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  1. When I was learning back in '98 instructor had a brand new Kia Pride. He had it precisely for the reason it had no power steering or any of the electronic gizmos that were becoming increasingly common at that time. The first time my mum took me out in her M reg 214SLi I nearly threw it off the road at the first corner as the steering was so light! He threw a curve ball by turning up at my test to say "I've just had a new clutch put in yesterday so it might be a bit different to what you've been used to!" Managed to get by though! He was still running that Pride for years after as he
  2. Funnily enough the only time I've written off a car was at this exact spot! This was back in 2008 and I was in a 2004 Mondeo, like an idiot I drove into the back of a van in rushour traffic not at much speed but enough to pop both airbags and knacker the front end due to the BFO towbar on the van. No photos unfortunately. Within a couple of weeks I'd decided I'd had enough of the Edinburgh-Glasgow commute and handed in my notice, best decision I ever made!
  3. No way, I'm stunned - I've driven past there hundreds of times and never noticed this. ...off to hang my head in shame...
  4. Wow I never knew that and I thought I was an original Mini geek. I say go for the stickers, I got some Ecurie Ecosse ones done for mine along with racing roundals - it's not been out on the road since I put them on, but it looks nice in the garage!
  5. Not too dissimilar to my fail list - that was August 2019 and I've still not got round to fixing it yet! If your suspension bolts are as rusted up as mine (and being Scotland they probably are) then I'd just throw it away and buy another with a ticket. That said you should also definitely save it as fewer and fewer people are bothering to keep these R50s alive anymore.....no scrap it so it increases the rarity value of mine by 0.01p.....
  6. Loving the roof - not seen one like that before. In other BINI news my R50 was treated to a wash before moving back into the garage again after being relegated to the driveway for the last 3 months due to house renovations. Next year it will get an MOT if it kills me...it's becoming a bit of a joke.
  7. Hmm may have been the blue one I drove but definitely had a few passenger rides in the red one. I'm sure it was down at Clark's corner you had that wee off!!
  8. Just discovered this thread and following with much interest. Can't believe it's been 5 years since I got rid of my '5, I do miss it even though it was the soft and squidgy Mk2.5 - it was still great fun to thrash round Knockhill even though I was invariably the slowest thing on the track! (happy memories of being pulled out of the gravel in your red one too - GM was driving I hasten to add, I'd never have had the balls to go fast enough to be at risk of putting it in the gravel!) I'm very glad at the price you're selling yours at as it means I can in no way afford to be tempted
  9. Curse you, this has lead me to go on ebay and find a 1:12 Citroen SM in green and it's my birthday tomorrow, must resist...
  10. I hated the idea of these with a passion however having had one for the last 4 months I love it, especially how it automatically apply the handbrake when stationary so you don't need to sit with your foot on the pedal. Find it a real faff driving cars with manual handbrakes now! Of course the thought of it going wrong still terrifies me! Despite being a modern VAG product our 2018 Skoda does have a dipstick which I am thankful for as I am a bit anal (or sensible) about checking the oil every week. However having automatic wipers instead of a variable intermittent wipe
  11. Would only have been there half a day back in August. Where do you work?
  12. It was tested at East Coast Tyres in SQ. The car was originally from Kirkcaldy then lived in Wigton before going back to dunfermline before I got it. (oh and I'm a Fifer by birth and like to keep the Kingdom close at hand!)
  13. How very dare you, are you accusing me of being a Fifer ? - its South Queensferry!
  14. No you're supposed to say it was a heap of shite so I don't feel even worse about missing my one time chance to drive one.
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