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    VAG 1.9 tdi's

    I'm not a fan of VAG stuff generally, but I bought an 1997 A4 110bhp 7 years ago with 192000 on the clock as a temporary runabout thinking it wouldnt last. I've not given it an easy life and its now just shy of 250,000 and still pulls like a train. The only thing i've done to it engine wise apart from general maintainance and a cam belt is the top part of the fuel pump. Its got a fly-by-wire throttle arrangement which failed twice, but at £20 per replacement and 10 minutes work each time its been well worth it. The only other mishap was a small hole in a injector return pipe which took ages
  2. Hi, from a self confessed lurcker of autoshite... Thought you guys might like this Make sure you got a spare half hour, you wont be dissapointed! Even better as it's my hometown
  3. The yard is just outside chichester in a place called Eastergate. Also found these in the same yard, both very tidy and very complete, There was also a Lada Riva estate and a saab-v4 (is that a 96?) In a yard just up the road, found these, 1.6 LS 3.0 Ghia, unfinished project by the looks of things.
  4. I'll apologise for being a lurker, but i couldn't let this pass!! I found this in a scrapyard not far from home, they normally have a 'trophey' car on the stand by the entrance, i was quite surprised to see this though!
  5. Right. Confession time! Sorry to hi-jack, I've been a bit of a lurker here for quite a while, but this is the second one of my cars thats cropped up now, so i thought i'd best say hello! Thats my mk4 in that photo, currently under going a full bare metal resto, as its proper rotten! Thought it worth saving tho, as it is damn rare! I'll do a proper hello in another post as i got plenty of scrapyard photos and plenty of previous and present shite, and a few spottings to put up! Dave
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