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  1. Just spotted this on my lunchtime constitutional:
  2. Quite like some of American Motor Corporation's old model names like Javelin and even Gremlin. There were even little gremlin motifs on the car! Gremlin was the name of the small car VW Beetle competitor when it was in development and AMC just stuck with it. Also like Hornet too, although that was the name of a Hudson model before that company was amalgamated into AMC.
  3. Nissan trying to outflank Volvo in the 1980s boxiness stakes! C'est une voiture jolie @lesapandre . Excellente.
  4. Renault 16 TX automatic needing work. Bidding is currently up to £2,100. RENAULT 16 TX AUTOMATIC 1977 | eBay
  5. £5,000 for this Vauxhall Nova. Except this Vauxhall "No va" at present: needs an ECU. Looks like an SR
  6. Saab 99 brochure, including the turbo. What a lovely design this is. First car with headlamp wash wipe too apparently (1970).
  7. Big(ish) Fiats For The Win. I owned a 1990 Tempra 1.4 which was a basket case. Hope this Marea turns out to be easier to live with. (Just remembered I almost bought a W reg Marea 1.6 saloon in 2002 )
  8. My sister's first car was one of these. Same spec, registration letter, colour and even the lack of head restraints. This one's up for £3,500. Would look nicer with some Ghia spec chrome hubcaps and rim embellishers if any can be found. Escrot 1.3 GL
  9. Calibra . Bidding is currently at £1,020. Car is in Lowestoft. Calibra 2.0 ecotec
  10. My nomination is the Zanussi white 1994 Ford Escort 1.8 diesel L saloon I bought in April 2010. So good a car it was for £250 that I posted a thread about it here: Unsung hero: in praise of the Escort. This photo is shortly after I picked it up and removed the off white damaged Ford wheel trims:
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