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  1. @Datsuncog - I know you posted it up last week but only just saw this, are the MGF and Z3 still available by any chance?
  2. Ebay only serves to prove how expensive some Matchbox stuff is. On the look out for an Escort RS Cosworth but some of the prices on there leave a lot to be desired!
  3. @Lord Sterling if that 911 is still available I would have it.
  4. If they're still there could you pick up the Harry Shaw Neoplan coach and the East Kent BET single decker, its the one behind the coach circled on Roadworks first pic (maroon & cream). Ta
  5. Rover414

    Bus Shite

    As far as I know that Optare Spectra is preserved, it was certainly owned by MASS Transit in between its current owners and Reading Buses.
  6. Rover414

    Bus Shite

    A fair few of the early Pacer withdrawals from Northern are already being cut up over there.
  7. If the EFE RMA is a fiver and is still there I'd take that.
  8. Always interested in any buses that come up as sometimes find bargains where ebay seems to lack these days! Is the beige Rolls available? Could be interested in that as well.
  9. Thanks! To be fair the National is a bargain, rare to see them below 15 quid anywhere I know.
  10. If the cream WMT National is a fiver can you pick that up if its still there?
  11. How much was he after for the Corgi Travel London Optare Solo?
  12. Rover414

    Bus Shite

    I believe the factory has been sold to them along with Wrightbus itself. Anyway, on top of the Solo and Olympian I have another bus has joined our little stable more recently. Probably a bit modern but it is getting on for near 15 years old now, though the insurance company were in two minds as to weather they were going to insure it or not on my classic bus policy.
  13. Rover414

    Bus Shite

    Wright have been saved by Jo Bamford's Bamford Bus Company so assume once they get back on track it will be fairly business as usual.
  14. Rover414

    Bus Shite

    Olympian with my Solo just peeking out next to it. This should be getting some period adverts early on in 2019.
  15. He says it is the head gasket when I asked about it so not entirely sure it's worth the risk of driving it all the way back north to Liverpool though it would have been nice to have one for a while that is working.
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