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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from Matty in BMC/BMH/BL Readers wives   
    Usual story for a late registration like that is that it was used abroad or on military plates for a bit then re-registered with the current plate as that was how things were done.  My old Wolseley 16/60 was a CKD car assembled in Zimbabwe in 69 but registered here about 75 on a N or P.  When the previous owner wrote to the DVLA to enquire about Historic tax they sent him a new V5 with a G reg plate and told him to change the plates sharpish.
    He wasn't too pleased as all the (factory tinted)  windows were etched with the old registration number.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to RichardK in RichardKs ramblings: Collectioning - PT Cruiser Convertible gets a freind   
    It's a long story, but no, my grandma's sister doesn't drive, her son's responsible for it being at her house, but he didn't want it there either...
    Anyway, since it started I insured it.  eSure being weird and oddly expensive so it's with Moja. Which is Axa. No idea if it's good, it was cheap!
    Test drive:

    Pondered for a while and decided to take it home and go back for the Ford rather than driving an unknown turbocharged kettle in Monday traffic...

    Seemed fine, glitches so far: I had a full set of headlights but OSF dipped failed. Hence the foglights. I may have a brake pad warning or brake fluid light. Mirrors wouldn't adjust but lots of poking the switch on the A1 work them up (power fold works). Drivers door needs key to unlock. Sun blind is stuck up. Hesitation/fuel starvation when foot down but it's improving, maybe a duff boost regulator or something but also it has a gold coloured electronic box cable tied to the fan, and a weird three pipe metal junction with a wire on not commected to owt - with a more production-ey version of the same in the same area.  Maybe a boost mod or something. Cupholders are shit.
    Can't set the clock because non-original radio, but the steering wheel controls work (as does the radio's CarPlay).
    Boot full of new suspension bush and service parts (no coolant cap, boo) and also water. Soggy parts. Soggy fibreboard. Soggy boot trim. Poor car.
    Sad bit. I will Kurust for now.

    Also "yeah more cars?" - be careful what you wish for.
    Lilith is already cursed. But this. This was STAMPED with the number of the beast.

    So I had nicknamed it the Black Beast of Costcutter, but I can't do that to a black clad Brummie.
    It's called Ozzy.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   

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    catsinthewelder reacted to wuvvum in The new news 24 thread   
    First time on the Brenda Line.

    All very shiny and new. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to puddlethumper in The new news 24 thread   
    Here is a pic of the yard, for any MX5 lickers, and a crap pic of my future Mazda shite/not shite is. I think they had 12/13 Mx5's there.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Mrcento in Scotland scurry! Any Quick visit suggestions?   
    Probably ended up in Fife and has spent the last 2 weeks asking people where in Fife he is and how to get out, only to be told constantly he is in Fife and the closest to an exact location he gets is informed of bits of Fife he isn't in.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Surface Rust in A Safrane goes back on the road!   
    Apologies for gatecrashing your thread with this, but thought this snippet of Safrane history ought to be captured for posterity, and as your Safrane milkshake has already brought all the Safrane fanciers to the yard....
    A few years ago I worked for a Peterborough based diesel engine manufacturer.  Languishing in the corner of the works car park was a Phase 1 Safrane (met green). Shitters in the car park were not unusual, my period of employment coincided with Xbollox. Anyway, this Safrane was a bit special, as it was an former development vehicle, housing a specially developed executive class 2.5 litre V6, twin turbo, Bosch VE diesel.  It was called the 'sunshine' project, and sadly after building several prototypes, including this fully functioning Safrane, it was eventually scrapped.
    The Sunshine engine was, by all accounts an absolute peach, it developed about 168bhp and had received significant NVH benchmarking to place it well ahead of any contemporaries.
    Apparently the Safrane was trailered over to France to be demonstrated to Renault top brass, but they decided to pursue their own in house 4cyl diesels instead.
    What might have been eh?
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    catsinthewelder reacted to RustyNuts in A Safrane goes back on the road!   
    It only took 12 years!

