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  1. I was hoping to get a ticket as a visitor without a vehicle that qualifies but it seems like I have missed the boat. Quite a shame as it's to be held in the next county to where I am based. Ho hum. Have a nice time chaps and chappesess! Maybe I'll visit next year if I can book a ticket early enough.
  2. You could still buy a 127 2 door saloon into the 1980s in base spec iirc. A few weeks ago I discovered that not only does Hyundai make (or made) a variation on the car I now own: 'Grand i10' for some other markets such as India. There's also a 'Grand i10 Sedan' sold in South America. Of course a Grand i10 saloon would sell about as well as Gary Glitter LPs in the UK today.
  3. I thought for a moment you bought this back @tooSavvy .
  4. I like the Maestro. 😀 My sister had a 1987 E reg 1.6 Mayfair in a darker shade of metallic blue (early 90s). The aftermarket alarm system kept draining the battery.
  5. I haven`t read all of the posts in this thread so I`m sorry if I missed it... The 1.3 A series has got to be a replacement engine at some point. Isn`t it? Unless there was a cock up at Cowley and no-one noticed! I had my nose buried in the new car data section of What Car? magazine in the late 1980s and the only 1.3 litre engine option was only for the saloon at the bottom of the range. Up to the facelift in 1988 when the 1.3 was dropped. Also, we'ren't all A series Austin Rovers 4 speed only? Bloody brilliant acquisition though. 😀
  6. THIS....has the best velour upholstery! 😎 Not a Bluebird.
  7. A little late and I don't the phrase for it in Italian but instead I'll say 'Bon Voyage!'
  8. 1979 Alfa Romeo Giulietta needing restoration: Alfa £1995
  9. Looks like my former Nissan Almera has been MOT'd. It was due to expire on 22nd July. It has the same old advisory of the chipped windscreen that it had for years. I dropped it off in Suffolk dealership so it's probably in that county now.
  10. Stab in the dark - I hope it's going to be a 1978 Cortina 1.6! Chodspeed!
  11. @AnthonyG @Bren I remember seeing a used C reg 820 or 825 on a used car forecourt once.
  12. I was under the impression that 1.6 litre engined cars had trims whereas the 1.3 litre ones had steelies. (I test drove a 1997 1.6 GLX once)
  13. My new i10 has a 35 litre tank. I was delighted when filling it to the brim the day after picking it up and spending less than £40 filling it up! MPG is currently only around 41, mostly urban. Only marginally better than the Almera diesel it replaced. However, I am stuck in crawling traffic quite a bit as roadworks taking place on the nearby bypass, so half the traffic are deciding to come through the city. Hoping mpg will improve once this congestion from hell buggers off.
  14. In the spirit of this thread, I have now removed the trims from my Hyundai. Bit of a bugger as you may notice the chrome wheel nuts. They hold the trims in place so it was out with the jack... I'd like to source some centre caps for it if they exist, a bit like the ones that fit on an Escort Mark 3 L/Popular/base.
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