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  1. I was backshift today; light to Helensburgh for 1600 to do a short 310 to the airport, light to Springboig, route 36 in, 36 out, light back to the airport, 310 back to Helensburgh and light to the garage. Today's chariot was this somewhat severe looking 2013 Mercedes Vario O816D, which I try to pull for my backshifts where possible because it's warm and it goes like fuck.

    POP QUIZ - What are the headlights from?


    It was light at 6pm when I started my 36s which was nice.

    It was dark and fucking pissing down when I got back in at midnight.20230320_001312.thumb.jpg.be10207ec6a772940d1987b3dc2890ec.jpg

    Bus swept, mopped, fuelled and run through the wash then parked up; it's back out at 7am, I am thankfully not.

  2. Can't remember if I replied to this before... no idea what order they came in, can remember all the registrations though just about. 

    Buses:  Dodge S56 D702 EES

    Leyland Leopard GCS 57V, GCS 69V, HCS 793N

    Leyland Nationals NIL 7242 (AHH 206T), PIL 7013 (AFM 2W), SHH 389X

    Mercedes 608D D124 NUS

    Dennis Lancet D631 BPL

    Seddon Pennine VII - DSD 983V 



    Austin: 2 

    Maestro 1.6L E532 TYD

    Montego EFi F312 GKN 


    Fiat: 2 

    126 H207 AYS

    Ducato K187 JGY 


    Ford: 8

    Focus Mk1 SJ54 NZF

    Focus Mk2 SJ57 OEY

    Mondeo Mk2 x2 W676 WCS, X448 TSS

    Mondeo Mk4 SG60 WKZ

    Orion Ghia A787 XSD

    Fiesta Courier Combi 3U8 1442

    Transit L420 EAB 


    Hyundai: 3

    Accent: P842 RGG

    Stellar: E312 SKN, E591 BRM


    Peugeot: 7 

    205 x2 - D782 DTR, K457 FKW

    206 x1 - WL54 FKA

    406 x3 - P622 MFL, KV03 ZJK, SP02 YGU

    407 x1 - SD56 MOU


    Proton: 2 

    1.5GL - J512 PVC

    Persona TDi - R772 ESX 


    Rover: 2 

    414i Sprint - M497 KVP

    Montego LX - J714 MCK 


    Toyota: 1 

    carina E: N840 MNS 


    Vauxhall: 9 

    Cavalier Mk3 x4 - G341 NTO, K658 BBD, M726 TMJ, N702 UVN

    Senator - J455 PKX

    Astra Mk3: K730 ANV

    Astra Mk4: KF54 ZMV

    Astra Mk5 x2: SB07 DVT, KC56 YTY


    Volvo: 21  340 x2: NGB 508Y, B719 WAT

    440: M751 TBF

    740 x4: E113 MFK, E29 XGA, G476 WOY, G214 UYE

    760 x2: E33 XGD, D466 OJS

    850 x5: P811 UGB, E101 UNS, L113 WNH, N425 HOY, P685 TFC

    940 x2: R168 NBM, K321 UOD

    V40: Y369 XRM

    S60: Y983 JFC

    V70: NL60 HJX

    XC90: CV53 TGK 


    Wartburg: 1 

    353 Tourist: 5U0 2742


    59 Cars, 10 buses? Something like that. May have missed a handful. Been driving since mid 2004.

  3. On 3/7/2023 at 11:53 AM, willswitchengage said:

    I believe those MEN are integral, the rear staircase is funky too and cleverly designed around the corner mounted longitudinal flat D20 engine.

    East Lancs tried to make a MAN DD over here based on a smaller 6-litre chassis but believe it wasn't a sales success, think it originally was with Stagecoaches. Looked smart imho.


    I've driven that, 2013 IIRC. Drove really well actually, though if memory serves the price of rear tyres was eyewatering - 455/50R22.5s weren't that common back then.

    It was a demonatrator but originally operated for Reading.

  4. I've barely seen this sodding thing in daylight; go to work in the dark, come home in the dark...

    Only updates to note are it's booked in for a cambelt change (no record, though the rest of the sizable history file suggests it has been done) and it's now lost it's private plate.

    Reverse is occasionally a bit of an arse to engage, but on my mixed commute it's sitting at 49.5mpg on the computer. I'll take that.

    Big brother seems to approve also...





  5. 31 minutes ago, loserone said:

    Ah, so this is a way to get this engine without presenting Mrs286 with a Peugeot 🤔


    You act like I've got a history of unannounced silver diesel 406 purchases.

  6. Just now, wuvvum said:

    Never driven a 4-pot diesel Volvo before.  I'm assuming it's a bit* slower than Fowler's?

    It's not as slow as I expected to be honest but I wouldn't want to try the 1.6D in a V70.

    Pulls well through the gears, seems to be mega on fuel too. Absolutely unstressed on the 200-odd mile journey home.

  7. I've done had a clear out recently; things have been... a bit shite. My fleet size has been halved, for various reasons, while the daily XC90 grenaded on January 3rd leaving me without transport.

    I bullied my former apprentice into loaning me one of his fleet (a BMW 120D); when it sold, work provided me with a 1.3 diesel Corsavan. I had said I'd use the train but I couldn't start before 7am but that was fucked right out the window and they insisted.

    The search started. I viewed some truely horrific specimens, from an 04 Zafira which died spectacularly on the test drive to an 07 Passat with no wheelarches, via a very tidy Mazda 6 which turned out to have no floor.

    An appeal on facebook yielded a few likely candidates more or less in my meagre budget and I was set to go today to collect an 11-plate Seat Exeo estate.

    That, alas, did not pan out. The deal collapsed yesterday. Panic set in... I've been without a car for eight weeks. I really need to get something. Anything.

    A chance encounter turned up something that fitted the bit. The owner was willing to do a deal in budget.

    The car however, was in Elgin.

    So I went to Elgin, handed over more money than I've ever spent on a car in my life, and brought home the newcomer for judgement...


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