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  1. Metro 1.1 Ceeee! @Twin-Cam @egg rear wash wipe?! Luxury!
  2. Granada! My dad got sick of "that petrol smell" that seemed to be present in Fords so moved over to GM in 1985: Royale! Sadly that was the last of the big saloons until the boxy 1986 Carlton 2.2i CD arrived in 1993.
  3. No rear wiper until the SX spec.
  4. Ah, the decadent 1.6 spec on correct wheel trims. Mine was a povvo 1.4 in that 'off red' colour Fiat commonly used in the early 1990s. Identical interior. I liked mine but buyer beware: these Tempras can be money pits.
  5. Well @dollywobbler I hope that you can pull some luck out of the yellow "HubNut Bucket of Success" and a suitable unit comes available soon. 😀
  6. Oh Brother! About 10 days ago I posted on this thread about my car getting a scratch along the nearside front and rear door. Overnight I appear to have received a matching one down the offside. Same circumstances - had to park on the kerbside outside my block of flats. There is a car park round the back of the flats that I use but when it's either full or idiot neighbours or visitors insist on parking 1.5 car lengths from one another then it's kerbside only. This time I was more considerate of not obstructing the pavement as much as I did previously yet some scrote still decided to put deep scratches on it. It's impossible to park solely on the road as cars can't enter and exit the car park. As I said on my previous post, I hope that the arsehole gets some karma delivered to him/her. Just as well it's a car worth little. Seriously thinking about moving. I wish that houses and bungalows with off road parking didn't cost so bloody much to rent. Fuckers!
  7. Well bought! I remember What Car? magazine doing a brief 'new cars' write up of the 205 D Turbo around 30 years ago. I think it was maybe the first turbo diesel supermini and it wasn't cheap to buy new iirc. I kinda had my eye on used 205 n/a diesels back in 2001, having crashed my Fiat Tempra. Back then I never knew about the legendary reliability of the xud engines.
  8. Ah right. So if the Govt decides to end the 6 month extn, say next week, do those of us with Mots due in July and August not get the extension? Mine's due on 22nd of July.
  9. 728 or 730 Shirley? The person must have misread the vendor's scribblings when s/he typed up the ad for publishing. I have a 1992 copy of Auto Trader in a shoe box somewhere. I'll dig it out and get some scans.
  10. Well bought! Sorry to see the Tercel get moved on but it looked like a job and a half! The Sana/Florida looks looks from the front but it does look rather bulbous around the C pillar. I think the C pillar glass is too big. My dad (recently passed away) always bought used cars but when the new Yugo Sana came out I think he was considering buying one brand new. A 5 door Escort sized hatchback was as small as he was going to go. The parents of a girl in my year at school with had a red one I think. Replaced a mark 2 Cavalier.
  11. I remember it had a distinctive ramp and a canopy on the right...possibly an ajoining petrol station? Cringe alert! I used have a thing for car washes when I was little. Round the back just off Beech Drive there were two car washes! There's a sign in @Spottedlaurel 's photo advertising the fact iirc. My dad used to drive around the city on a Sunday to get me out of the house. The metal roll over machines of the 1970s and 80s were more interesting than the plastic clad affairs of today.
  12. Oh great, I now have a big scratch down the near side of my Almera. As if it didn't look shed like enough with the brown tape around the wings. mirrors. No proof of who did the deed. I hope the culprit(s) get a big dose of karma. A shitty time to do it too as my dad passed away 13 days ago. Making me think twice about getting a better car.
  13. Rover SD3 213S Auto Stunning! Also from the Ronda family... Accord Aerodeck EX
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