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  1. The latest Dodge 50-series I've seen was working as a schoolbus for Dumfries and Galloway Council... think it was an M-reg. These Mk2s IMHO look better than the Mk1s, but have a habit of ripping their front axles off. The Perkins Phaser engines aren't a patch on the 4.236 used in the older Mk1s either...
  2. cms206

    New Disastray

    Ordered a 1.8TDCi, the one I test drove didn't either and it was fresh from the box on trade plates... if they start doing that then it'll be a case of no more Fords either!
  3. cms206

    New Disastray

    Was looking at replacing the token modern in the fleet recently, test drove an Insignia, didn't like the handbrake, bought a Mondeo instead... says it all I think!
  4. Dunno about cop shows, but with a lottery win I think I'd quite like to see an Autoshite remake of Smokey & The Bandit... thinking along the lines of a harvest golf Marina 1300SDL 'Coupe' as a blocker for a rotten Leyland Marathon 2, bootlegging something pointless like 24 tonnes of ball bearings from a factory unit in Inverkeithing to... Cork... maybe... ... just me then!
  5. Smashing, looking forward to more pics of this beast, and it's imminent victory at the USC show... !!!
  6. I've been chatting to a Polish colleague about satisfying my Polonez 1500 fetish... it is ongoing, but apparantly a decent one can be picked up for pennies. The paperwork is the issue apparantly, but about £100 for a roadgoing Fiat 126P and maybe £200 for a mint Polonez seems pretty good to me!
  7. More meandering... My 'burg... Mingebag ElCamino... Rather lovely Sierra, which I've unfortunately not seen in a few months... Another one which has recently disappeared... Slushbox shite... Ultimate wheelchair win... Astra Belmont in non-faded bumper shocker... Diesel Audi 80 executive 80s taxi beast... Early Mondeo Ghia... MTE with Rock Radio sticker for added win... Is all for now, comments welcomed as usual!
  8. Some of my favourites... "Sorry, are you in my road?" "I think I've made a Jim Delahunt of that" "It gives me great welcome to pleasure you" "I'd really love to help you, but I'm afraid thats an SEP issue" "Whats SEP?" "Someone else's problem!" And one which sadly got me utterly blank looks, when referring to a bad stutterer... "One of these days someone's gonna give him a bit more choke and he'll start... " ... blank looks were apparantly because no-one present at the time knew what choke was...
  9. +1 for a PM when the internal ones are in stock, could be doing with a few of the paper backed ones... in fact, while I'm on, +1 for the t-shirts as well, should make us easier to pick out when in non-shite stealth mode!
  10. +1 for the MTE - that's bloody lovely fella!
  11. 5/5 from me too, fella... the world needs more beige Maestro action!
  12. studebaker hawk - the Royale lives in Elderslie, so a local to this side of the river anyway Lord Sterling - you most certainly can - I'll see if I can round up a better shot of it at some point... Cheers for the comments as always guys!
  13. Another quick update... Dutch shite. Czech shite. Soviet shite. Italian shite. Solid gold shite. Rapidly dissolving shite. German shite x2. Royale shite. Diesel shite. Mouldy shite. Sorry for captions, I'll come up with better next time! promise!!!
  14. SWINE. Initially your pic link was b0rken, so I went off in search of the pic on Flickr. Imagine my disappointment to discover you were not talking about a 1975 Sherpa. Very angry. Sorry mate! The Boss always refers to them as Freight Rovers, though P492 VDS is always referred to as "The Red Sherpa". No idea why, as the other red one which is now dead was a 400-series (N281 MNS), which was always "The Red LDV"... he STILL won't have a Transit apparantly!
  15. Our P-reg Sherpa still has pressed ally plates front and back from when it was new... I fancy a set for the Cav, but it's still pretty original - if it'd been a diesel I would've I suspect. I don't like the fonts which are available for pressed plates now, they just don't look right.
  16. New Crown in Bulwell is still standing, although boarded up for many years now. They supplied my grandfather's Mk3 Cavalier on launch day. Think they had another branch though if you're thinking of that? Need to check the docs now... ! Carries New Crown numberplates front and rear, and a New Crown tax disc holder with an 0602? number IIRC - I'd go check but its about 5 miles away in a shed getting bodywork done, lol! Bulwell seems to ring a bell, I thought the building would've been gone though as New Crown became New Crown-Sharpes? and was absorbed into Pentagon. If it's still standing I might take it back down if theres a MOT pass next month...
  17. cms206

    Pictures I've Saved

    I suspect I may upset some people with this, but I think that looks superb! A big V8 would see that spot on!
  18. New Crown Vauxhall in Nottingham who supplied my Cavalier new I believe is now gone as well, along with the name... now Pentagon or something along those lines.
  19. I've seen C15s as late as 05-plates here... my mate swore by his ex water board example, apparantly they're quite good!
  20. Oldest in my street by a good ten years is my G-reg Cavalier... bah!
  21. Certainly is Cavette, bit of a bargain for a pretty unmolested 2.0 8v but now needing the usual 80's Vauxhall weldings underneath. Had to take that photo that way round cos some pillock had reversed into the other side, but it's almost sorted now... !
  22. Another few from the archives... My baby, complete with Daewoo issue alloys... Still tempted to leave a note under the wiper on this one... Probably cheating, this one is my mate's and shares driveway space with a D-reg Manta... This passed me last week so still lives... ... foreign shite... lets hear it for the Daewoo Racer! more camper shite... and finally, foreign pointless estate shite: More next week I think, don't want to overshite the place *too* quickly!
  23. Cheers for the comments guys, I'll stick up another batch from my recent archives this evening... scooters - 5GTL was in Millport, along with a C-reg Shogun the only shite on the island... I expected so much more!
  24. I'd probably stick with the Cavalier if it hadn't dissolved to nothing in it's last few months... !
  25. I'll think of a better name at some point, but I've already been up for 16 hours and I'm getting tired... some of the more interesting spots from the past few weeks worthy of the bangernomics banner... If this goes down well I might get some more up, so to speak... ! Andy
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