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  1. * worth noting the Modus has the optional "boot chute" so you can pretend its a BL mini for as long as the micro swtich opener keeps functioning.
  2. The Audi has now left the fleet and is burbling about in Germany with a man who collects Mb trac things
  3. Not really Autoshite but its 12 years old and is a keeper. one owner..sat for many years and rescued last week.. 36000 miles.
  4. WTF is going on with that exhaust? I knew they did a pea shooter for the 998 and an angled wider example for the 1275 but that? Never seen it before? doubling round the spare wheel well?
  5. Took it as a trade in .. i have retailed it twice over the years and would do again ... but I have nabbed it for me
  6. It does indeed have an ugly arse and is shockingly under wheeled. Inside is lovely with lots of buttons. Everything seems to work. It has that “fragile feeling” I find most moderns have where aesthetics are more important than solidity. However all said and done I quite like it. Had it been a few grand I would not be so confident in its durability but no less so than any other modern complicated thing. I have done 100 miles this morning of mixed driving and archived 36 mpg ish. That’ll do. I don’t think I will ever grow to like the lack of feeling everything about modern cars give you but all in all I think it’s a keeper. Will see how the mot fairs tomorrow.
  7. After 20 odd years of Subaru ownership I have decided its time for a change of daily. After huge success in Laguna 2 ownership in the past* I decided a Laguna 3 was a good call. I don’t do diesel so that limits things. Anyhow this came my way today. I have sold it twice over the years and it’s now undesirable enough for me to want it. Petrol manual with a timing chain. 100k and nearly out of mot. A safe bet. £350 ^ huge success might not have been accurate. Rose tinted glasses etc.
  9. I still have this in my shed...not sure anyone will ever want it...but I bought one as I saw they were disappearing fast. Its a 2.5 manual. Would love another 4.0 one, Fantastic engines.
  10. https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/gio-compario-doesnt-sing-opera-gocompares-debut-ad-droga5/1594657 Anyone else noticed the "pre smashed" windows on this advert featuring a lovely brown E28 5 series? Presumably to make less mess when they flip it over? ... not much attention to detail to leave it so obvious..
  11. yup, canna beat a bit o clag! Lots of rising tide lines on what wouldn't have been old cars.. some nice period accessories, a few Bedford vans with the relocated front number plates as was the done thing and some "relocated to allow for towbar " rear plates. I noticed the 2 morris minors I spotted both lived until fairly recently one in Ireland purple and modified …as did the beetle. ..
  12. Worth adding if you click on a pic then scroll through them they are bigger pics with more visible shite.
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