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    aldo135 reacted to juular in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Into the FUTURISTIC world of FUEL INJECTION - 05/12/22   
    I'm quite fond of K-Jet, since it's easier to diagnose than a carb or EFI providing you go about it methodically.  Once you have a pressure gauge, each stage of testing is pretty unambiguous.
    It really doesn't like sitting around for any length of time unused, but apart from that it's not a system that goes wrong much. Unless it has been messed with (which is common as people just crank the CO screw around to try and hide other problems), dirt in the system or perished seals tend to be the only issues you'll have to fight.
    The downside is that if one of the integral parts fails, it becomes really expensive as there's no real aftermarket alternatives for the original Bosch parts.
    There is an indie project to replace the fuel pressure regulator with a fully electronic version which is worth looking into for fun. It's not cheap but it does allow you to electronically 'map' the car. I don't see much point in it, though.
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    aldo135 reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Into the FUTURISTIC world of FUEL INJECTION - 05/12/22   
    Aye. House is easily identified by driveway covered in scrap.
    The girlfriend got spooked the other week as somebody knocked on the door asking if the Acclaim was for sale. I don't think he was a "dag enthusiast" as he left a name and number and was seemingly asking questions about previous owners and stuff. One imagines the cars were spotted and the potential of buying a tidy car off a clueless old duffer for a quick flip was spied and immediately thwarted by the owner being 30.
    Jokes on them, everything on fleet is fuuuuuuuuuuuuucked*.
    Situation unchanged, garage ornament, drips oil on the garage floor. #BLlyfe
    Was driving around with the heater maxed out due to tired rad. Many plans were formulated for swapping in a rad from another car through various means. Realised I'd never actually get around to doing it because I'm a knob so found a place called ScotRad in Edinburgh who would recore it.

    Slightly past it's best. Money's worth was had at least...
    A week or so later...

    Back in the car and the Acclaim is now the go-to car for going anywhere again.

    I still need to do some work to the rear brakes, timing belt and various other bits and bobs but it is now functional considering the low miles I do. It did briefly block a carb jet after being sat for a few weeks and lost it's idle, but a some foot-to-the-floor accelerations along the M9 saw it cleared. 

    The novelty of having to jump start it whenever I needed to move it got tiresome.

    Goodbye old battery.

    Hello new battery.
    The rear wiper motor was also refitted (removed back when a lose earth connection was causing electrical senility), new wiper blades all round and replacement of some dead bulbs.

    I also washed it, as it was quite green.

    While the new battery freed it up for use while the Acclaim's (the jump starter of choice) rad was away it didn't cure the hot start issue which required me to faff about under the bonnet while Girlfriend_70's turned the key, making use of the car a 2 person operation...

    Discussion was had with @juular, the K Jet wizard, about potential causes.
    First was the potential of the metering plate sticking.

    As can be seen it was immaculate, but I made marginal improvements.

    The plate was also off centre and catching on the surround causing it to stick.
    So, that's the problem. Engine gets hot, plate expands a little, when it drops back down when the car is shut off it gets stuck. Sorted.
    Nope. Made fuck all difference.
    @juularthen attached his pressure measuring stuff to make sure the system was actually coming up to pressure.

    This showed when running the pressure was fine but on shutoff it immediately dropped instead of holding, suggesting the either the non-return valve or accumulator has failed. However this would suggest if you ran the pump manually it'd eventually bring fuel up to start the car, even if it had to pump it all the way from the tank, but even with fuel up the lines it wouldn't fire. As a bonus the banjo bolt for the fuel return snapped when resembled. Thankfully the remains of the thread were spun out using a hex key, and a quick run to @juular's place in the 205 meant a spare* could be used to regain functionality.
    *Deffo not stolen from his 240...
    So the next potential culprit was the plunger in the metering head.

    This meant it had to come apart.

    Obviously all the fixings were utterly fucked. So I ended up pulling the whole system out.

    Which at least let me clean 30 years worth of crap off the engine.

    So now it's been doused in carb cleaner, everything is moving freely and the O-rings for the primary pressure regulator are to be replaced once they arrive. The warm up regulator will also get a dousing in cleaning fluid.
    The benefit of this system playing up is that I am at least learning how this new-fangled mechanical continuous fuel injection works, hopefully cars never get more complex...

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    aldo135 reacted to GingerNuttz in Domes shonky auto-Panda Problems and Manta Mods   
    More pics. 

