to the alternator yesterday, what a pain in the arse. I think I need to buy some extra long spanners, 12mm for the bottom brackets, you can just about get to them from under the car, but not enough to get any purchase on to crack the bolt. I can see why garages have quoted over £300 for the job, I can also see why decent cars get scrapped for a couple of jobs.
  5. I’d 100% have a 2.0, 5 pot estate again in a heart beat, i should have have jumped at his Brava he was selling, I just did t have the cash at the time. Give it a couple of years and there’ll be none of these around,
  6. I had to say something, We have been greeted with the battery light on the last couple of days and the alternator sounds like a super charger from a cooper S, out with the volt meter and we seem to not be getting any charge @ the battery. still had a 20 mile drive home with the trailer. I suspect the alternator bearings as every now and then it stops grumbling and we have charge! the alternator is buried on this engine, cant just be nice and accessible..
  7. I've never had any success with replies from Leboncoin. looks amazing really.
  8. My car is mainly one colour, I’m sure my neighbours love me especially given the fact I did this on the road. Not to bad considering it was about an hours work..
  9. I'll get in quick and ask for a random, fully expecting this to be sold today though.
  10. I've never driven one, and probably wont, but I do think these are lovely to look at, I'd love to see this just lightly restored.
  11. All the carpet went back in last month, Much better and the floor seems to be dry still, thankfully. it's needed new front shocks for a while now, these just seem stupid expensive but I managed to get two TRW's from https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/ for a reasonable sum, so I had two new springs also! All fitted and it now feels like a new car. while I was on a roll I had two new front tyres as they were not great. Opted for 'Autogreen' tyres purchased from https://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/ and fitted by national tyres. I've been having tyres fitted by national for years and never really had an issue with them, never quoting for extra work etc but they have fell by the way side this time, so much so that I'll not be using them again sadly. The tyres, which are a budget brand, seem more than up to the job and as no matter what brand I seem to have wears out in 12 months or 10-12k anyway. apart from the Uniroyal Rain Expert. They did about 6k and were fucked. These @ £100 fitted for 2 x 215 /55 /16 so not so bad if I get 12 months out of them. Fitted the dash cam and washed it yesterday, for a 12 year old barg with 190k it's in fantastic nick. hopefully just have to put diesel in for the next 12 months now!
  12. I think it’s a lot tax wise for such a basic cheap crap car. A very quick search finds this cracking little Astra, https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905017526639?advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=1000&postcode=dy33bu&page=1&co2-emissions-cars=TO_120&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used £30 tax and 50mpg, I know where I’d spend my money
  13. All paid up, sorry it’s late win or lose I right fancy this for my old man..
  14. Glad it turned up! As you can see I packed it up before the forum update! Just took me a few days to get to the post office..
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