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  1. The MOT expired last December, I'll be honest I've been putting it off because I'm a knob and my normal garage who I've been using for over 10+ years has not been great the last couple of times, his work is not being called into question that's always good, his general lack of speed and urgency has started to grate, a lot of his regulars are retired and can cope with no car for another day or having to wait an extra week because he's taken on too much work, not ideal for me when I have to arrange lifts and walk with a two year old. The above has led me to find a new garage, recommended by a friend, proper old school 'back street garage' the garage that MOT'd the wife's C4 last week which flew through. The guy seems honest enough and has MOT'd the Honda today, failed on Track Rod, and rear bulb, I was expecting a fail but not on that! Should have the Honda back tomorrow and I'll speak with him about my couple of arears for concern, 1, rear spring, I thought it needed replacing. 2, front suspension arm, again I think rubbers are knackered I also had a couple of 'part worns' fitted on the rear, not overly impressed as one tyre is dated 2013. With the car nearing 197k I may well treat it to a decent set of tyres in the summer..
  2. The wife's C4 passed the MOT yesterday, no advisories, not to bad for a 2 grand , 11 year old 7 seater. It also tipped over to 137k on the way to the garage.
  3. If I'm not to late can I put down for one? No issues if I'm too late.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2510358505952069/
  5. Even with a cat s marker on it? It just seems expensive to me,
  6. Sent and received, I also spy my match has received his or her parcel!
  7. Can I get in in the action if I’m not too late?
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/515112592414508/ seems like a bargain to me.
  9. my local scrap yard has this in and I need to stop looking..
  10. Can anyone in the Sheffield, S35 area pick up and hold an interior from a ford Ka for me? it's front and back seats and door cards. I won these on eBay and the chap, understandably, wants then collecting and I'm jam packed the next couple of weeks. Will it help my case if I tell you I'm going to attempt to fit these in a Triumph Herald? Thanks
  11. Just the type of stupid thing I'd buy if I had the money..
  12. the simple fact is not everyone want's or needs a garage, and I'll be frank here if I had a garage, well I did and it was full of old car and crap, I'd just see it as an extra place to keep more old cars. My herald has spent 10 years outside, it's very sad but I do genuinely love the car even if it looks a little unloved!
  13. Decent yard is Mainline, they had a tidy volvo 340gl in last week, the guy said it was one owner low mileage, it had already sold. Honestly it looked cracking.
  14. This is the reason I'd never sell a car or anything for that matter to family, not that they'd be seen dead in one of my 'old' shitters! OP - decent motor these. We nearly had on on the knock years ago as a family car..
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