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  1. I'm just waiting on 75 ronald McDonald clowns emerging from the car
  2. maxpower

    Hello Again

    not a noob..just been away for a few years 🙄
  3. i have never owned a BX but had use of one for 6mths in rotterdam as an insurance replacement in the early 90's when a truck took the front end off our works transit mini bus.
  4. just don't ask him how quick can he deliver ffs... or there won't be any rubber left on it
  5. five hours ago outside my house a bentley soft top with P4Y 8K being loaded onto a truck.... obviously he didnt do what his reg says
  6. Ah! i remember seeing the mazda 121 fiesta
  7. No i meant like the cars are exact same models just badged by different companies.... my teacher had a renault 12 in the 1970's but i don't recall ever seeing it's dacia namesake on the road at the same time..
  8. I was sat at traffic lights and sat in front of me was a citroen berlingo multi-space side by side with a peugeot partner... same car just badged different... i know the renault trafic and vivaro and nissan primastar were all the same...but it got me wondering if car firms did this in the 60's and 70's as well... i have racked my brains and couldn't think of any... anyone know of any?
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