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  1. Swaffham to Norwich for £6.20 seems OK to me. It's £5 return from the suburbs of Norwich to the City Centre.
  2. What sort of project - a four door convertible? That looks like a contender for the `eBay just scrap the bloody thing` thread.
  3. I do like the Rover 600 series a lot. This 620 Si is a bit battle scarred but has just 43,000 miles. Bidding currently at £320.00 620 Si
  4. I wanted a Minin Clubman estate for my first car. I absolutely love the colour of this one: https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/sat-6th-sun-7th-november/1971-morris-mini-clubman-estate/
  5. Bloody hell, I forgot all about that! I used to have my nose in the data section of What Car? magazines in the late 80s-90s. r1 was "pre radio kit". d was elec front windows and e was 4 electric windows. a was air conditioning.
  6. The ex police 150,000 mile1994 Escort saloon 1.8 diseasel for £250, bought in 2010. A surprisingly good car.
  7. that will be my current car. Paid £6750 for my 2018 Hyundai i10.
  8. I follow C Barker (credited in the books) on flickr. I enjoy viewing his photos featuring old cars and car washes. I sometimes have to correct him on some of the older cars he incorrectly identifies.
  9. I knew that Wolseley was ditched soon after launch but not Morris.
  10. RVJ 666S was up on the "Shite cars for sale“ facebook site. Now sold. Beige with quad round headlamps. (Morris?)
  11. Agree with the 1994-97 benchmark. I'd be happy driving a Corolla from that era. And even a Kia Mentor. Both cars were in the top 10 of the JD Power survey at the time.
  12. Around about 2006 I swear a few times I saw a white (Astra) Belmont on an N registration plate. Probably driven by a pair of scallies, maybe cloned with a v5 for a Daewoo Nexia or something.
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