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    Came home from work to find someone has painted the lintels, windowsills and front+rear doorsteps on our house.  They've chosen a nice colour and done a reasonably good job.
    It's nothing to do with us - Someone has dropped a bollock. I wasn't looking forward to doing that!
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    catsinthewelder reacted to warch in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    I suppose the pronunciation depends on whereabouts on this glorious sceptred archipelago you come from. So cockney squaddies will call it a stoorwalt, those from the northeast a stollwort, the southwest stullwort and those from Bristol one of they trucks what floats.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to johngarty in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    I don't come on Autoshite much anymore and this thread is exactly why. The bloke has disposable cash and wants to follow a bit of a dream and just goes for it. He has some mental health issues but is fine at the moment thankfully, but some of the comments against him are frankly disgraceful and could depress anyone, let alone someone with issues.  He wins thread of the year and is now frankly ridiculed, disgusting. What happened to just being an eccentric Englishman? Were they banned in the new 'woke' laws? The biggest shock is that he has took all that shite and still hung around.  
    This place isn't what it used to be...
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from Angrydicky in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    On this basis I should probably just scrap the Bollox Rover 220 that I'm never going to get around to fixing 😔
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from phil_lihp in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    On this basis I should probably just scrap the Bollox Rover 220 that I'm never going to get around to fixing 😔
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from Cord Forteener aka Tim_E in Most stupid message while flogging a shiter   
    On this basis I should probably just scrap the Bollox Rover 220 that I'm never going to get around to fixing 😔
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    Well this seems like utter madness but could well be considered in the spirit of autoshite so I shall proceed.
    My father in law purchased himself a Mazda 121 1.25 16v with a CVT box to help him out with his increasing mobility issues.
    He didn't need it regularly so £200 seemed fine for an mot'd example with just 25k on the clock considering it would stand unused for weeks at a time between uses.
    Anyway, at the end of last year, a hermes courier driver decided that he would realign the side of the mazda  with his van and then fuck off which was nice.
    He was seen so didn't get away with it and after a lengthy arse around with their insurers, he ended up being able to keep the car unrecorded and received a very generous payout.
    Now for the mad bit..  he can't find a suitable replacement for his money. Everything seems very expensive at the moment so he has managed to persuade me to repair the mazda for him.
    Absolutely not worth doing but he likes it and bits seem to be available cheaply so I reluctantly agreed and will be repairing it for him.
    Here it is ready to go

    Doesn't look too bad in that photo. Odd rubbing strip on the back door due to a replacement off a fiesta before he bought it.
    So today, I have stripped it down ready to repair.

    I have a new pattern wing and quarter panel and shall repair the doors.
    Then paint down the side and do the bumpers too.
    Hopefully it will keep him happy and give a few more years service.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to puddlethumper in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    Hey Paul, haven't seen you around for a bit. Everybody's  plumbing has gone down the pan lately. 😁
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Sunny Jim in The Dutchie has arrived and it drips   
    I blame @cort16, a week ago he posted a link to a rather shiny red 480 on the Ebay Tat thread. It was a thing of beauty but was rather beyond my budget and was in Scotland. You know when a car's got under your skin and you keep re-visiting the ad then looking at the DVLA online checker to see if a new V5 has been issued? I was doing various man maths calculations but I don't have any children to sell (I've never had them , it's not that I've sold them already) and I need what's left of both of my kidneys. I trawled the classifieds but anything within my budget was beyond my skillset.
    I've been sleeping badly recently and in the early hours the other night I found a 480 an hour away from me closer to my theoretical budget. The ad sounded promising, the MOT history not too scary AND it was turquoise!

    It's an 'S' so the base model, 1.7 Renault engine, no fancy info screen but had been specced with optional half leather seats. I arranged to go and see it yesterday. I have a thing for two door estates and pop-up headlights but had a firm figure in mind well below the asking price and resolved to walk away if I couldn't get it for what I was willing to pay. The Wayback Machine helped me discover the car had been for sale for 17 weeks at gradually reducing asking prices and some handy buyers guides from Owners Clubs meant I knew what to look out for. Prices are all over the place on these and as we all know what a car is advertised for isn't always what is sells for - they're rare but still rather forgotten. The vendor said he'd bought it from a local garage before lockdown but then it had developed some faults and he'd not had the money to sort them out. When I contacted him on WhatsApp his profile picture was of a car transporter so it seemed likely he was a trader of some sort.
    He let me spend a good hour systematically going over the car while I compiled a list of issues in addition to the ones he'd mentioned. I hate negotiating so I was straight with him and said look I could pretend to be Mike Brewer and offer you and insultingly low figure and we can go back and forth but here's where I'm at. I showed him other ads (and how long they'd been up for) and my list of issues with a rough guesstimate of what it would cost to sort them and named what I was willing to pay. "Old art yer 'and," he said. "Hang on," I replied, "You've got a car transporter and as the car isn't currently driveable on the road (the indicators don't work) I want it delivered." He hummed and harred but eventually we shook on it.
    So far the to do list is looking like this:
     4 new shocks - rears 'slightly corroded', fronts 'lightly misted'
    2 new front tyres
    New Battery
    Sort exhaust blow and investigate rusty cat
    Rear of sills where it meets rear arch is a known weak spot on these, this doesn't look too bad but want to sort it before it gets any worse

    Replace damaged daytime running light

    Possibly replace faded and cracked rear lights - these are no longer available and rare as rocking horse poop - 'best' price I've found a pair for so far is £260 (HFM!) but they'll need replacing eventually and the longer I leave it the dearer they'll get so I might just hold my breath and take the hit now.

