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  1. I know that feeling! I spotted a very tidy looking Audi Coupé on my walk to work yesterday. Looking very colourful compared to the two modern cars either side.
  2. That manoeuvre fairly common in YT dashcam videos.
  3. I wondered if the 'new' wheel would fit but it seems like you have a solution to the problem. The standard steering wheels on these do look a bit odd without the Suzuki badge imo.
  4. 1990 Isuzu Impulse. 1.6 engine and 130 bhp which seems impressive for the time. I really like the front end styling...
  5. Rover 800 series familiarisation (1987) @Lord Sterling @Motown
  6. £1095 seems a bit salty for this petrol Almera N16 1.8 with that gash down the side... 2005 Almera 1.8
  7. I had one of those in brass (?) . Bought in Paris in 1993 on a school trip to France.
  8. Tina's other single 'Sorrento Moon' was about the time she saw some bogan dropping his trousers in public and waving his arse while standing on the roof of a Kia 4x4.
  9. What an eclectic car collection! 👍
  10. BMW are going to make their new cars easier to do DIY on. Appearently, it will be possible to remove the engine through the grille.
  11. One for the Alfisti who craves a challenge. 1982 Alfetta
  12. I have to say that I'm very impressed with the new purchase! 🙂 Guessed it would be a Honda Accord, so I wasn't too far off (Japanese - ish & larger family car).
  13. Can we lobby Mazda to put the 323 coupé back into production? Isn't that what Citroen did with the 2CV back in 1974?
  14. Dick Teague of AMC got the inspiration for the styling of what would be the Gremlin compact car in early 1966 when he tripped over a paperweight being used to prop open a door in the design office.
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