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  1. I think I had the same Daewoo brochure. Not a patch on those comprehensive Ford brochures of the time. I thought that the Espero was a damn nice looking car imo. At the time I never realised that it was GM J car underneath. Also, the front and rear doors on the Espero remind me of the ones of a Citroen Xantia.
  2. Same here!! 😀 The pub at some point...I really need to go and visit my 84 y o dad who got out of hospital last week. I'll probably take my Almera for a thrash to the Norfolk coast at some point.
  3. Spotted this on my government sanctioned constitutional. Imperial or Super Snipe? 1967 Humber Imperial by Matt W, on Flickr
  4. Just the one car. I haven't used it since Thursday afternoon so on the assumption that it fires up OK tomorrow - 100%. 🙂
  5. Hyundai Pony X2 Sonnet Miserable base spec
  6. 1997-98 Hyundai Accent saloon by Matt W, on Flickr
  7. Hells Bells!! Fantastic. Did they or did they not have alloys as part of the package? I thought that they had a 'teledial' type pattern. 'LEX' reg, so registered in Norfolk. Possibly sold by Mann Egerton.
  8. The Royale saloon my parents owned in 1985/6 was identical to the one in the brochure. The reg was KEX 460V. 2.8 litre carb engine minus air conditioning. Sadly not kept for long as the fuel cost was severely impacting their spending on cigarettes and other pointless crap. Instead of downgrading to a 2.0 litre car like the mark 1 Granada that preceeded it, they bought a 1980 Talbot Horizon 1.3 LS. A Chrysler 180/200 would have been cooler!
  9. A cheesy presentation on the American 1992 Eagle Talon.
  10. Earlier I was queuing outside Aldi, had the perfect opportunity to pap this minging Escort van on an O2 reg. I take it that they were replaced by the Transit Connect shortly after.
  11. I think it was Classic, Esprit, Elegance & Sport on the C class. The Avantgarde appeared on the googly eyed E class from 1995 inbetween Classic and Eegance iirc.
  12. I remember when these first came out, you could have then in "Esprit" spec, which was my favourite styling wise: kind of sporty styling. One up from "Classic" spec.
  13. That's how my parents' 2000 L's wheels were. Exterior wise it looked more like a GL as not only did it have the chrome wheel embellishers it also had the vinyl roof and front fog lights too. I learned this after I acquired a 1976 Ford brochure in the 1990s. All the other Granadas I used to see around in the 1980s tended to be Ghias with the T bar auto.
  14. Diesel down to 108.7p /litre at Asda. I brimmed my Almera from nearly empty for £41.85. 38.5 litres. My car must have a small fuel tank.
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