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  1. Weren't they a 'One Hit Wonder' from the 1980s with they song "Candy Girl" ? Anyhoo, nice buy @Bigman1207 1988 will be the last year of the boxy Praries.
  2. It's on the passenger side of the front console. I used it a few times to hang my bags of chinese takeaways from. As @big_al_granvia says, I was jonny no mates on those occasions . The N15 Almera was praised for having excellent rear legroom but suffered with a small boot. The N16 managed to completely reverse that situation.
  3. Well bought! Another 53 reg Almera N16 owner! Now you can boast to your mates that your car has a 'curry hook' !! What spec is it - E or S spec? Baser spec is the way to go imo. Those rotary heater controls look a lot more user friendly than the push button jobbies on mine.
  4. I upvoted your comment btw. Great video. Never knew that Yugos were sold in NZ.
  5. My dad traded in the tappetty Talbot Horizon for this in 1990. His only Japanese vehicle. This was the first vehicle I had driven at age 13 or 14, around those en bloc garages.
  6. ProgRocker


    🤔 I think I had one of those in white When I was little. The black bonnet bulge rings a bell. And the dropside Transit pick up. And the Transit tow truck.
  7. I switched over to Challenge TV earlier this afternoon and caught the end of 'Wheel of Fortune' from the late 1980s, presented by a young and well coiffured Nicky Campbell. One of the star prizes was a Metro City in primrose yellow. The voiceover guy said it was an 'Austin Rover Metro' but I think Austin Rover was officially dropped by then.
  8. Late reg Peugeot 504 GR £11,495. Lovely example though. I wonder how much it would cost to export one from Nigeria or Kenya? *strokes chin*
  9. GR8 looking Rover 416 with less than 23k miles, £1100. 416 SLi
  10. I remember being a passenger in one of these once back around 1988. A dad of a schoolfriend had one in dark blue and drove shitters (120y replaced a rough looking mark 3 Cortina). It wasn't the nicest car to be in as it was funeral black everywhere and it was a bit 'plastic fantastic'. Nevertheless, I flipping love these 120Ys. Especially in this light blue colour and with the funky wheel trims. 😎
  11. Has the Daihatsu Charmant been mentioned? Speaking of booted Daihatsus, I still sometimes see this Charade around. Daihatsu Charade saloon by Matt W, on Flickr Also the attractive Suzuki Swift 4wd saloon (late 1980s/early 90s) and more contemporarily, the Kisashi that I assume was a sales flop.
  12. Whoa, I wasn't expecting this to get moved on so quickly.
  13. I keep meaning to go along for this for a gander but keep putting it off. I never realised that FSO were making the 125p as early as 1971. Capri 1.3 Cameo - Word Up!
  14. Cheers, I almost entirely forgot about Vauxpedia. I wiled away a couple of hours there earlier. Never knew about the HD Viva. In the loosest possible terms: a bit like a miniture Rover SD1...which I suppose eventually became the Cavalier 'J Car' 5 door.
  15. Development of the Ford 'Mountain'. Caution: may feature some poverty spec action towards the end.
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