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  1. Loving the hobo spec Escort - no rear parcel shelf or even the brackets to fit one, just like my old mk1 Fiesta. Great stuff
  2. Free to good home. Non-shite GENUINE Alfa 147 3 door roofbars, fixings and keys. Used but in fair condition. Collection from Barnsley.
  3. The Dedra passed its MOT yesterday (with different advisories to last year obviously!) I couldn't be bothered taking it 50 miles to my usual place and leaving it for a few days so I popped into my local garage on the off chance they could squeeze it in ASAP. The MOT bay was free and their MOT bloke was drinking tea so the job was jobbed there and then. Believe it or not in 24 years of driving and despite owning "older vehicles" for the majority of that time I have never actually observed a test being carried out, but with the offer of a green plastic garden chair to sit on and a cup of tea
  4. walk


    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for posting!
  5. What a great thread, thanks for posting all the parts together, great to see a 25 being saved. Not sure if yours is the norm for larger French chod but it does seem remarkably rot free. Good work
  6. This really is coming together nicely, keep up the scrubbing and scraping!
  7. walk

    Hi from a new member

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy! (Oh yeah, don't forget the pics.)
  8. ...and I'm sat here expecting to see van updates! Great to see the 126 being resurrected though, that colour still looks fab. Surely there's plenty of life left in that "cardboard" spring yet.
  9. Welcome aboard Dave, that looks fab!
  10. The Dedra is now out of hibernation and fettled ready for daily driving duties - just had a new cambelt and front discs and pads fitted and all is good! Oh yeah it also suffered a minor (very nearly major) fuel leak but thankfully I caught it in time and a couple of new fuel hoses have solved the issue. You've gotta laugh Updates to follow...
  11. Absolutely spot on - just goes to show what can be achieved at home (with the right experience!) Well done.
  12. Popped out to the secret bunker earlier to check on the Dedra's winter hibernation; I'd not visited since September but everything seems well. It's bone dry thankfully and there's no sign of any critters anywhere! It'll be put into daily(ish) use at the end of Jan when I've given it a fresh cambelt. Here's a nice cheerful photo to take us into 2013 December 2012 003 by dick dedra, on Flickr Happy new year folks from Stalag Shite!
  13. Rice poured onto a tray, or cat litter... Just chuck out and replace every now and then.
  14. walk

    Youtube moments

    Here you go - bodywork the shite way!
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