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  1. There is a reason for that too.




    Here's the very first Haynes manual, Mr H stripped and rebuilt a midget and wrote about it incorporating pictures and diagrams from the BMC and Autocar. This was presumably quite hard going because his next few books were for everything else ever fitted with an a series and mostly a cut and paste from the MG book.

  2. You go on observing it having ABS fitted, it's generally quite obvious compared to passive hydraulic brakes, and I'm following my way along the brake pipes with a torch as part of the inspection.


    Also Laguna 2 isn't that well hidden if you're looking up at the bottom of the car over an inspection pit. Iirc it's under the chassis leg behind the NS headlamp.

  3. Actually, I checked the manual and they changed it again! No abs lamp is now a major fail again like it was before 2012.


    You used to see some years back with the abs light wired to the oil pressure switch.

  4. A car is tested as presented, so if its on lpg it will still be tested on normal petrol machine, regarding abs it should work ie not show a warning light, but since they changed the mot in May it now doesn't show the abs light procedure on the sheet the tester prints off when he logs the test. Before it would say for instance abs light comes on with ignition and goes off after 5 seconds. That's now not there, so for instance if you took the bulb out they might not notice that it doesn't illuminate

    Are you sure you test regularly? They binned the advice about abs lamps with the old vts devices about four years back, and it's been ok to pass/advise a warning lamp not illuminating at all since 2012....

  5. That's the thing though, you're probably one of the nice people and I'm not, nor do I harbour any future intention to be so.


    There's no chance of getting caught. None. It was an unfortunate oversight on my part. Clumsy me.


    Pre MCOL days, a company in Mayfair owed me money. I bombarded them with calls and harrassment until finally one day, they sent me a cheque. An unsigned cheque.


    Signed the bastard myself, whacked it into the bank and it cleared.


    There was another one, a chain of high end nailbars that used to randomly get their locks glued. Not cheap locks either, these were from Banhams. They would have been better off paying up.


    Thinking back, there was a director of Deutsche Bank who was also unfortunate in that way several times. He was also a Banham customer.


    I should thank MCOL really, for making me a better person.

    Nah, all you know about me is that I don't share my private business on the internet.


    One day those boasts might bite you.

  6. Also self employed, also not a fan of debtors but two wrongs don't make a right. I get what you were doing but it's wrong and can bite you in the arse hence stupid.


    PS, I've been lied about to a court by dickheads trying to extract money or property from me.

  7. I had a clever bastard try that with me.


    I conveniently forgot to tell MCOL of the payment, got judgement as a result and immediately paid extra to send the Bailiffs in.


    Punter got a CCJ and saddled with the full cost of MCOL and Bailiffs.

    So you lied to the court and got a judgement you weren't entitled to?


    Fucking bravo. I'd have had you back before a judge with the receipt for payment in hand. They don't take kindly to perjurers.

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