    Arch is finished and panels are made for inner arch. 
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    aldo135 reacted to Tickman in The new news 24 thread   
    What an outstanding plan @barefoot with the still buying but not drinking. 
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    aldo135 reacted to barefoot in The new news 24 thread   
    All xmas cards in the village delivered this morning and all others chucked in the post box. This evening the fair wife will be installing decorations and I shall be watching her, whilst consuming my first alcoholic drink in 3 months. Although I haven't actually had a drink I haven't stopped buying the stuff, so I've managed to build up a bit of a buffer for the xmas period.
      Today is the first day of xmas, so let me be the very first to wish you all a reasonable festive period.
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    aldo135 reacted to RoverFolkUs in The new news 24 thread   
    Not a grump, a sad sign of the times and a shift in affairs. So I've put it here and not the grumpy thread
    Just heard of a local village family run greengrocer closing after more than 50 years trading
    The sort that has "that smell" of a greengrocer, twisted paper bags, old fashioned cash register etc etc

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    aldo135 reacted to 320touring in The Burd's MK1 Golf Rivage - fun and games of various nature's 22/11/22   
    This car continues to be a challenge.
    I fitted the new injectors. All was well.
    Except it wasn't. Because 2 of the pintles on the injectors fell off, landing on the valves. Whilst this did no damage to the valves, it did mean those injectors were not properly seated.
    And they leaked.
    @Mk2 Craig got the call, and came over with his WiFi camera. After a look, it was decided that the inlet manifold had to come off. Luckily I had ordered a new manifold in anticipation.
    Manifold off

    The operating table

    @Lacquer Peel had lent me a very slim magnetic tool that was bendable - it made short work of extracting the pintles.

    We put it back together and it ran well.
    Thanks to them both for their help.
    Then it was time to do some local driving 

    A successful lunch procurement a few days later.
    Bit of an alternator belt squeal though...
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    aldo135 reacted to 320touring in The Burd's MK1 Golf Rivage - fun and games of various nature's 22/11/22   
    A few days later, I took the golf to the local station - nice and early in the morning for a full day at the office .
    The belt. She squealed.
    I thought it was maybe due to the lights being on and it being a short drive, so the alternator was working hard?
    Anyway, all was well until the time for the commute home.
    I exited the car park and turned right. The belt squeal stopped, and the battery light came on.

    This is made even more handy by the fact that the water pump is driven by the same belt..
    As you can see, the 1.5 miles back from the station was enough to get the car from stone cold to operating temp.
    I ordered 2 new belts the next day -£8.54 for Meyle ones.
    Fitment is a doddle.
    Locate alternator and loosen adjuster bolt

    Apply new belt (950mm one as no power steering)

    Marvel at full charging.

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    aldo135 reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    I remembered today that when we were driving  to Hexham last month I saw a Google Street View car at a roundabout somewhere quite near our destination.
    I had a minute after work today and I found me:

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    aldo135 reacted to brownnova in The new news 24 thread   
    Went to a reindeer drive through with the toddler today. A kind of drive through light show with reindeer pens etc… 

    Of course by drive through it actually meant over an hour of the car idling… 
    And I’d taken the one car I own with a K-Series engine…
    Can you guess…
    Yep it performed perfectly.
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    aldo135 reacted to horriblemercedes in The new news 24 thread   
    My brother has just had some prime brand new shite delivered

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    aldo135 reacted to Popsicle in The new news 24 thread   
    The high mileage Vectra has plodded through another MOT this morning.

    Just an advisory for a tyre wearing on the inner edge - I'll call that a win.
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    aldo135 reacted to captain_70s in Rusty Triumphs in Scotland - Into the FUTURISTIC world of FUEL INJECTION - 05/12/22   
    Fleet update.
    The lawn mower.
    I cleaned it, pulled the flywheel off and cleaned the points. It generates enough electricity to zap me but not enough to spark. Feeler gauges were lost so I hastily reassembled to look at another day.

    The Volvo
    The battery has never been great and with the cold weather drawing in it finally gave up. Frequently draining over the course of a couple of days to the point where the engine wouldn't turn over. Both the van and Acclaim have spent a lot of time jump starting it lately...

    It did prove useful for moving house though...

    A few weeks ago me and Girlfriend_70s went in to Glasgow to look around charity shops for furniture for her office. We found a decent sideboard and set about carrying it to the car which was in a car park a few streets away. After one street Girlfriend_70's announced she couldn't feel her hands and carrying it any further was a no go. At least we'd made it to a non-pedestrianised area. So I could dash off, grab the Volvo and we could bung it in the boot at the side of the road. Easy.

