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    catsinthewelder reacted to leafsprung in Lazy spotters thread   
    Rickman Ranger (?)  Camper.
    This was in a private scrapyard at a boatyard with other CF fragments and entrails, Rover P4 and Jags various. 

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Popsicle in Lazy spotters thread   
    Some more shite potato cam pics taken on my travels. You can tell I've just downloaded everything from the camera I keep in the van!

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Popsicle in Lazy spotters thread   
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Popsicle in Lazy spotters thread   
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes -   
    Turns out my main shaft in the Vitesse gearbox has all the hardening worn away, £200+ for just a new shaft!

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    catsinthewelder reacted to motorpunk in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes -   
    I wrote a few words on this car for the MotorPunk website, here: https://www.motorpunk.co.uk/articles/biturbo-buying-advice-from-someone-who-didnt/
    Will find the PPC feature in the week when I get a mo’. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Puglet in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    Hi All, I am Allanah the wife of @mat_the_cat. I've been along to Chris and Claire's field of dreams a few times now and have met some of the forum members there. I chose my username 'Puglet' because my first, second and third cars were Peugeot 205s, unfortunately I don't have one now but maybe one day I will get one again, they were great cars. I have an interest in cars and engines in general, I worked as a mechanical design engineer for many years in various different industries including clutch designer for Quinton Hazell and a year on the concept engine team at Perkins. This weekend taking apart the SAAB engine at Chris and Claire's brought back great memories of that. Look forwards to meeting new forum members and reading the forum content.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to 2110 in New members, introduce yourself here.   
    Hi my name is Tom, and I am sure I have come across some of the members here in different platforms, but this is the first time I'm online with a Lada name! (And yes I am aware the car I have in my avatar is a 2112 not a 2110 before I get quizzed on that! I just chose the family name instead). Most of my cars are probably of little interest to the community here except maybe the Lada in my avatar picture and posted below.  That said I am a HUGE fan of the unloved cars we don't get to see much of these days, and anything not sold here in the UK.

    There is a story to the Lada, and one that I will be happy to elaborate on if there is enough interest, but the idea was to get the car registered in the UK. It is a 2004 Lada 112 with a 1.5 engine (which mechanically is in good shape aside from the coolant pipe - which has Audi rings on it! - that recently burst). I was hoping to have it registered in the UK as possibly(?) the only 112 in the UK, having talked to several members of the UK Lada club they are unaware of a 112 being imported, with only a handful of the saloon 110 models being privately imported over the years. However being an Estonian car there is a lot of rot on the chassis which needs to be fixed before passing an MOT which is beyond my capabilities and the quote from the local bodyshop was several times more than the value of the car, so it is probably going to end up going to the scrap yard now having been involved in a dispute with the neighbours (despite their outlandish claims, it has actually got correct paperwork! Oh and they called it an "eye sore" 😒) if I am unable to find a solution to the chassis, but this one has a strangely lovely yet awful charm and I've grown quite attached to it which is why I am reluctant to let it go.

    I'm not sure if I am allowed to ask in my intro if anyone has any ideas but if not please delete this line!

    Anyway, so this is the car I'm using for my intro but unless I can find some magic it will be replaced with something equally daft one day. The previous keeper nicknamed it "Olga"...
    + before anyone panics, the car is kept on private land where there is a lot of space for it to be moved and kept running until I know what I am doing with it.


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    catsinthewelder reacted to vulgalour in 1973 Vauxhall Viva… untouched since ‘93 - worth it?   
    From that description one would expect a gold HC with a crunchy black vinyl roof and hammerite accents around the lower 6".
    It could also end up being a four door Nova, a crash damaged Mk5 Cortina, or a Silver Cross pram and four mouldering cardboard boxes containing the full collection of Woman's Weekly 1978-1992 with a pink quilted sateen blanket thrown over it.  You'll never know until you go and have a look.  It's like doing the lottery without having to pay for a ticket first.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fumbler in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Dad and I did actual engine mechanical shizz and even managed to succeed!
    ...it was on a lawnmower engine but anyway, our mower has been poorly as of late and was fouling up spark plugs with oily soot, surging, and generally was being sluggish and down on power. We had a thought that maybe the piston rings weren't doing their thing anymore so after buying a set we went about dismantling the engine and popping the piston out.

    Trust Honda to turn up a mower engine to 11- OHC, wet cam belt and even a rudimentary kind of VTEC. The annoying bit was that there's no cylinder head so the crankshaft has to come out to get the piston out. We put the new set of rings on, then attempted to shove the piston back in without a ring compression sleeve... Took a few goes (and I'm sure it hasn't done anything any favours) but it slid in there.
    Best part of all was that it actually ran (really well too) after we put it back together! Better still, we didn't murder each other in the process.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    According  to Aronline the DOMI was built on the standard chassis cab. 
    The reason the Traveller has a smaller gap is that it used the doors from a 2-door saloon. The vans and pick-ups used the doors from a 4-door.
    On the shot below you can see the original pressing for the trafficator on the B-pillar. 