    Replace Central Electronics Module (CEM) which (hopefully) is the cause of the indicators not working and the headlights doing this (at least I know the motors work!). I've managed to track one of these down for £80.

    VID_20210618_150013_01_01[1].mp4 These are getting to be rare cars now and although they share a lot of parts with the other 400 series cars the bits that are unique to the 480 are getting harder to find and consequently more expensive. The irony is that over time I'll probably end up spending more than I would have on the shiny red one. I won't have had the satisfaction of doing myself though and isn't that a large part of what our hobby is about? Built not bought. Other than my BX which I bought off here this is the first time I've bought a vehicle without taking it for a test drive. The biggest gamble is that the electrical issues aren't sorted by a new battery and CEM. But hey, what's life without taking a few risks?

    I take delivery Monday, can't wait!
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    catsinthewelder reacted to sdkrc in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    Imagine carrying this out from your shed to round the side of the house...you'd need the forklift from earlier to get it moved, thus entering a vicious cycle
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    catsinthewelder reacted to BorniteIdentity in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    Right.  Guess nobody wants to answer that question then, despite me asking it nicely.
    For those wondering, my post said "Why stop at three" (Stollies).  The OP clearly has money on the hip, wants to run a business and I suggested that he use his money to purchase more.  There was nothing more to my post than that.  (If anyone wishes to claim otherwise, please bear in mind there's a screenshot of my original post)
    It would seem that I'm now quietly on pre-mod, without anyone actually having the courtesy or courage to tell me so.  If I'm not welcome here any more, I'd appreciate just being told - rather than having an undemocratically elected anonymous figure decide what the internet can see and what it can't.
    What a sorry muddle we've become.
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from MiniMort in Crap Camper Conversions   
    I might as well post it before anyone else does 😂

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    catsinthewelder reacted to GrumpiusMaximus in The grumpy thread   
    They are, rightly, proving very popular.  They will have some stock in but they do move to manufacture and shipping very quickly.
    He accepted my point this morning and is exchanging the Intel for an M1.  I win the 'stubborn wars'.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to bunglebus in The Doctor's travels through time - Polo departure.   
    What kind of buffoon puts yellow stripes on a blue car?

    Oh yeah...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Crackers in Absolute horse shit™ The official thread of Railton Heavy Industries Limited and it's subsidiaries.   
    I don't there's any argument to be made about Talbot's ability to handle the English language, which he does eloquently, often at considerable length, and, usually, in a rather oleaginous* fashion.
    *I've put my big boy pants on and had to Google that word before I put it in a sentence. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to anonymous user in The new news 24 thread   
    That's understandable, songs about having to walk 500 miles, when you drive a Vauxhall, can only tempt fate.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to dollywobbler in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    Well, she'd fit in it at least. She's tiny.
    In other news... (big video spoilers alert)

    The Oltcit drove from the trailer to the unit when delivered, but the other day, I could not get it to run on pumped fuel. Splash some into the carb and away it would go. Briefly. I did this many, many times, because I'm an idiot.
    Today, the idiocy continued, albeit with a can of fresh fuel, this time using the 2CV as a jump pack rather than the Fox. I reckon I must have tried at least eight times before deciding to check whether the fuel pump was actually pumping. It was. Which really confused me. I then tried about another six times before it dawned on me that there might just be a slight issue in the carburettor.
    Filter next to the inlet was fine, so I took the top off the carburettor. Float bowls were icky, so I cleared those out, blasted out any jets I could get a can of carb cleaner on and checked that the ball and seat were actually passing petrol. They were. Loosely dropped the top back on to see if petrol would fill the float bowl and it started!
    Screwed the top back down, disconnected the jump leads and went for a drive - only a short one around the yard as the footbrake is entirely broken and the steering is binding (and also feels very clonky). Was so overjoyed that I gave it a wash. And failed to take any further pics...
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Pieman in Marvellous Maverick!   
    This is not the greatest car in the world.......
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fabergé Greggs in Fabergé Greggs: A Morris miracle?   
    The Morris is the car that's been getting me about on trips to the shops and stuff recently. 

    I've been keeping an eye on the temp and coolant level and it's been good as gold. Today I whipped the rocker cover off and not a drop of mayo in sight... 

    I'll keep a slightly less keen eye on it for now but I'm going to tentatively say it must have been residual from the previous HGF. I do need to learn to not go into mental overload when stuff like this happens, many an hour I've wasted worrying about it.  Anyway, this is tentative good news cos knowing that I don't need to whip the head off,  I can sort the downpipe clamp and start using it for longer journeys sans fumes. 
    There isn't a day that goes by that I don't appreciate slipping into its shonky seat, stirring its minimal gearwand and harking its throaty chit chat. 

