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    aldo135 reacted to JJ0063 in The new news 24 thread   
    Outside Mildenhall air base the other day. Apparently the 18 year old driver was arrested as he was on drugs.

    No injuries apparently! From what I’ve heard, the car was a US one so LHD… if it had been RHD I think there could well have been a death! 
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    aldo135 reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    A few years in the pokey for the tractor driver I should think. Looks like it had some kind of load distribution problem as well though, I can't tell from my armchair.
    Amazingly the car driver reportedly climbed out a few moments later. I don't believe in God but I do believe in fate!
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    aldo135 reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon. Knocking lumps out of it.   
    Perhaps I should just go ahead and make myself a 'Doysel Voul-fo'
    This is a superb watch by the way, not just for the fact he's so casual about running a petrol engine on diesel while smoking a rollup and speaking in that excellent and mesmerising Swedish accent, but for how beautiful the engine sounds and how professional the conversion looks. What a hero.
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    aldo135 reacted to sdkrc in Tickman's superior motoring choices.   
    Title should be changed to: Tickman's superior motoring choices
    You need a luxurious cruiser now to round off the fleet. Something you can leave at home permanently whilst deciding to drive your 205 or your Honda. 
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    aldo135 reacted to Tickman in Tickman's superior motoring choices.   
    There have been a few changes recently.
    This became mine after some money changed hands.

    Then next in was this

    Which was to replace this that left today

    Think that about covers it all.
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    aldo135 reacted to brownnova in The new news 24 thread   
    Rare spot today… 

    2.3 supercharged one… gorgeously understated.
    Sadly bar a fair few miles in the 9000 on family duties that was all the car action in my weekend. Frustrating as I’d really hoped to get a couple of hours to finally finish the 2CV revival ready for an MoT, drain the Nova’s tank and investigate the Pontiac’s misfire. 
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    aldo135 reacted to davehedgehog31 in Hedgehog Motors - Live scrap acquisition   
    And collected. That is hopefully all. 

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    aldo135 reacted to davehedgehog31 in Hedgehog Motors - Live scrap acquisition   
    On board the Galaxy. SB on the M74 with @jaypee
    ETA circa 40 mins. 
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    aldo135 reacted to motorpunk in Classic. Retro. Modern.   
    Here's issue 16, with a new contributor: Me!

    The pic in my Avatar appears in here as I've written a feature about living with my Fiat 500 'Abarthish'. I've got a couple of other features planned for future issues. I hope people enjoy it
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    aldo135 reacted to reb in The new news 24 thread   
    Not bad for a car that the only thing I've done to it in the nearly a year I've owned it is wash it twice and replaced two tyres.

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    aldo135 reacted to Pete-M in The new news 24 thread   
    It's Ronnie Pickering day. 
    7 years. 

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    aldo135 reacted to brownnova in The new news 24 thread   
    A very different kind of Nova at my local car night tonight! 

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    aldo135 reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    The vast majority of the abuse my wife gets in her job as a pharmacy technician are from older people. Vile, condescending, arrogant,  insular, entitled small town helmets.
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    aldo135 reacted to Fumbler in The new news 24 thread   
    Attacked the wing with a machine polisher and various shine juices. Shiny turd is shiny

    I reckon with time the brush strokes and orange peel will eventually disappear. Not bad for a first attempt I'd say.
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    aldo135 reacted to Barry Cade in The new news 24 thread   
    Just become a grandad again 🙂 grand daughter no2,  born this afternoon a wee bit early. 5lb8. Ella Rose.
    Got another 2 on the way!
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    aldo135 reacted to 320touring in 320touring's major Morris manoeuvrings   
    i took an early finish at work today, so was able to get over to the unit for 3 today.
    Determined to make progress, I enclosed my dad to assist in getting some niggling issues sorted.
    First up was to try and sort the drivers handle so it didn't constantly come out of the retainer at the non lock end.
    Some tape was applied to make a firmer fit,

    And the handle location was altered using this screw.

    Next up, sorting the passenger door. Since I have had it, it had to be unlocked using the interior handle, and the exterior handle would never operate correctly.
    It turns out that despite having NO seatbelts, the bloody car has child locks on the FRONT doors ..
    Moving this lever resolved the issue.

    Whilst working on the doors, I took the opportunity to re-locate the doorcards. They use diamond shaped metal clips that you can tap into holes in the door skin.


    Whilst I was sorting them, my Dad cleaned all the surfaces in the front - it looks a million times better! I stuck some Saab 9-5 mats in. As they line up ok.

    I got the choke cable retaining nut properly tightened, so the cable and handle no longer flap about. And it locks on properly 

    I then got distracted by the gear surround ..

    The metal retainer was in pretty poor condition, so I elected to remove the 4 crews and pull the plate off.
    The gear lever gaiter was not in braw shape either.