    Naturally it decided today was the day it'd develop a bout of unreliability. It'd crank but not a cough. Then the battery died.
    Thankfully @jaypee came to the rescue to help carry the sideboard back to the car and provide jump leads. Obviously once we were all at the car is started first turn of the key...
    Drove home, parked up, shut it off, turned key. Fired up fine. Alright then. Went inside for 20 mins, came out and tried to start it again. Cranking but wouldn't fire, pulled a plug, had spark. Sprayed some easy start down it and it briefly ran. Left it another 30 mins. Started fine.
    So something is causing a lack of fuel when it's hot. Either an issue with the pumps/pressure or the injectors not firing. I've a list of stuff to test to narrow down the point of failure, a new battery for it landed tonight. So will be able to do investigations without the thing going flat every 5 cranks...
    The Acclaim 
    Took advantage of the under cover workspace to start getting this thing unfucked.

    Yes. That'll not be helping the whole overheating thing. New rad and hoses going in shortly.
    It also needs the timing belt rejigged as it's jumped a tooth or two. Not sure if the tensioner has failed or come loose somehow but removal requires an ugga dugga gun and removal of engine mounts/a wheel so I've been putting off doing it at the roadside.
    The Dolomite
    Still suffering from mullered thrust washers. I was considering dropping the sump at the side of the road outside my flat, sticking new ones in and driving it to the house. Then I came to my senses and asked @davidfowler2000 if he fancied towing it. Again.

    Handily the night before the move Girlfriend_70s fell down the stairs and buggered her foot royally. So he also gave us a lift to the minor injuries unit in Stirling...
    Most of my time lately has actually been spent prepping the garage as measuring suggested that the gap between the internal stairs and the shelving was 1cm wider than the Dolly...

    So it was removed.

    The high value* contents carefully** stored in the back garden.

    The shelves reduced in depth by half.

    And reassembled.


    I also tested the theory of putting the Dolly out the back to work on another car.

    Closing the doors is thwarted by the patio ending and a sudden jump in height.

    I am sort of considering putting in some ramps to allow the car back another few feet as the current windbreak method is a bit basic...

    It also means any car being worked on has to be mobile so the Dolly can go back in and the garage locked for the night. However I'd also quite like to shove a shed at the back of the patio for storing shit that is currently in the garage... Decisions, decisions. Sheds are silly money at the moment, as well as everything else.
    It's actually crazy how much stuff I'd managed to squeeze in to a one bed flat. This place is now packed out...
    Once parts start arriving I've got cars to fix. In this order: Acclaim, Volvo, Dolomite. Should keep me occupied over the winter.
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    aldo135 got a reaction from louiepj in The new news 24 thread   
    This went straight through an mot yesterday @Lacquer Peel @Jim Bell, driving as well as ever  

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    aldo135 got a reaction from Popsicle in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night  

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    aldo135 got a reaction from High Jetter in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night  

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    aldo135 got a reaction from davehedgehog31 in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night  

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    aldo135 reacted to gm in gm's unhealthy obsession with mx5s - Exo ftp :(   
    then today it was the exo's turn to let itself down

    I was driving on the new section of the A1 that has no hard shoulder, fortunately there was a handy exit slip when the engine started to stutter - I rolled to a halt, jumped out and pushed it onto the verge and thought about what the fuck to do now !
    a quick look under the bonnet gave no obvious clues, so I tried again - it spluttered a bit but didn't run. 
    almost as if there was no fuel in the tank
    it turns out this little feller is a lying wee toad  

    a quick look on waze showed the nearest petrol station a mere 0.3 miles away, dare I risk leaving the Exo unattended by the roadside ? 
    I didn't really have much choice
    £7.95 for a jerry can + £9.36 to fill the bugger, a quick jog back to the car and I was back in business, it fired up straight away.
    the white dial faces are not original for a mk1 mx5, I presume whoever fitted them has put the needle on wonky - I'll need to run the tank empty, adjust the needle then refill from another jerry can.
    but, in the meantime, I brimmed the tank and went for a nice drive along the coast 

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    aldo135 got a reaction from Dyslexic Viking in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night  

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    aldo135 got a reaction from AnnoyingPentium in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    The week my S70 passed it’s MOT also had this milestone, achieved last night  

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    aldo135 reacted to Floatylight in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    Another milestone passed in the C4GP - 195k
    It's the car I've driven furthest but only the 4th highest mileage, another 3k and it overtakes my trusty Cavalier  1.7td which did just short of 198k before the head cracked...

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    aldo135 reacted to Lacquer Peel in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
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    aldo135 reacted to ruffgeezer in "Autoshite High Mileage Club" - Memberships Available!   
    Still motoring, but shortly outgoing...

    It's actually nearer 335k now, but I've only just remembered to post here!
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    aldo135 got a reaction from dome in The new news 24 thread   
    This went straight through an mot yesterday @Lacquer Peel @Jim Bell, driving as well as ever  

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