    They're not the most popular of cars but the Ph2 Safrane with the volvo powerplants was always a winner with me. That is, until i removed the engine, put it back, couldn't get it to run, then got it going, then the cooling went, the head gasket followed. I really do have the worst luck with car engines / gearboxes and this one was certainly no exception despite being a Volvo. I'm not a mechanic so i've had to do a lot by trial / error. It's literally the most screwed up then fixed car on the planet. There's nothing on this car i've not buggered up somehow and then had to work out how to fix it and in the process it's cost me more than i'd care to admit. It's been the biggest pain in the arse a car could ever be but for some screwed up mental block of a reason, i couldn't part with it. On a positive note, i've learnt a lot from it that i need to learn when to quit.
    So the best course of action was to buy another (£600 jobbie - cars were cheap back then) which got scrapped after 8 months, then a 3rd which also got scrapped a couple of years later. I kept both engines (plus loads of other shit which recently got trashed too due to a house move) but I still had the 1st safrane. 7 years ago i put the 3rd's engine into it and that went the same way.. ran instantly but no cooling system despite coolant bleeding out of all the bleed holes. By this point i'd given away the 2nd engine so couldn't try that. Eventually I ended up swapping the head gasket out which was covered in mayo.. It was a pig of a job with it taking 5 weeks for the volvo dealers to even work out which gasket to order. The engine has far less space on the timing side than the volvo 850 so it was really tight in there and two of the bolts took a lot of head scratching. I got it done but despite the new head gasket, the cooling malfunction continued. 
    Last year i had some luck when a couple of local lads came out and plugged in their snap-on kit for less than a penny. It locked up until i started the engine. One of them said he'd never seen that happen before and was stunned. Eventually it pointed to the coolant temp sensor which i knew was wrong as i'd replaced it twice! So they concluded that it had an electrical woe and i set about investigating the impossible again. I'm too embarrassed to tell you what it was but i shall say that it was something simple that i'd completely overlooked for over a decade. Sorted that, cooling fans worked again. All good right?.. well in all the passing years a few other gremlins had set in but i managed my way around those and 2 months after we'd moved again, i was able to collect it and take it for it's first MOT in over a decade.
    More pics - taken today!

    Just in the nick of time too. 2 days after the MOT my van went off the road again and so the car that the missus had disliked for years because "it's a fucking dead lump of metal" is now alive and slowly winning her back over now that it's doing school runs so she can still use her car for work. 
    At 2.5L it's thirsty at 17mpg around town - that's 3.7miles per litre. 33mpg on a motorway is pretty much the maximum. Insurance is a pain too but i won't go there. So now i've got it fixed up and back on the road i shall have to SORN it again shortly and keep it as a spare motor. 
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Talbot in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   
    So.  As mentioned above, I had to go to Glasgow last week, and the 210 was never going to be able to do that journey.  Mentioned this to the guy down at my local Merc specialist.
    "So, you need a car?"
    "Yes.  Have you got one?"
    "There's a C-class outside.  Only issue is it's a manual.  Want it?"
    "Is it alright?"
    "Yeah, it's ok."
    "I'll have it".
    We found was that it was a few days out of MOT.  So I inflate all the tyres, as they were a bit flat, pull as much dead tree out of the scuttle and rear boot area as I can, and run it up to the localish MOT centre.  Left it with him on the Friday.  Got a note on Saturday to say it had passed with one advisory of tyres close to the limit on one edge.  Walked down there on Monday lunchtime from work, paid for the MOT and drove it away.  Filled it with fuel that evening, and then on Tuesday morning loaded it up with kit and drove it 435 miles up to Glasgow.  Still with green ick in all the trim lines and moss around some of the glass.  DILLIGAF?
    I had an interim stop at a supplier just near PeatBogHorror, which is where I realised I'd not yet got a photo of it:

    Filthy, but functional wheels.
    Got up to my hotel that night, with a rather surprising statistic:

    Seriously?  45.1 MPG?  I know it's "only" a 1.8, but it's a supercharged 1.8 with 140-ish BHP, and drives as such.  The power delivery is really linear and smooth.  It just feels like a 2.5-ish litre engine.  And I wasn't dawdling about, as the average speed of 60MPH shows.  Considering I had to faff about in town at this end and in PeatBogHorror, those figures are amazing.  Assuming they are to be believed...
    Off to the customer, and shall I park as far away as I can?  Nope, right in front of their door..

    Looking even more dirty now.  The motorways were absolutely filthy.  I used an entire tank of screenwash on the journey.  That's not saying a lot though as the tank appears to be only 2 litres from it's warning level to full-to-overflowing.
    So after having then faffed about somewhat around Glasgow,  I needed fuel.  The tankful came back with these statistics:

    Which were borne out with the tank-to-tank consumption calc.  The fuel computer is accurate to within a few %, which is quite frankly amazing.
    Leaving the hotel on the Thursday morning, it would appear that all the cool* kids have cars with blacked out rear windows:

