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  1. Thanks All! However, she’s now sorted - she’s picked up a VW 1.4 16V Lupo in Fantasia Green...which, by some strange coincidence is identical to her old Lupo (cambelt failure), still parked up in her garden...
  2. A family friend wrote her car off last night (thankfully, she’s fine), but she urgently needs a cheap but reliable runabout. Sub-£600 and ideally Midlands-ish. Anyone?
  3. For some reason, now that I’m over 50, my thoughts are turning to vehicles which - in my younger years - would have been the cause for much derision... Hindustan Ambassador DAF FSO Lada Polski Fiat Trabant Wartburg Etc I can’t work out if it’s the onset of early dementia or a growing affection for the previously unloved corners of automotive transport. On a serious note, I know that many of the above (and similar) have a big following nowadays, so I’m not entirely alone. So...specifications: •Cheap-ish •Quirky *A bit naff •Not entirely water-soluble •Fun to own* •Preferably not a total basket case** *This may not be possible. **This may also not be possible.
  4. Yesterday, I managed to trash the NSF wheel/tyre on my ‘02 R75 Tourer, thanks to the impeccably-maintained roads in my area...it wasn’t a pothole...more like a crevasse. 195/65 R15 (pic attached) Anyone got either a spare or a full set? Cheers!
  5. Now sold - to the perfect gent djoptix, who collected it a short while ago.
  6. Yes, it is - 1.8VVC (Variable Valve Control),
  7. Bump for change of circumstances - see original post.
  8. So...the Puma has sold (and - due to a very unexpected cash injection - has been replaced by a rather tasty 2002 Rover 75 Tourer) and the MGF remains. MOT'd (next Summer), drives well, few small jobs needed. Very presentable. More details/specifics if required. Notional value - approx. £400-ish. Cash is always good, or (if there are any musos on here, swap/trade for something guitar/amp/keyboard-related). NB. May also be tempted by something automotive and impractical. Happy to add cash if required. Location: Midlands. NOW SOLD
  9. Or those times when you need to use "BL Special Tool C/3459/X4", which turns out to be a 2-foot long multi-jointed spindly arm with a pair of tweezers on the end (or something equally weird or ineffective). Or the fact that photographs appear to be taken in a spotless white workshop, with pristine white lab-coated "mechanics" undoing hugely-torqued bolts with their fingertips (instead of you lying upside-down on your drive in the rain, covered in 20-years of rust and shite, attempting to free up a highly-reluctant and inaccessible nut which has been cunningly rounded-off (and subsequently ignored) by the previous 6 owners.
  10. I acquired this in the early/mid '90's ('94 rings a bell - swapped it for an Austin Metro somewhere down south [Welwyn Garden City?] - it must have been 94/95-ish as my son was still a baby and was with us in the car when we drove it back - he's 20 now). Can't remember where it went, although I have a feeling it was to someone in the owner's club, possibly along with my other Zephyr a few years later.
  11. Ragtops aren't really my bag, TBH... However...what's yours like? Or should I say "How bad is it?"
  12. Hmmm...good question...well, it rather depends on what's available and what I can sell (probably music gear/guitars) in order to fund it! Ball-park guesswork - £1K absolute top, but ideally anything from £0.00p - £600...
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