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  1. The polo the jeep the GSA the SLK and the C6 have all left the collection. This w124 has joined it
  2. Just got this. I have little coordination and even less patience. ... hopefully I can master it. Mrs KS wants a pond.
  3. Whenever i see or here mention one of these i always remember as a child noticing the "castleated" mud flaps yet have never seen actual evidence that it wasn't in my 4 yr old mind ....
  4. This is odd? nice but odd. Would this not be an ecotec, and have different wheels and the god awful early airbag steering wheel? one that sat about before being registered perhaps?
  5. ah yes, we went for a run to see if the gates to old lawrence of kemnay were open for a picture , they weren't
  6. It's been a while but not much in the way of updates. Minty the GSA has gone to Hong Kong of all places, and the C6 has also left, not as far away, but far enough The Outback also has gone. It did good service but i got rid just before it drew its last breath, it worked hard and did well. It has been replaced with a fantastically shit and boring but capable and so far reliable Laguna 3 with the 2.0 petrol nissan engine. Im jolly excited to add the next one to the shed. It has belonged to the lady I got it off since a couple months old. It was the local demo. 48000 miles, every bit of paper and bill has been kept. Thankfully its had the kind of money spent to keep it going that most couldn't afford, or wouldn't bother. The mot history is horrific, but the reality is far better. Everything is good, with the exception of the floor which is lots of patches., arches and wings have all been done to a good standard and wont need doing again, the floor will just be a case of more wee patches as and when ... Any how, its a 93, coupe in yellow with perforated leather and a REDTOP
  7. * worth noting the Modus has the optional "boot chute" so you can pretend its a BL mini for as long as the micro swtich opener keeps functioning.
  8. The Audi has now left the fleet and is burbling about in Germany with a man who collects Mb trac things
  9. Not really Autoshite but its 12 years old and is a keeper. one owner..sat for many years and rescued last week.. 36000 miles.
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