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  1. I may well be getting ahead of myself a bit here I’m also spurned on by the blue acclaim! While I’d love to go all out and do a full body restoration I have a few things stopping this, money, time, skill & space but to name a few. My main aim is to get the car to a presentable condition and not completely hanging, I’m half confidant with a spray can in the sense that I can wield it around roughly in the direction of what I want covered in paint, results vary. I’m looking for some advise around primers and what not, obviously I’m looking for some rust treatment and rust pro
  2. shiny new calliper, had to file the hubs slightly as they were just rubbing the new callipers, this is in part to upgrading to type14 callipers and partly because pattern parts, got both sides done, I have the old callipers to refurb in the future. As I’m renewing all the brakes, my attention then turned to the brake master cylinder, I have a seal kit for this, and was shocked at how easy this has come, like super easy, Im however unsure if it’s serviceable, it’s not in a good state, I’m also not sure how to get the little piston, is it even called a piston? out? ironi
  3. I sold it to a friend, after spending a fair few quid on storage like I can’t remember if when you came it was in the garden up the back or on the front? we pushed it just down the road to his recovery truck, no brakes and clutch is erm in operational .
  4. Had this picked up and dropped off at the garage today, tucked up, I ideally wanted it front first so I could work away from the cold door, plus my tools etc are the other end! picking up some new goggles etc tomorrow and will hopefully be able to do some bits to it!
  5. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A CRAPPY CALENDAR PURPLE MONKEY DISHWATER ORNAMENT FAKE LOL DOLL: 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8: adw1977 9: Stephen01 10:
  6. Have I missed this? Am I too late to get in on the action? Hope not I have the last 5 years!
  7. After 2 years I’ve finally got a new rubber hose, from the back of the air box, from memory these are £80 odd plus vat from Honda, it also need a new passenger light as I’d bloody cracked it helping someone move some furniture, the light had about 4 inches of water in and the reverse light had stopped working. had both from someone breaking a mk2.5 local for about £60 which is a very good price, rear lights sell for this and all the rubbers seem to be borked on any that are breaking- common issue on the 2.2 diesel. MOT is this month so thought I best do it as I’ve had the b
  8. Wife got me the kettle so I don’t pester the sister in law for cups of tea! I need to buy me a heater, while it was okay yesterday, I was only messing about with wood, I’m sure cold bits of car will be different
  9. Not an actual update on any work, but my wife has managed to talk her sister into letting me use her garage to work on my herald, she’s only had her new house for 2 weeks 😂 I went up yesterday and made myself a work bench, total cost £8.50. Car is booked to be moved next Saturday, I’ve got to put the front hub back in first so it’ll roll!
  10. I did a 50 mile round trip to pick my present up as it was no longer available new, guy didn’t want to post it out then RM sent it bloody back to me. 😂 I posted it out on the last day of posting so hopefully my match has received it, @Jerzy Woking it wasn’t you 🙃
  11. Mine shall come in handy and offer some light reading, little led light is stupid bright tbf would match again
  12. Received something, not opened, posted mine out again, don’t ask!
  13. Spotted this a couple of days ago, old Merc G wagon - it looked very clean.
  14. Something I've been waiting for a while, I know I'm sad. 200k
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