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  1. If the Charade is this model: I'm with wuvvum....Somewhat envious of your afternoon's work!
  2. WOW!....Bitter SC....A dreamcar of mine....Would love to see more pics when you get it home!
  3. That's the thing....Yes, all the cars mentioned in this thread are BAD cars, but then so was (For example....Just off the top of my head) The FSO Polonez, and one of those, due to it's scarcity today, is surely much coveted in these circles? I don't think you can really buy a truly BAD car today, which (Unless the Chinese step in pretty soon) means that true Shite will become a rarer and rarer commodity....Thankfully, lots of people are already preserving Shite from the '70s/'80s, and I reckon some of the Korean/Malaysian efforts from the '90s....However crap....Deserve to survive too. My search will start in the New Year....If I could find one of those 358 Espero, I'd be quite pleased....And surely it would be welcomed on here?
  4. Baz

    Dusty Alfas

    I used to enjoy "Shite Spotting" for this site....Until I got home one day to find the Police waiting for me! I imagine that "Urban Exploring" probably carries a similar risk!
  5. Back when I was slightly more active on here....Five years or so ago, I guess....I was mainly into the 70's/80's French stuff, but I was often quite attracted to some of the more obscure/mundane family stuff from East Asia in the 90's and early noughties....There's no doubt that most of it was SHIT, but back then, it was all probably just a little recent to have been of much interest on here, as bona fide SHITE....I suppose it was "Futureshite", if you like....Stuff like: - Daewoo Nexia, Espero, Leganza. - Daihatsu Applause. - Hyundai Lantra, Sonata. - Kia Mentor, Clarus, Magentis, Cerato. - Proton Persona, Impian, Wira. - Suzuki Baleno Saloon/Estate. Have spent a couple of hours on Ebay/Autotrader this afternoon, and am really surprised at how little of this tat that there seems to be for sale out there at the moment....Maybe they're all being cherished by loving owners somewhere, but I suspect not! Surely that means most of the above have now earned true "SHITE" status now? I can't believe that I cannot find ONE Daewoo Espero for sale! Yes, they were rubbish, but they did look pretty good (To me, anyway!) and they used to be quite easy to find....I vowed to myself that I'd keep my eye on cars like this, but I didn't, and seemingly they've all disappeared! I did find this though, which I'd probably buy if I thought I'd get away with it: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/ ... ?logcode=p ....Looks pretty good for £495 to me! I think I'm gonna make it my mission after Christmas, to Ebay some of my copious clutter, get myself £3-500 together, and "rescue" one of the above, increasingly obscure, vehicles (Espero is my favourite, I think!) and attend as many Autoshite meets as possible with it. So S.L, Wuvvum and any others from Norfolk, stand by after Christmas....Hopefully there'll be another shite collection mission, if anyone's interested! Anybody already own/run any of the above? Any other suggestions?
  6. Baz

    Dusty Alfas

    Strange site....A forum for people who "Do Stuff"....If only....
  7. This probably isn't the first post of this nature on here, but....Insurance Companies....Aren't they just a bunch of arseholes? It's renewal time on my bike insurance....This time last year, I was riding an '88 Honda CBR1000F/J, and my premuim was about £110.00 for comprehensive cover....Happy enough with that....Earlier this year I downtraded to my Kawasaki GPZ500s, and amended the policy accordingly, without drama or expense....So far, so good! Then, after a year of claim/conviction free riding, they send me through a renewal of £123.00....For a smaller bike! To further annoy me, they keep phoning, trying to pester me into renewing, and when I say that I'm not happy with their figure, they waste fifteen minutes of my life going through all the details again, just to confirm that yes, that is their best quote! Then, to add insult to injury, I go on "Compare The Meerkat" and their quote is £69.00....I'm livid....As it happens, there's another reputable company that'll do the same cover for £58.00, with a lower excess, so I'm gonna take great delight in telling my existing company to poke their business! I don't consider myself a hater, but I just cannot be nice to Insurance agents....They want as much of our money as possible, and then are reluctant to pay out when required....I hate shit like that!
  8. I used to live in a terraced cottage....We had a neighbour with three of those bloody things....Sometimes he'd park them in a nice line, in front of the houses, while the rest of us were at work....He wasn't very popular!
  9. ....Not really "Shite" I know, but someone on here might possibly be interested: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazda-6-2-0-T ... 19d6845689
  10. Hi, and welcome, from another Norwich-based, former 323f owning (although mine was a BG), C5 driver! I don't know what's wrong with your C5 though, sorry....I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong with mine though!
  11. I don't think anyone really minds a visit from the real youngsters, with parents at a discrete distance....Who have maybe taken the trouble to dress-up in Halloween costumes....It's the hoodied teenagers I object to....They can be quite intimidating, especially to the elderly....Take my 90yo Grandmother for example: She has a choice between answering the door after dark, to god knows who (which she doesn't do at ANY time), or staying safe indoors while they kick the shit out of her flowerpots etc....Not much of a choice really is it? It would be best if the Trick-or-treaters only went to houses displaying evidence that the occupants are in the spirit of the thing....Pumpkin etc....And respect that not everybody wants to be pestered at their own front door....Remind me what they're actually "Celebrating" anyway? I seem to have forgotten!
  12. Baz

    French cars ?