    TBH, I really don't like it.  It's been done with tinting paper, so if I get a chance I'll get a hairdrier out and see if I can peel it off.  At least from the side windows if not also from the rear windscreen, as I keep looking over my shoulder to be met with a much darker view of the road.  Plus the auto-dip rear view mirror is having a bit of a hard time interpreting when there is a car behind.   The rear window might not get removed, as I've head it can often tear the HRW elements off at the same time, which would be irritating, as they all work.
    The return journey was more of the same.  Did part of it on Thursday evening after a simply superb Burns night dinner with the julaaaaars.   Stayed overnight and visited another company (supplier this time) north of Manchester and then made the return journey home.  I didn't quite make it all the way home on that tank, as I'd had a fair bit of mileage on the Thursday before driving down.  Just at fill up, I had the best statistic so far:

    Which was for the leg down from the supplier to just into London.  Yes, I was hypermileing it a bit, mainly to see what I could get out of it, but as the 57MPH average shows, I wasn't being absurd.  It also seems like the Supercharger is a bit of a restriction below about 2kRPM, so best economy is had by keeping the engine above this.  In several sections of 50mph road, this meant *not* being in top gear.  It's the first supercharged engine I've ever really driven properly, so there's a learning curve for me to get the best out of it.  That fuel-up gave another superb entire-tank consumption figure:

    Yet again borne out by the pump fuel reading.  If driven sensibly, this is a shockingly economic car!  Yes, you can get the figure down into the low 20s when schlepping about town, and if you're not on a long run, it's hard to get any more than mid-high 30s out of it.  It seems to have a massive range of fuel economy.  More so than I think just about any car I've owned before.  Drive like a bellend?  18mpg.  Hypermile on the motorway?  48mpg.
    So, a completely unknown car to me has just done 1130 miles with nothing more than 1 litre of oil added when the know-it-all display asked for it, and three entire tanks of screenwash.  Oh, and about 120 litres of fuel.  Which is amazing, as the E300 would probably have needed nearer 150 litres of diesel fuel for the same journey, at about 20p/litre more than the petrol needed for the C180K.  I'm sure the main difference is the manual gearbox.  You can almost feel the torque converter losses in the E300.  That and the fact that the C180K is a much lighter car, and has better aerodynamics, being a saloon.  And fractionally narrower tyres.  But mainly the gearbox I think.
    ... which is a 6-speed.  Initially this felt like it has too many ratios to me, and around town / B-roads, you feel like you're constantly changing gear.  There were some points I agreed with W who sold me the car that it might be better as an automatic.  But, after some experience with it, you tend to block-change an awful lot more than you would with a 5-speed box, which does give you more options.  I found myself skipping gears all the time, especially where you can accelerate up to say 50mph, then block change from 3rd to 5th, or indeed if you're not quite at a full stop, you can use 2nd-4th-6th to accelerate onto a motorway or dual carriageway.  A 5-speed box with the same ratios for 1st and top would have been quite adequate, but possibly not as flexible.  TBH, it spent most of it's time in 6th gear with the cruise control set at a GPS-indicated 70mph (dash showed 71/72 or 115kmh) at which speed top gear is about 2300/2400 RPM, so ideal for keeping the supercharger spinning.
    It's been washed now, and looks amazing for a 18 year old 160k mile car.  There's absolutely no rust I can find,  no lacquer peel, no damaged trim, no significant scrapes or marks, no interior damage and no significant squeaks or rattles.  The worst "damage" on the car is the gear knob is quite badly worn.  That's it.  It looks and drives like a car with half it's miles and years.
    As a car.. I would not have chosen it.  The S210 is much more comfortable for me, and with it being a saloon is hopelessly inflexible (rear seats do not fold at all).  However, as "an car", bought in bit of an emergency, it's been absolutely superb.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to chaseracer in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   
    To cheer you up, Mr R, here's some more excellent garmentry:

