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  1. 1992 Polo Breadvan 1.3 CL - £999 'portrait' photo alert! I learned to drive in a 1.3 CL "coupé" in 1994-5 with the AA. Nice car.
  2. I guess I read it the same way, I read 'St-Inca' and thought 'St' was an abbreviation of SEAT.
  3. There's a narrow secondary entrance to the right of the staircase. Had the bike been positioned to the left of the staircase then it would have been less in the way. I think the bike's gone now. I heard the chain rattling earlier so yeah, hope it's a one off. It's up to the council how they want to handle it.
  4. Some self absorbed dick has parked their Suzuki motorbike in the communal hallway at my block of flats. Chained up to one of the internal drainpipes. Obviously done that to avoid getting it nicked or interfered with outside -but eh! Fuck anyone else who actually needs to get past it or if there's a fucking fire. Emailed the council about it. However, it will be too late to anything as I predict that the motorbike and it's user will leave in the early hours of the morning. Long before the Housing Officers begin their shift. It's a 1300cc engine if you're asking.
  5. John DeLoean tried to keep his car company solvent in the early 1980s with a side business selling talcum powder.
  6. I managed to clear out my dad's shed today and I found this. I doubt that's been used since 1993 as tht was when the last BLARG car my parents last had (MG Maestro 1600 with the aRse series engine) was traded in. I take it that brake and clutch fluid has a limited shelf life?
  7. I think @dollywobbler has driven the Chevette.
  8. Base 2.0 Auto, epic buy @captain_70s. Good luck with it.
  9. Simca 1501 Sacré bleu, how rare are these? The parents of a former school friend had an 1100 once and I used to see Matra Ranchos but never recall any of these or the 1000s. This one is a local Norfolk reg too. "Hnnnngggg!"
  10. Best looking German car ever! 1980s Porsche 928S2 (1) by Matt W, on Flickr 1980s Porsche 928S (2) by Matt W, on Flickr 2nd best looking in my opinion: NSU Ro80.
  11. 1986 Lancia Thema Turbo In Bristol.
  12. My sister's ex had one just like that on a C reg in the early 1990s, as a teenager I thought that it was fugging glorious.
  13. Yugo Zastava in that curious light blue/violet colour
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