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  1. I still have this in my shed...not sure anyone will ever want it...but I bought one as I saw they were disappearing fast. Its a 2.5 manual. Would love another 4.0 one, Fantastic engines.
  2. https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/gio-compario-doesnt-sing-opera-gocompares-debut-ad-droga5/1594657 Anyone else noticed the "pre smashed" windows on this advert featuring a lovely brown E28 5 series? Presumably to make less mess when they flip it over? ... not much attention to detail to leave it so obvious..
  3. yup, canna beat a bit o clag! Lots of rising tide lines on what wouldn't have been old cars.. some nice period accessories, a few Bedford vans with the relocated front number plates as was the done thing and some "relocated to allow for towbar " rear plates. I noticed the 2 morris minors I spotted both lived until fairly recently one in Ireland purple and modified …as did the beetle. ..
  4. Worth adding if you click on a pic then scroll through them they are bigger pics with more visible shite.
  5. These are awesome. Not so much for the buses (but they are great) but for the background shite. loads of odd scruffy stuff.... lots of rising tide lines... https://victoryguy.smugmug.com/Northern-Scottish-Omnibuses/
  6. Not so much a spot. This is my ex father in laws merc. Owned from new. 68k 2.0 carb. Never had a radio fitted windey windows etc etc. Love it.
  7. Nautilus green iirc. used to sell loads of ex leaqse ones of these in the 90s great cars.
  8. As in title, Mrs KS and myself are heading over in the allegro and redsaab. Any one else? http://www.gtm.org.uk/news/how-many-left-sunday-may-12th-2019/
  9. OK. I went to see it. Its nice, its original and un molested. I am told its mileage is verifiable and can quite believe it. The drivers seat is burst, he has another leather interior to go with it, but that also has a burst drivers seat. he has the original wheels and trims? to go with it, I think he added the alloys on it. There was nothing really that put me off wanting it, other than the paint. I am a bit of a fuss pot about paint. I like polishing and I like a nice finish. I am pretty certain this would have polished up well....for a plastic car.... but I really struggle with the ripple effect and a certain flatness that always seems apparent in a plastic car. As I would want it to enjoy it rather that need it /use it I think it would annoy me and for that reason, im oot...unless it becomes so temptingly cheap I cant resist, which I think highly unlikely as im sure it will be snapped up.
  10. It’s a 74 manual with a guaranteed 14000 miles apparently. It is also totally original and unmolested. Am going to see it tomorrow, the seller (who knows me well) doesn’t think I will be interested but hasn’t said why ...... ah well. I will see what i think but I it looks right will try and buy it
  11. hmmmm, chips well and truly pissed on... even my wife said "oooh that sound dear...." im going to see it tomorrow so will report back. I must be going soft in my old age and not wanting everything for nothing / Worrying...…
  12. my thoughts were that the days of buying a good one at £2000 must have gone now. I'm sure ropey, bodged ones are around at that, but to my mind if the story adds up it must be nearer £4000, but, I don't know, which is why I asked
  13. OK chaps, i have recently struggled to buy anything of interest. Then this came up, I know the chap who has it, an ex customer of mine and has had it 20 years. Its only done 14000 miles apparently and been off the road in a garage for a few years now . is it £4000 if its as it looks? , ie. dusty and needing a wee fettle after being sat around. These haven't been on my radar before …… it very much is now though.
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