    We've "got your back"... 😁
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Talbot in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   
    This is indeed a worry.  I am hoping that nothing untoward has happened, and I can just splice in a new section of loom, but I really don't know for sure.
    One saving grace is that the Merc specialist near me has another E300 in for breaking, which is both complete and a runner, so if I need a new computer or 6, there may be a supply of them available.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Talbot in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   
    Well, Fuck.
    I thought things were going rather too well.  The last welding to get the sill on was being done this afternoon.  The weld was a really good one.. continuous, smooth, working really well.  Until I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.
    Given that I already had the interior removed from where I am welding, I assumed I'd set fire to paint on the other side of the panel I was welding.  Nothing serious, just put it out and re-paint it.  How silly of me to paint an area that was going to be welded thinks I.  So I have a look.
    Nope.  The fucking wiring loom.
    Wasn't even in contact with the area I was welding... Radiant heat from the steelwork melted the plastic trunking and some of the insulation, which then shorted and caught fire.  Got it put out, but I now have 6" of loom with no insulation on it anywhere, lots of melted insulation and plastic trunking, and a car interior that will smell of burning plastic for the next forever.
    Could have been worse I guess...
    I need a beer.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to cafehag in Lonsdale yd41???   
    I live in South Australia, and there are currently two examples, both badged as Mitsubishi Sigmas, in the local U pull it scrap yard which, remarkably, is located in the Adelaide suburb of Lonsdale.
    I can remember seeing Lonsdales at the Earls Court motor show with my dad. Of course, none of this advances your search.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to barrett in End of shite?   
    My £400 Renault 19 last year had loads of ticket on it, and defnitely felt like a return to old-school Shite buying. The £800 one-lady-owner low miles 206 which replaced it two days later may be incredibly boring, but it was a cheap reliable car with 9 months test and no major issues (so far - touch wood).
    The issue for me is that incredibly dull cars made in the last 20 years are the same price as something actually interesting (well, still dull, but old) made 40-50 years ago, so why would anyone chose to take the boring option? My Rover P6 cost less than your average 15-yr-old BMW or Honda Civic or whatever. A Skoda Fabia is more expensive than a Triumph Herald, which suggests to me we should all be revelling in buying Proper Shite with all the danger/thrill of galloping rot, shit electrics and mechanical frailty, just like we used to years ago. If anything, it's a golden age where boring cars are expensive and interesting cars are worthless!
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    catsinthewelder reacted to Mrcento in The new news 24 thread   
    What part of Fife?
    'Fife M8'
    Yeah but what bit?
    I get that, but where in Fife are you?, What town?
    'About 8 miles from St.Andrews, 9kilometers northwest of Glenrothes but about 1 hour from Edinburgh'
    Can i have a postcode?
    'I'm in Fife M8'
    etc etc etc 😉
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from mat_the_cat in High owner heaps   
    No it's a very good thing,  £200 which I will refund if you get it through an MOT!
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from mat_the_cat in High owner heaps   
    My new bike seems a little high with 8 former keepers considering it was registered in 2015.  It's not the highest on my fleet though.

    Officially I'm the 17th registered keeper of a certain M361DHP and I'd love someone else to take it off my hands.  It's not the highest though!

     My Freight Rover Sherpa has 18 former keepers making me the 19th!  It is 35 years old though and has 950k on the clock although I'm assured this is probably a fault with the clocks.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Andyrew in High owner heaps   
    Im owner 18 and its off to number 19 soon sadly!

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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from BlankFrank in High owner heaps   
    No it's a very good thing,  £200 which I will refund if you get it through an MOT!
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    catsinthewelder got a reaction from nacho man in High owner heaps   
    My new bike seems a little high with 8 former keepers considering it was registered in 2015.  It's not the highest on my fleet though.

    Officially I'm the 17th registered keeper of a certain M361DHP and I'd love someone else to take it off my hands.  It's not the highest though!

     My Freight Rover Sherpa has 18 former keepers making me the 19th!  It is 35 years old though and has 950k on the clock although I'm assured this is probably a fault with the clocks.

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Cavcraft in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Says the man who goes on his moped to Southern Ireland! Don't know if you went there at any point, but Smith's now moving everything up their 'new' Honda place on Whitchurch Road. They've lost Triumph (I'm sure someone said Yamaha are pulling out to, but that could be wrong) but have R.E and I believe BSA.
    Yesterday (stupid o'clock in the morning) all the lights on the Lambretta decided not to work, so used the e-moped instead. My mate fixed the Li, a wire had come off the regulator, or whatever it's called. Used it today and have to say it's still as fun to ride as it ever was. 
    Tomorrow the Harley is going for a spin, assuming it's not icy.
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    catsinthewelder reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Fine looking Suzuki TS 185 coming up for auction this week.
    January Classic: 27 Jan 2023 - 1973 Suzuki TS 185 K Sierra (barons-auctions.com)

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    catsinthewelder reacted to Fat_Pirate in The Bikeshite Thread   
    Bit disappointed to discover my Interceptor has been quietly corroding in the garage; admittedly it was mucky when I put it away in October (mostly squished insects from the summer), but it shares the space with a couple of 20 year-old Hondas and a 17 year-old KTM, none of which show any degradation. 

    Metal polish cleaned up the exhaust, but the engine will need more elbow grease.  Have ACF50'd it and put a cover over it for now.
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