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  1. Now then... a tale of spannering. When I took possession of Handsome, his EML was on. I knew about it; @HMC assured me it wasn't affecting the driving experience, and for the first day or two, he was right. However last Sunday I went to the Lakeland Motor Museum for Drive It Day, and began to experience hesitation under throttle. So, on Tuesday I took it in to Martin's garage to have the codes read. I got a phone call yesterday. Both banks were running lean, and it seems there's a plastic box at the back of the engine, part of the intake system, and this was broken. I authorised a replacement. So this morning I got a phone call telling me the car was ready. Here are the broken bits. EML is now off and there is no hesitation when I apply throttle. Just as a Jag should be! Meanwhile as you may have noticed, @NorfolkNWeigh offered me a 1/43 model X350. It arrived today. And now it's in my paintshop. Oh and just because I can... Here it is round the corner, with a neighbour's X-Type in the same green.
  2. No money was involved. I did get all the Jaguar.
  3. Today an envelope arrived from DVLA. Apparently I'm no longer the owner of a Cadillac. THE END
  4. Nah, mine wasn't that new. C246 MFV, and it's long gone anyway.
  5. And today I put some CDs in the changer. Yup, that's working fine too.
  6. Well I'm getting used to having Handsome around, although I'm still feeling pangs for Huggy. I've tried the casette player now, it works! Woo-hoo! Still need to try the CD changer though.
  7. Well it just drove to Devon! I'm so glad to see it getting some use. It wasn't getting any with me because I had nowhere to go, and a wife who wouldn't go there in Huggy anyway after the alternator issues 4 years ago. Long may Huggy reign.
  8. OMG, HFM??????? A fellow Shiter is coming to the rescue, I just have to find him a suitable swopper.
  9. Yesterday I had a blast round some local village roads that don't even qualify for a B number. Suspension: a bit on the firm side, but totally unflappable. Power: more than adequate I'm still feeling the loss of Huggy but the more I drive this, the more I warm to it. And it plays cassettes! I've resurrected the boxes of them that were in my lockup, along with a load of CDs because it has a changer in the trunk. I need to load that up, because I got a new Puppini Sisters CD for my birthday and haven't played it yet.
  10. Look what just arrived from ebay... 1/18 Dodge Lil' Red Express truck, a factory hot rod from 1978 with a cop-spec 360 V8. I've been wanting one of these for years! I bid low on this, not expecting to get it, but nobody bid after me. Stroke of luck there. Now I just need a real one...
  11. Ah, that's what those things are! I've wondered for years...
  12. I've had several cars of which one is never enough!
  13. Thanks Ken, I didn't realise you'd had your hands on those two.
  14. I agree. After Hammeriting the wheels on my Famous Five Volvo I can vouch for the results.
  15. Faulty stats alert! The C3 was on a 54 plate, but registered in 2005, just to confuse me (it worked). However... Handsome IS my third Jag (including the first which was badged Daimler) and replaces my third Cadillac, as the first one did 20 years ago. This time though, it's direct, without a month of BMW between them. MrsR remembers her first husband having two successively which would be Series 2s; at least one was a Daimler. One was a similar green to Handsome, the other being beige-ish. Harvest Gold, possibly. She's a bit of a closet Shiter really! Before she met me she'd owned a Renault 4 or 6 and an Allegro, and those are just the ones I know about.
  16. Given the weekend I've just had, I should post this here too... For those of us who like statistics, this is my third 2004 car in three years, after my Citroen C3 and the Astra That Must Not Be Named. Oh and today I've sold the Astra wheels to a neighbour.
  17. Spoilsport! You're not wrong though. 3.5V8.
  18. And here we are in my little street.
  19. Matt Houston, who did drive an Excalibur, was supposedly a wealthy Texan who moved to California and got mixed up in private-eye-type adventures. He was played by Lee Horsley who had previously played the "junior" detective to, IIRC, William Conrad as Nero Wolfe. I've spent far too muh time in front of the telly!
  20. Thanks. Huggy broke down on a long trip four years ago, I got my orders back then, he had to go. I've deliberately not put a great deal of effort into moving him on; posting him on other people's threads became a running joke. I love/d having a Cadillac! I didn't seriously expect HMC to take the bait, even though he's done Detroit before, but fortunately the car he was offering was appropriate as a replacement. So when he messaged me, I thought I'd better stand by my offer. So yesterday was the culmination of that process.
  21. Exactly Ken! The Jag does feel very much like a car I should be driving. So does Huggy, but in different ways. Next month I would have had him six years, which is longer than I've had any other car. I can't see reaching the same point with the Jag, but who knows? It is lovely. It was a delight to finally meet HMC too, he seems like the right man for the next stage in Huggy's life.
  22. Thank you kind sir; my feelings exactly. And yes, this is the aluminium model that was launched in 2002, when I had my first one (4.2 Daimler Sovereign S2 LWB, 1978).
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