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  1. Would love to save that J-reg. But real question is how did they park that Hyundai? a) Push it in b) Climb out the boot c) Move the J-reg so they could open the door d) Their slowly decomposing body is still trapped in the Hyundai e) The space is not as tight as it looks
  2. Maybe I am asking the impossible here but does anyone in East Central Scotland (i.e. Edinburgh, Fife, Falkirk) have 1. space to store an unroadworthy car, 2. a means of transporting it for very little cost? The Bini has been off the road for 8 months now and an impending house move and general lack of time means that I'm not going to get it roadworthy anytime soon (but I don't want to give up on it just yet). If I can get it out of the way for a few months it will make the house move much easier! It is drivable and complete so moving it about under it's own steam is no problem however the lower front strut bolt has part sheared off (why I've temporarily given up on fixing it) so I would certainly not be driving it any distance or at any speed! Don't want to spend much on storage as I could weigh it in and pick up a MOT'd one and only be a few hundred quid out of pocket but pride and stupidity means I am determined to save it.
  3. For my 30th my wife treated me to a weekend classic car hire, I opted for an early E-type roadster but unfortunately the gearbox went a few days prior to me getting it. Was given the choice of a Mk2 Jag or Citroen SM instead. Opted for the Jag which was a lovely thing to cruise about in and being the 3.8 had some poke, surprised a few 3-series numptys! I do slightly regret not trying the SM though, it's definitely still on my bucket list. Other than that, something pre-war would be interesting. Also I've never ridden a motorbike and am intrigued to give one a go, not something I'd kill myself on but and old Triumph or Norton with an open face helmet would be a blast I'm sure. Nothing new really takes my fancy much for normal road driving.
  4. When I was growing up my mum and dad had 420EOF and A20EOF as a matching pair.
  5. I first had mine on a Mondeo Ghia X TDCi, it's since been on an MX5, two Skoda Octavias and now a Karoq, at £80 a time transfer fee I've spent about the same as the plate cost me shifting it about but I don't care because like it (even though everyone has to ask me what it it supposed to mean) and I don't care what anyone else thinks of me because of it! I mean for one I drive a Skoda so everyone else on the road has to get past me no matter what and secondly it's a diesel SUV so socially I'm slightly worse than a serial killer - I doubt having a private reg makes much odds either way. Anyway back to topic....I have nothing to contribute in that regard...
  6. Going further back to 2000 I had a 1962 Mini Super Deluxe as my only car. Since then 15 cars, none of which are particularly noteworthy have come and gone and the current fleet consists of three. When I put it like that it seems like I've wasted a lot of money on boring cars that could have been put to better use on fewer more interesting cars. My goal for 2030 is to be back in a classic Mini, either that or be at the point where the Bini is a highly valuable classic...
  7. Wowzer, I remember paying £3k to insure my first car a 1991 R8 214SLi, this was in 1999. Makes me happy that now we pay £500 a year combined for both mine and my wifes car on a multi-car policy - one of the few joys of getting old. Not looking forward to when the twins hit 17 as I imagine that will be crippling shelling out for two at the same time, still they're only 5 just now so cars will probably be impossible to crash by then and insurance will no longer be required*
  8. Interesting, to me Skoda currently seem to be a step above Seat in terms of quality and spec . Seat seem to aim for the younger market with sportier trim levels and certainly the base spec Seats are less well equipped and cheaper than the equivalent Skoda product in the current range. Ok so I'm a bit of a Skoda fanboi now being on our third on the trot for family duties but it saddens me that they might be going down market. Over the last few years I've felt that Skoda is kind of like the new Saab (don't shoot me) by that I mean it's the thinking man's choice rather than following the crowd and getting an Audi or VW.
  9. These car specific registrations do intrigue me, fair enough for something like that Jag there will always be a market but I find it amusing when you see a JAG plate on a BMW or vice versa. I wonder where all the S4XO? number plates are these days, they used to be everywhere on the old boy racer's favourite.
  10. Man after my own heart but it's been a while since I've had mine down from the loft (I'm talking about my tax disc collection not my Mrs!). My interest was sparked off in the early 90s when my grandfather gave me a box with all the ones from his old cars going back to the early 50s, to which I added ones from my Dad's cars then mine up until 2014 or whenever it was they stoped. I had hoped to have a complete collection of one from every year but there's still a few gaps mainly in the 70s and 80s - I remember putting an ad in the local paper (days before the internet) asking people to send me theirs, don't think I got a single response! I must get them down then get myself onto ebay! I like the sound of your game although unfortunately as all the discs in my collection are from cars my family used to own I don't think there's any still on the road from pre 2000s.
  11. Happy to take some close ups next time I'm there if there is anything particular you want to see! It's less than an hour from me and we're probably due a visit with the kids again soon.
  12. I am disturbed at how interesting I'm finding this thread, although only came to it recently so haven't read everything. You may be interested to know (or maybe do already) that GPG 721K is residing in the Glasgow Transport Museum (in mid take-off for reasons I'm not entirely sure of) and looks to be in fine fettle, next time I'm there I'll take a closer look.
  13. When project Bini went in for it's test last week things like missing clutch pedal rubber and perished fuel cap seal were listed as items to monitor which I didn't even realise were part of the test (are they?). To be honest on this occasion I was glad they were extra thorough as now I have a comprehensive list of things to fix and I know they've been through it with a fine toothcomb.
  14. Been mulling this over and I'm struggling, I've always preferred to drive something less 'run of the mill' so as car's get older and rarer they start to appeal to me more. There are plenty cars I wouldn't have touched with a barge pole 15-20 years ago but would very happily own today simply because they've become more interesting to me because of their scarcity. Yes there are plenty of cars (new and old) I would say aren't worth the money - scene tax etc - but that's not to say I wouldn't want to own one if money was no object. How's that for a inoffensive answer? Although I've probably offended people by implying that I don't dislike something as much as them!
  15. Tartan58

    Renault 14 Madness

    Absolutely wonderful, hats off you for perseverance. Like @loserone my first journey into the big wide world was in a 14, a white TL with red interior which Dad bought brand new a couple of months before I was born, (the one and only time he bought a new car). The original number rear numberplate adorns my garage wall and the spare wheel (with original tyre) has been successfully preventing my mum from hitting the back wall when going into her garage every day for 38 years - the most well used R 14 part in history?
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