    I think that, as a nation, we never really took to "Proper" French cars....By that I mean the quirky, characterful stuff of the sixties, seventies, and even eighties....Especially the larger stuff such as the CX, 604, R20/30, Tagora etc....In the past, we would stick with our own, more conservative, domestic manufacturers, and more recently we seem to aspire toward hideous Audis, BMWs and the like....We just didn't "Get" the French stuff, wheras obviously the French did! I'm not sorry really....Would I go all weak at the knees at the sight of a Peugeot 604 if they were all over the place? I don't think so....The charismatic Frenchies are rare and exclusive....That is GOOD, for those that own them....Not so good for those of us that can't afford a decent example, and couldn't find one anyway! Jesus, I can't even afford a 2CV nowadays....Not so long ago, I'd buy one every so often, just to get my fix!
  13. One advantage of living in the middle of nowhere: No "Trick-or-Treaters" can be bothered to come out here! Plenty of disadvantages though: Wind, rain, mud etc....
  14. I'm going in "To have a bit of work done" myself on Monday, which will leave me out of action for a while, so realistically (Bearing in mind I seem to be working 12 hour shifts this week too!), I think I'll probably end up sticking it into my favourite Independent Citroen Specialist, let them sort it! At first, I wasn't too sure about the car....Was having serious thoughts about sticking it straight on Ebay, and keeping the Mazda, but in spite of the teething problems, I find myself warming to it (And the dramatically reduced fuel bills!) more and more....I think I'll keep it at least until early next year anyway.
  15. Looks good....Will follow with interest!
  16. Pretty much anything produced by Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Talbot, Simca, Panhard, at any time during the '60s, 70's and early '80s would instantly gain you "Shitegod" status....Trouble is, anything worth having seems to fetch quite a high price nowadays. Some suggestions from me: Simca Aronde. Matra-Simca Bagheera. Talbot-Matra Rancho. 2CV/Dyane/Ami. R4. R12 Saloon and create your own Gordini replica!
  17. Well, we now have working blowers again....Ordered a resistor off Ebay yesterday, it was here this morning....Impressive stuff! We also now have a bit of a rattle at idle....I'm suspecting something like crankshaft pulley....It seems to be in that region anyway....Ho hum....I'm sure we'll get it sorted eventually....Either that or chop it for another Mazda! Funny....Five or six years in Japanese cars, and now I find it UNACCEPTABLE to be working on my car in the driveway!
  18. I love those....Saw a Magentis Estate while in Spain in June!
  19. Today, I was just driving along, minding my own business, on the way to take the hounds for walkies, when the heater blower just stopped....No funny noises, no intermittency, just working, then stopped....Somewhat miffed....I've checked all the relevant fuses, all of which are okay....I'm assuming there is a resistor/control unit in there somewhere that should be my next port of call, but time to get ready for work now, so it'll have to wait.... I'm not much of an electrician....I hope I can get this sorted quite quickly and cheaply, as a heater blower's kind've essential when you're leaving work at 2am on a frosty winter's morn!
  20. I'm with dollywobbler....What about a Subaru Forester? To me, they seem like the perfect all-rounder....Good, practical Jap estate, with (Apparently) as much ground clearance as a Land Rover Freelander, despite looking like a more conventional estate, so a degree of off-road capability too....They seem well built, and well equipped (Find one with a sunroof, and the sunroof is nice and big....Not important to everyone, I know! )....And good ones are available for half your budget....Spend it all, and you'll get one that'll last for years, should you desire. I think they're fantastic....The only thing that's stopped me buying one, is the potential for poor fuel consumption, and pennies are tight just at the mo....If only they'd produced the earlier Foresters with a diesel!
  21. Ooooh.....Just off the top of my head: For starters anyway....Just until I had some PROPER storage facilities....Then the collection could start in earnest!
  22. Sounds like a heart-breaking dilemma....Whatever you have to do, I hope someone else will save it if you're unable to....It's far too nice to merely scrap surely?
  23. Baz

    Shite update

    Yet more impressive stuff....I love an MX-5, as you know, and I think that pretty much every PROPER Shite-ist must have entertained thoughts of a Twingo at some stage....And with a great big sunroof too!....I'll keep an eye out for you....Do you still have that splendid little R6?
  24. Hmmm....Maybe I'll keep an eye out on Ebay for some!
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