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  1. Just catching up on the last couple of months progress - seriously impressed with your skillz / determination / patience. A tad shocked to see you've gone soft with a Mk2.5? 🤣 Looks a minter though and I still maintain that my Mk2.5 was one of the most comfortable cars I've owned, a very suitable daily.
  2. I've heard of Kia replacing corroded alloys under warranty so maybe worth a shot if you're going to end up getting stung for them. Might be a struggle on a high miler though as they'll no doubt try to claim you scuffed them.
  3. Ah, I'd forgotten about the sound of these. Brings back memories of my youth in the mid to late 80s (was born in 81 so I'm talking actual young youth) where my 'party trick' was to be able to identify when a 205 was approaching from behind before seeing it, I rarely got it wrong! Yours looks really nice, there's something about these run of the mill versions that just looks right, and yes these wheel trims make all the differance.
  4. Korea is the new Japan if you want a car that just works. We had an 11 plate estate for a while and it was very capable, the 1.6 petrol wasn't quick by any means but did the job. However I found the ride harsh and the seats too hard, that was the main reason for getting rid. but other than that it was perfectly ok. Only problems we had was the volume control on the stereo stopped working (steering wheel controls still worked) and the boot lock rattled and both were fixed under warranty with no quibbles (I was expecting a fight since we hadn't bought the car from a franchised dealer b
  5. Completley understand. Number plates are kind of my weird fetish and nothing upsets me more than seeing a classic that has obviously been plate-raped (isn't is strange how many 50s Jags were seemingly registered in Caithness for example). Not sure this car falls into that category for me but that doesn't change the principal. If the unthinkable happens and it gets scrapped or broken for parts I'd give a few quid for the plate rather than see it die to the system.
  6. Those seats look amazingly comfy! Don't suppose you fancy selling me the reg? I'm Mark M😉
  7. In terms of making money the only 2 candidates I've owned are my Minis, a '62 followed by a '94 model. In terms of Autoshite interest level I'd include my '91 base spec Rover 214, '94 Renault 19 saloon and '97 Seat Toledo 16v Extending it to cars my family have owned over my lifetime my Dad's BMW 2002tii and Grandads Citroens (ID,DS and Big 6) would be the money spinners and I'd throw in the Renault 14 which was the first car I travelled in when born for sentimental value and autoshite bonus points. Other worthy candidates would be '89 Saab 9000 CD Turbo and '84 BMW 320i (3dr on ste
  8. I reckon they missed a trick by not calling it "The Man DeLorean" 😬
  9. I had a rather fetching Rover Streetwise Olympic edition for a while which gave you sporty but uncomfortable seats, uncomfortable 17" wheels with rubber band tyres and lovely metallic blue paintwork, strangely regret selling this.
  10. Almost exactly 21 years ago I bought a 1962 Super Deluxe for £3k which I thought was a bit rich but it was a nice solid un-restored example in rare Fiesta Yellow with sky blue interior. Ran it as a daily for 2 years before selling it for what I paid and thought I'd done fairly well. Would be into 5 figures now probably.
  11. When I was learning back in '98 instructor had a brand new Kia Pride. He had it precisely for the reason it had no power steering or any of the electronic gizmos that were becoming increasingly common at that time. The first time my mum took me out in her M reg 214SLi I nearly threw it off the road at the first corner as the steering was so light! He threw a curve ball by turning up at my test to say "I've just had a new clutch put in yesterday so it might be a bit different to what you've been used to!" Managed to get by though! He was still running that Pride for years after as he
  12. Funnily enough the only time I've written off a car was at this exact spot! This was back in 2008 and I was in a 2004 Mondeo, like an idiot I drove into the back of a van in rushour traffic not at much speed but enough to pop both airbags and knacker the front end due to the BFO towbar on the van. No photos unfortunately. Within a couple of weeks I'd decided I'd had enough of the Edinburgh-Glasgow commute and handed in my notice, best decision I ever made!
  13. No way, I'm stunned - I've driven past there hundreds of times and never noticed this. ...off to hang my head in shame...
  14. Wow I never knew that and I thought I was an original Mini geek. I say go for the stickers, I got some Ecurie Ecosse ones done for mine along with racing roundals - it's not been out on the road since I put them on, but it looks nice in the garage!
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