    The retainer was attacked with a wire wheel 

    Then given a couple of coats of primer

    Before receiving some wheel silver and lacquer

    I'll smarten up the screws and refit. I may get round to polishing it one day but it was an easy win.
    By this time @dome and @Supernaut had arrived, so it was time to get stuck into the remaining brake work.
    I'll spare the photos - it was exactly the same job as the other side. Except one of the cylinders worked . So it now has 4 new wheel cyls on the front, and two new Flexi lines.
    We learned from previous experience and pulled the line that links the two cyls off completely. This made it much easier to reattach it to the new cylinders.

    After some dinner, we got the adjusters sorted, then bled the brakes with new fluid. The pedal feels much more positive, the brakes operate and release on each of the 4 corners, and the handbrake is very effective.
    Much success!
    I was then feeling confident and decided to tackle some serious work.
    As the car had been seriously overfuelling due to the fuel pump having a blocked pressure cutoff (fixed by @blackboilersuit), the oil was very thin.
    Seeing this as an opportunity, the decision was made to drain the oil and pull the sump.
    The oil obviously had a fair whack of petrol in it, but thankfully no glitter!
    The sump came off easily, revealing a story of many types of RTV sealant..

    seeing that, I decided to pull off the oil pickup and give it a good clean.
    Initially, it didn't look too grand.

    But the application of some soapy hot water and a brush made major studies in cleaning it. You can also see the oil pump here which I had started to clean up too.

    Here's the finished article : all the mesh is clear, there is just some rinsing water in the spaces.

    Next up will be some more engine/sump cleaning and a fair few new gaskets I think.
    Lastly, a picture of the oil filter. This is a spin on adapter used to replace the original canister type. They are apparently notorious for leaking, and this one had telltale drops at the bottom of the filter.

    I'll order up a new filter and get it all cleaned and reassembled.
    Then I can get the sump on and get it filled with new oil 😀
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    aldo135 reacted to juular in Mrs Juular's popemobile - finding rot   
    She's been busy on this while I've been working on the 205 / Amazon.
    Since the steering rack is out it was only a few more bolts to get the subframe out so the welding could be done.
    Engine on stands and frame dropped.

    So, the chassis rail ends are a bit foosty. The offside has had a badly done patch at some point.

    The nearside isn't anywhere close to that level of bad.

    I recommended starting with the easier side to get the hang of it.

    It looks lovely and clean in there, nothing else to worry about.
    The plan is to replace the cylindrical piece with a bit of pipe and ensure it's aligned properly with the subframe bolt in place, then weld a replacement section over the top of it. 
    She's been practicing her welding, and it's pretty good for a first go.

    While that was happening, bits for the steering rack arrived, so that got rebuilt.

    Ready to bolt back on.

    After the small bits of welding are done, that's pretty much it ready to bolt back together and go on the road as a rolling project.
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    aldo135 reacted to trigger in The new news 24 thread   
    I went up with a mate on Friday morning to collect the garage find Capri 

    It wasn't too bad to get out in the end, we managed to inflate most the tyres with a little inflator and pulled it out with the truck without too much fuss

    my mate then span the truck around and towed me out backwards along the road before spinning around again and pulling it across the road to a school entrance to load it onto the truck

    On the way back we took a wrong turn and ended up outside the original dealers garage to got a few photos. 

    One passing young salesman asked if it was a Capri 🙄 I said yes we've bought it in for a service and he just walked off, strange lot.

    After getting the car home I've managed to get it turning on a bar, unfortunately the cambelt was so gummed up in corroded remains of water pump that it actually stripped the teeth of the belt but thankfully the 2.0s are non interference. 

    So I cleaned the interior as it was a bit mouldy

    Which got the Mrs Trigger thumbs up of approval. 

    So there you have it, plenty of work to be getting on with but no as bad as it could have been, I can't wait to wash it though! 
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    aldo135 reacted to gm in North East Restoration Club. 1st Wednesday of the month meet.   
    a very pleasant way to spend a sunday afternoon, shame the weather must have put some folk off coming, but still a decent selection of cars to enjoy.
    the same venue has a monthly car meet, first wednesday of the month so this week, free to attend, from 6pm to 8pm. if the sun is shining, myself, @DVee8 and son will be taking the exo and mx5 to park next to each other  

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    aldo135 reacted to Fumbler in The new news 24 thread   
    Wing goes from this

    To this fetching baby sick yellow!!!!

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    aldo135 reacted to 320touring in The new news 24 thread   
    The 182 at Inveraray - time for lunch!

    Bonus Spitfire pic. It was glorious

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    aldo135 reacted to Cord Fourteener in The new news 24 thread   
    To me at least it doesn't look 20 years old and it doesn't feel 337k miles

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    aldo135 reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Now with LAWN MOWERS - 14/09/22   
    Silver Sharpie grille restoration.

    To celebrate my neighbour reversed into the car while parking. I was digging stuff out of the boot at the time, she dashed off inside without saying owt. No damage, the joys of keeping a car on a public street...
    I also got the Volvo's tracking sorted. Finally. 
    Next jobs are the Acclaim's rad and timing belt.
    @GingerNuttz has been modifying/upgrading his CNC to start thrust washer production and is pretty much there. Hopefully it'll be back running again and I can have another 300 miles of being a rolling roadblock. 👌
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