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  1. Indeed, and lo the council saw it and said it was good, therefore let us make it the law ...
  2. Yes, another idiotic idea from CEC so that they can fund their tram that doesn't go anywhere you want it to* So, Mr Business owner you own a premises that has private parking for your employees, well sorry we don't like that so you'll have to pay £400 a year per space. As I understand it from an article I read a few weeks ago it is the employer who will be charged and it is at their discretion whether to pass the cost on to their employees. Can the council even legally charge someone to park on their own private land? By the sounds of this yes in which case I'm sure it won't be long before they charge you to park in your own driveway. Not heard the bit about being paid £400 to use public transport, how would they verify that? Could you drive to work, pay the £400 to park at the office then walk back 2 stops and get the bus back to work and claim the £400 back? Another brilliant idea they are implementing next year is closing off areas of the city to cars on certain days so that everyone can enjoy sitting in a traffic jam elsewhere increasing pollution and being unable to get where they need to go..... genius.
  3. Excellent and good luck! Did a very similar trip a few years back (Edinburgh-LeMans and back) in my MX5 but it wasn't for the race which meant I could drive the track (or part of it anyway.) A thoroughly enjoyable and incident free trip except being in a convertible with no air-con in a traffic jam in the middle of France at 30+degrees was pretty grim!
  4. Although I'm not totally sure what the question is (are we reducing congestion and pollution or topping up the governments piggy bank?) I don't think this is the answer. The answer is really very simple and I've been saying it for years. You want fewer cars on the road then get rid of the archaic view that everybody* needs to travel to an office in the city at the same time of the morning and sit there all day doing stuff they could easily do from home and then all travel home again at the same time, it's a completely ridiculous and wasteful way of living. I appreciate there are many jobs where you do require to be 'on site' but the culture should be "if you can work from home then you should", not "you'd better have a damn good reason not to be in the office at 9am sharp"
  5. Awesome film, loved it when I was a kid. Was shown on the TV not so long ago I recall and it hadn't lost any of it's charm but yes it was pretty racist in the way the characters were portrayed!
  6. This is GR9, love the yellow dash lights on these. One of you needs to buy it, fix it, transport it up to Scotland then roffle it then I'd be very interested...
  7. An honour indeed. It's just a shame he passed when I was 12 so never really got to share our love of cars to the full.
  8. Thoroughly enjoying this thread. Here's my offering of Father Tartan's cars from my youth, in no particular order. (a notable one missing from here is the white Renault 14 of which I can't find a photo anywhere, probably because it rusted to nothing too quickly). For bonus points these were almost all taken in the same location... The orange 2002tii was also the last car my maternal grandfather owned which my dad took over when he gave up driving. Grandpa's car history is interesting as he had some very fine motors at a time when they were the autoshite luxobarges of their day and folk were giving them away - he would have thoroughly approved of this site. This was sadly before my time the BMW being the only one I remember. The only others I can find photos of are these also staring the great man himself... There were at least 2 DS's and a "Big 6" Traction Avant plus and a couple of 50s Daimlers as well.
  9. So the new speedo arrived, was connected up and bingo, we now have a full compliment of lights. However as suspected there was obviously some funny business going on with the old speedo as I now have constantly lit airbag, ABS and handbrake warning lights. I also have added another twist to the car's mileage history, as this is the third speedo that has been fitted. 2017 MOT shows 113k miles, then 2018 MOT shows 89k miles, the speedo I just removed was at 91k and now this one shows 150k! True mileage is somewhere around £130k, I believe that the true mileage is stored in the BC1 unit so the speedo can be updated with re-coding by a dealer or specialist but that's a job for another day once everything else is sorted (I seem to be saying that a lot!). A quick look under the seats identified some suspect wiring which may be causing the airbag light.... However on removal of the insulating tape the connections looked good so before I start messing about cutting and re-soldering wires at random I decided to invest in a OBD reader which will read the BMW specific codes to try and narrow down the fault (and will hopefully also help identify the source of the ABS issue). If I'm lucky it might also read the true mileage from the BC1 although won't do any re-coding. This seemed to be the cheapest one that would do the job and had good reviews, should be £30 well spent (and by man maths any money spent on tools doesn't count towards money spent on the car!) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/C110-Scanner-Airbag-ABS-Engine-Diagnostic-Fault-Code-Scan-Reader-OBD2-For-BMW-UK/323212283754?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  10. Hope you've been to specsavers... House of the Binns (even has a shite name) just outside Edinburgh, the Rover 75 you can just see in the picture (under the big tree) belongs to and is regularly driven by the present Laird, the house now belongs to the National Trust but the family still live in one of the wings. Photo stolen from the NTS website as not having any photographic evidence to support my claim I thought I'd at least post a picture of the house. Only on closer inspection did I notice that the Rover actually featured!
  11. Should have kept my bloody mouth shut... Ok so not a catastrophic disaster but enough to put the MOT on hold...while doing some final pre MOT checks last week I noticed that the ABS, Airbag and Handbrake warning lights weren't coming on as they should on start up which will constitute a fail. Now the car has had a replacement speedo a couple of years back so the one fitted is from a slightly later car, was fitted by the previous owner from a scrappy so it wouldn't have been re-coded or anything fancy like that. Running the test sequence on the speedo (holding in the reset button while turning the key to position 1) showed that these lights don't come on during the test either which leads me to suspect an issue with the speedo unit itself. So because it's cheap and easy I've ordered a replacement speedo from a Feb02 build car (as the part numbers seem to change several times each year) the bay of e (£15 delivered) and will see what happens when I plug it in. While waiting for the speedo to arrive I have got the old hairdryer out and removed the bonnet stripes. Looks a bit naked now but it's part of the long term plan for once the mechanical are up to scratch, the inspiration being:
  12. Good work, in a few days you've made considerably more progress than I have in 6 weeks, I'll be watching this one with interest. These face lift models are about as far as I'll go in styling terms before they started getting bloated. The interior certainly seems a big step up from the R50s. At this rate we will need a new forum section especially for Minis.
  13. Saw the best I've ever seen today but unfortunately didn't get a photo as was driving. TAX 1 on a Tesla (which was sporting private hire tags) - bet his fares are steep! Edit: photo and story here... https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/killjoy-cabbies-complain-to-edinburgh-council-over-private-hire-boss-s-92k-number-plate-1-4908828
  14. That SD1 is a thing of menacing beauty - was it not on ebay not so long ago, I seem to remember drooling over it before. The P6, hmm not so sure, the number plate needs to be else where and the wheels, if I saw them on their own I'd say kill them with fire but on the car they're not too bad, they kind of fit with the period custom look.
  15. Once I get the Bini-o'shite on the road I should try and make one of these events. Especially as I designed the road that loops round by the Arnold Clark and round by Asda as well as the residential developments on the other side of the old road, not been back there since the day before the road opened!
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