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    catsinthewelder reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    Well my body is doing great today.  After the visit to the doctor this afternoon, earlier this evening coming out of the bathroom I passed out and faceplanted down the stairs.  Fortunately no real damage done apart from bending my glasses (which have more or less straightened out) but a bit worrying.  I'm going for a blood test on Wednesday anyway so I'll mention it then.
    It's odd, other than for my Covid jabs I haven't needed to see a doctor in over 10 years, but it seems now everything's going wrong at once...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Onyx Firecat. Based on Fiat Uno bits.
    Up for auction now. Lot 1103 - 1987 Onyx Firecat (handh.co.uk)

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Leyland Worldmaster in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Never heard of it. I reckon pure AS 'Porsche' material... 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Austat in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Haiyan CK 730, built in Shanghai.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to worldofceri in Bus Shite   
    Came across this today:

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    catsinthewelder reacted to GagaStan in Gagastan's downunder beige BX   
    Feel like I’m finally close to fixing my LHM leak… after replacing both the doseur return lines and about to fit my second end cap, fingers crossed the green blood will stay contained.
    next up, cleaning the driveway and the carpet 
  7. Haha
    catsinthewelder reacted to RoverFolkUs in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Useless fecking contractors. But it's a grin because I just laughed. 
    Context - I live in a flat so lots of communal areas. Many ongoing maintenance issues. 
    Two main issues: 
    The communal hallway door needs a new fire closer thingy 
    The communal bin store door needs a new hinge and digilock. 
    What have they done? 
    Put the fucking door closer on the bin store doors* 🤣🤣
    Useless cunts. Been waiting 6 months for it to be sorted
    *Flimsy wooden gates
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    catsinthewelder reacted to cobblers in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Went over to help out some mates who are in the scouts, they needed some stuff ferrying up a boggy track for a scout camp. Made a night of it.
    Picked the T25 up from the unit:

    ON MY WAY:


    It got very boggy, but I wasn't far from camp and I didn't want to absolutely rip the fuck out of the track in these private woods that the owner very kindly allows the scouts to use, so I left the van here for the night looking like a scene from a netflix documentary. They said a stock 110 defender drove up here so I thought I'd be fine, but they didn't tell me this was in the middle of summer, 6 years ago and it took an entire scout group pushing to get it to the end....

    Instead of the roof tent, I slept in my hammock. Best nights kip I've had in a long time.

    Sleep was possibly aided by campfire burgers and beer.

    Now I need a winch, I reckon.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to GMcD in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Christmas adverts. Get in the fucking sea.
    Christmas music in the shops. Get in the fucking sea. 
    Christmas decorations:

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Saabnut in How much shite is too much shite? Power to the People!   
    Back in 2018 I was returning from Lemans Classic in the Bentley T2 Turbo. When I stopped at the local shop to buy milk, the doors decided they were staying locked. The year previous, the rear nearside door had done the same and was fixed, and fortunately that door continued to open so I could get in the back and climb over the seats to get home. Dignified it was not. Once home, it was put in the shed with the usual "I will look at that later". Four and a half years later.....
    My friend Simon called me last Thursday saying he had a few hours clear on Friday and would be in the area so was willing to take the Bentley to have a look at it. A mild panic attack followed as it was 3 years since it was started and 4 since it moved under its own steam.  Reconnecting the battery, adding some fresh petrol and a boost from my starter and after a few attempts it started and reversed into the centre of the shed. The wheel dollies were deployed to turn it through 90 degrees and it drove out fine after the tyres were topped up. Yesterday it was returned with working doors  . Apparently it was age hardened grease on the servos, but after a clean it will be back out and about again, having covered 120 miles this weekend without problem.

    This morning I had a 6 hout teams meeting during which the sun shone. As the meeting ended and I put on my overalls, so the rain started  Tomorrow I am heading to foreign climes to collect the last of the three items of chod I acquired during my last trip offshore. This one has sat for over a year, the model is renowned for electrical reliability*, and has a totally flat battery and at least 2 flat tyres. As a result I need to take a trailer, and as we all know it is illegal to tow an empty trailer both ways on any journey so decided to take the little Kubota and the rotary mower to tackle some of the riverbank whilst in France. Fortunately the rain stopped for the loading. In the back are two trailer spares, a new battery, jump leads, tyre goo, trolley jack, 12v compressor, mains compressor and a code reader. Should be fine!


    Plan is to head to Folkstone tomorrow, cross on the chunnel in the early hours Thurday to arrive at my place Thursday lunchtime, then I plan on collecting the chod on Sunday when there is hopefully less traffic. I will update this thread as and when I can.
  11. Haha
    catsinthewelder reacted to twosmoke300 in Green laning and off roading   
    There is a chap I know with a landy with every extra tacked on to it . Compete with HUE plate .
    He posts pics on fb of it flexed up on various tiny obstacles. So I go out and duplicate them in my Fiat Seicento . Well I did til I sold it . 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Mat.T in Austin 7cwt van resurrection   
    I'm not very good at updating this thread! But removal of the steering rack and replacing the internal bush was one of the last big jobs. Disassembled new internal poly bush, fresh ep 90 and some new gaiters.
    Once the rack was refitted I set the tracking. 
    Refitted the final interior bits, reassembled the doors with new rubber seals.
    And today for the first time in months the van escaped the workshop. Gave it a good 10 mile run, got a few thumbs up (and a few looks of horror!) Only a few failures one of which being the brake light switch which has completely fallen apart .