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    catsinthewelder reacted to gm in The new news 24 thread   
    i received a message from my brother this morning “got a tyre warning light on the dash - can you have a look ?” 
    i met him at the park ‘n’ ride when he finished work
    ”aye, that’ll be your problem there then”

    surprisingly, for a modern (peugeot 208), there was a full size spare in the boot - and tools ! 
    only one problem, the wheel was stuck fast to the hub - we took turns kicking the shit out of it but no joy  
    i loosely fitted the wheel nuts and instructed paul to drive up and down a bit and stomp on the anchors. this achieved precisely sod all, made all the more frustrating as each time i had to fanny on with the piss poor jack to find the wheel stuck fast. 
    “do you mind if i have a go ? this might be a bit rough “
    with two bolts fitted, i gave it maximum beans, stomped that pedal good and hard and attracted quite a bit of attention from the next batch of park ‘n’ riders arriving from their day at work. no surprise that the car park guys also appeared, not as i anticipated to issue a bollocking, but to offer the loan of tools
    turns out that they have a decent stock of gear to help the hapless commuter who has left their lights on all day or come home to a flat, and were  genuinely keen to help.
     by now the wheel was well and truly  detached from the hub so i stepped back and let them finish the job. 
    nice to see a bit of decent customer care, i’m fairly sure the lads were pleased they were able to help us but were secretly wishing it was a couple of young office tottie instead of a pair of badly old blokes  
    cheers, durham park ‘n’ ride lads ! 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to reb in The new news 24 thread   
    Well that went well.
    Unemployed now.
    Something about blatant disregard for operational security or something like that...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to loserone in The new news 24 thread   
    Perfect registration for Len, too
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Lacquer Peel in The new news 24 thread   
    My sister's appliance and the vehicle of the future next to it.
    It is my favourite vehicle, you feel like you are floating on this boosty veg fuelled cloud, it has an XUD9TF engine with a Bosch pump. I turned up the fuel pump with @Supernaut's assistance, the gearing is quite short but it will do 80MPH uphill and keep accelerating, and keeps up with most traffic now. I put Maxxis all season van tyres on it and it feels very secure on the road now it's cold and wet.
    It's class.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Alusilber in The new news 24 thread   
    So I took the day off today to do an oil change on my 924. Decided to treat it to a new sump plug and washer while I was at it. Drained oil, changed filter, fitted new sump plug, filled with new oil... then I found a sump plug washer on the ground under the car. Yes, it was the new one. Must have fallen off the new sump plug when I was fumbling about under the car trying to fit it 😡.
    Then when I was backing the car back into the garage, the wind caught the plastic sheeting I had put down to catch the spills and now there's oil all over my monoblock driveway. Which I only got professionally cleaned last month 🤬. Just as well I found another bag of diatomaceous earth in the attic the other day...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to cobblers in The new news 24 thread   
    Yup! Mate of mine hired a skip, filled it with stuff and the company just stopped answering the phone and all the doors were locked at their premises. 3 months later companies house showed they'd gone bust, so he rang another skip hire company, told them the story and they happily came and collected the skip FOC. They'd collected dozens in the same situation and were happy for a free skip.
    another 2 months after that, one of the original directors of the skip hire place came belting on my mates front door angrily asking "what have you done with my fucking skip?"
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    catsinthewelder reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Moskvitch-2141 Aleko, as sort of Chrysler Alpine clone. Reports coming out of Russia suggest that production is about to restart after a 20 year break.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    And a Turbo version

  20. Haha
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    catsinthewelder reacted to lesapandre in Failed attempts to crack the UK   
    Looking at the current crop of cars - are there any sure-fire upcoming failures? Or is market research that much better these days?
    Your starter for 10...

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    catsinthewelder reacted to cobblers in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Very thick fog again this morning driving to work in the T25 - I was doing 35mph or so which really is plenty quick enough but I'm very familiar with the roads. Despite this I had a car following me a bit too closely for a few miles.
    I got to this junction, usually you'd turn left but straight over is an old gravel road that 4x4s go down

    I decided to take the scenic route so I just went straight across (the road is closed to the right so there's no need to slow down to give way), and the Mondeo behind followed me 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to warch in The most modern old shite you can get away with?   
    Speaking from personal experience;
    I’ve completely sacked off diesel cars, modern ones are usually a complete white elephant. Both my awful Golf TDi and my mum and dads newish low mileage Astra suffered expensive and in the latter case terminal failure due to emissions regeneration equipment sooting up vital components. Plus many modern petrol cars will easily manage 40-50 plus mpg even if you don’t buy a small engined car. There is currently a 20p-30p per litre difference between the cost of petrol and diesel so they aren’t even much cheaper to run.
    I keep mentioning it on here but my 57 plate Nissan Qashqai is fantastically shiteworthy. It uses a tiny very simple 1600 petrol engine that never drops below 45mpg, every service job I’ve attempted is dead easy because you don’t have to remove half the car to get at it. Parts are dirt cheap and easy to obtain because it shares components with hundreds of thousands of other cars and vans from various manufacturers. It goes thousands of miles without any consideration apart from adding fuel, gets loaded with archaeology tools, goes off road (despite 2wd) and never receives a moment’s consideration. Unlike my Golf which had serious corrosion within ten years of its build date it hasn’t even started rusting yet. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Timewaster in The most modern old shite you can get away with?   
    What is in the taxi rank?
    There you will find cheap to run and maintain cars capable of lunar mileage.
    Mk1 Octavia would be my punt.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Wack in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I've been looking for a car that's insurable for my daughter to drive, a guy I know has a suzuki splash 1.0 that's had a bump at the back, he's fixing it ( very slowly) but it's 40 miles away
    I've been trying to find one to show my wife, scouring car parks for weeks to no avail 
    Then this afternoon, there's one, in front of us at the lights, a red one, turned into lidl and there's a white one parked, went in came out and there's a blue one next to our car 
    At this point I'm starting to think someone is taking the piss and arranged a suzuki splash meet at lidl 
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