    Yes I do have a list of niggles to sort and yes I will get round to them when I'm not having so much fun. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fabergé Greggs in Fabergé Greggs: A Morris miracle?   
    A couple of weeks back I sold the Vanvan. It was ultimately too soulless, slow and modern. 
    I was messaged on facebook by a woman who had a slightly scammy vibe- glamour profile pic, weird "i will commit to buy now if you agree with my price" sort of messages. I agreed in a price and she then said she'd like to view it. No probs I said and we arranged a time. About an hour from the appointment, I got a call from some dude from a motorcycle dealers saying "hi, I'm coming to view your bike". I said that I thought it was weird that they use personal facebook profiles to do their buying to which he made some noncommittal excuse. He was pretty honest that he was going to spend some cash on it and then retail it in a showroom for £2300 to some hipster or other. He then phoned me an hour later to say he'd got his sums wrong to the tune of £100 and could I knock £50 off to split his loss between us to which I replied "hell no m8".
    All in all they made what should have been a slick and painless transaction into one that was a bit smarmy, dishonest and annoying. Something tells me they're new to the game. Anyway, bye bye Vanvan. 

    On to the Vespa: 
    I was at a low ebb with this, 90% done but too many weekends spent in the cold skinning my knuckles and dropping washers into gearboxes, to the extent that I just felt like selling it and never looking at it ever again. It was close, but thanks to the support of others I just thought to heck with finishing the last 10% and put it into regular use. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. All the things that I'd been stressing about just melted away and I was able to appreciate it for what it is. Usually I'm painfully aware of its dynamic shortcomings in comparison to the later LML, but by just jumping on and using it for a couple of weeks all that disappeared and I was able to just appreciate it for what it is, a scruffy yet delightful and thoroughly useable 51 year old vehicle with looks to melt the coldest of hearts. 

    Anyway, onto by far the most exciting development: this morning I did a dreamy cycle to Kings Cross. (Brompton 2 speed Titanium for the pedalheads amongst you- I got lucky and bought it for an absolute song during the last lockdown). I used to pour scorn on them, but now I use this practically every day and couldn't imagine life without one. 

    I spotted this, which was auspicious: 

    Then shortly afterwards I spotted one for @marm

    Anyway, train boarded and disembarked, followed by a cycle through some delightful flatlands with a comical arctic headwind THE ENTIRE WAY. 

    I then had a cup of tea and a natter with @BeEP , checked out his lovely workshop and amazing collection of prime chod. 
    One icon of British engineering was folded into another. 

    An absolutely delightful journey ensued, taking my sweet time back to London away from the motorways. 

    I think I was prepared to be charmed by this, but what I wasn't prepared for is just how capable it is- the cabin is spacious and airy with a nice heater to keep your feet warm while you dangle your elbow into the spring breeze. The ride is noticeably smoother than anything else I've driven from that era, and the a-series has that lovely torquey pull from low revs with surprisingly crisp throttle response. Before too long we were acquainted enough to enjoy the fine handling on Essex's numerous roundabouts. 

    I've done homeward journeys before that are fun but fraught, this was fun in an instantly relaxing way. 
    Safely home I can't help but have a warm fuzzy feeling that my current daily driver fleet of Vespa and Morris have a ULEZ-busting, tax evading,  MOT exempt, combined age of 105  😇
    Many many thanks are due to @BeEP for thorough MOT prep and for being a general "spirit of autoshite" award winner. 

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fabergé Greggs in Fabergé Greggs: A Morris miracle?   
    Due to the recent tinkering with the LML, all the electrics are working perfectly. 

    When all the electrics work perfectly on an LML it's advisable to take it to the MOT station IMMEDIATELY because you have about 5 minutes before one of the indicators stops working. 
    I must have made it with a minute to spare, because this morning the ministry man said 

    Love this little guy ❤️
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fabergé Greggs in Fabergé Greggs: A Morris miracle?   
    I had a little bit of workshop time tonight but not much energy, so I popped the cowls on and took this for a spin to grab some food. It's pretty damn sweet to be zooming about but we're not quite there yet. In summary of where we're at: 
    I need to sort an alarm and a chunky lock.  I need to do a bit more legshield repair  I'd like to swap the tubeless rims over from my LML that have nice fresh michelins on It handles like shit. The previous owner has put a really stiff rear shock on, which in combination with the hilariously soft and dive-prone suspension geometry at the front creates some remarkably bad vibes. Even so much as touching the front break causes the suspension to bottom out, and we're not even talking about a front brake that is in any way effective either.  Ok maybe fine for a 70's shopping trolly, but I think we can do better... Keen readers may remember that I have a set of forks from a later PK125 which is the upgrade of choice for these: much much better geometry. They need a steering stop fabricating and some modifications to the mudguard mount which will no doubt all amount to way more faff that anticipated.  Keen readers may also remember that I have a spare set of engine cases from an LML. Whilst in its current state this is perfectly usable, for an outlay of £300 or so on a cylinder kit & crank we'd be looking at an engine that would be kocking on the door of 20hp versus 8hp at the moment.. hmm... better sort those forks first eh? 
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