    It drives really well and thanks to the diff ratio it gets up to speed pretty quickly! I've got various niggling jobs to finish but I can officially say the van is back on the road!
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    catsinthewelder reacted to mk2_craig in Cars in Colour   
    Was the design brief for that thing to take an FX4 black cab and straighten out all the curves?
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Lankytim in The new news 24 thread   
    Congratulations! Great name too.
    In slightly less exciting news, I fitted the replacement OSF caliper to the Laguna today. Easiest job ever and it even gravity bled itself. Fortunately there’s no damage from its crappy packaging.
    the old caliper was pretty corroded and consigned to the scrap pile!
    I also spotted this lovely Minor on the school run. The elderly occupants had been lent it for a few weeks by a relative as they’re waiting for their brand new car to be delivered! 

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Rust Collector in The new news 24 thread   
    After a 4am start yesterday, my partner gave birth to our first child today at 9:50am. We are still at the hospital as it was a difficult labour, but baby and partner are both happy and healthy.
    After exhausting lists of hundreds and hundreds of names in the lead up to the birth, we finally decided on ‘Jensen’ today. ‘Austin’ was a close second 😁
    Huge amount of respect to my partner, childbirth is absolutely wild.
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  17. Haha
    catsinthewelder reacted to bunglebus in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    I remember a road test of one of those kitted out as a camper - one of the drawbacks was the front curtains closing if you cornered to fast...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes -   
    Another year ahead for our ZX TD estate, yes a fresh MOT. It is lucky that they don't fail cars on flat faded paint!

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    catsinthewelder reacted to bub2006 in Ford meets suzi   
    Well it's been a while so thought I'd update. To long term shiters who know me,you may be surprised to learn I still own the focus. Just over a year now and it's doing well reliability and mpg wise. Still around low 30s. As some may have read the focus is a low mileage car with 2 former keepers. Was on 44k when I bought it having only done 8500 miles since 2011. In the past year of my ownership I've done just over 20k. 
    The caravan was sold a few month ago as even the the focus towed it ok we had a bit of a bad snake on the m62 coming back from Wales and put my wife off touring u till we get a bigger car. We both don't want to part with the focus so it may well end up being a summer only car in another year or so.
    We have purchased another car though,a little runaround for town duties and for me to use after I sold the bike. Enter stage left the little Japanese shoebox.

    here we have a 2004 suzuki ignis 1.3 vvt in GL trim. 2 former keepers,1 from 2004 till 2006 and 1 keeper from 2006 till middle of October when I bought it from Doncaster when previous owner passed away.
    The car had just over 100k on it when I bought it. It's a decent trim level with front fogs,electric windows and mirrors but no central locking,or so I thought. After speaking to some people we found it it should have central locking and after going to my friends garage for investigation we found the module had a blown capacitor. Ebay second hand part fitted and an ebay remote locking kit bought it back around to working fine. The car had when I bought it only done 1300 ish miles since its mot in 2020,I though have done 1400 miles so far in my ownership. Tyres on it were dated 2007 so new tyres were fitted and as of today its had better bulbs fitted in the headlights as they were next to useless.
    Hasn't used a drop of oil or water since purchased and it doesn't sound like a vauxhall with the cam chain rattle either. Had it up on the ramps and found its recently had new brake lines,rear wheel bearings,hubs and shoes as well as front discs and pads and an engine service. It has a little leak of oil on the gearbox around the drain plug which could be running down from the fill plug or it could be a seal. Not properly investigated it yet but will do so at some point.
    That's all for now folks.
    Take care. 
  20. Haha
    catsinthewelder reacted to Saabnut in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon.   
    Every autumn I have to deal with an influx of mice. Everytime I get annoyed, I think how much harder it would be to deal with neighbours. Apparently putting out lethal traps for neighbours is frowned upon......
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from Essex V6 in Cars in Colour   
    I was going to put this in the lazy spotters thread but I think it would be happier here ?

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Talbot in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon.   
    I'll be willing to bet there was a comment from someone at some point saying "that's impossible".
    "Hold my beer..."
  23. Haha
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Datsuncog in Autoshite chat over Zoom - 8.00pm Tuesday PM Mrs6C for details   
    Apologies folks - my WiFi connection wasn't the best all evening, and finally decided to pack it in completely.
    Still, awesome to see so many of you - hopefully get to do it again sometime soon!
    I may even speak next time...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to EightMegs in Lazy spotters thread   
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