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  1. A video about this has just been uploaded to YouTube: There's another one on the same channel about Bonnie & Clyde, uploaded a week ago.
  2. But money was spent redesigning the rear lights (albeit unnecessarily?) and I note that the rear filler cap has been repositioned.
  3. A shame that AMC didn't develop a 1.5 - 2 litre 4 cylinder engine for the 1970 Gremlin and perhaps even the Hornet. I heard that GM's wankel engine idea was a deliberate attempt to 'wrong foot' AMC. I wonder why Gremlin production continued after the Pacer was launched in 1975? They both cover the subcompact sector.
  4. I learnt in the past year that on rhd PSA cars the fuse box is in the same location as on lhd ones. So we Brits, Aussies, Japanese, etc have to make do with compromised gloveboxes.
  5. How about the early 1970s American compact cars like the Ford Pinto and the Chevrolet Vega? The Pinto story is famous but Vegas were transported from the factory stacked vertically in train cars. I wonder if this method contributed to the Vega's poor reliability.
  6. How reliable was the Fiat Strada? Did it ever get called the Fiat Stranded?
  7. I do like a series 3 Marina. £5k for this one. Should it have gone in the "eBay Bargains" thread? 1980 Marina 1300 L
  8. Bloody hell. Back in August/September 2010 I almost bought a 2005 1.6 VVTi Sport 3 door for £4995. Actually seemed quite cheap at the time (wonder if I remember the price correctly of if it had a tough life). It was up for sale at a Toyota dealers as well.
  9. 1982 Toyota Cressida. We're these the predecessor to the Camry?
  10. Local to Norfolk low mileage 1995/6 Citroen AX Elation - £2k. Not sure what engine...1124cc maybe? Advertised as a 1997 model but I'd doubt that as it's an N registration and the AX was replaced by the Paxo by then. AX Elation
  11. Citroen Visa? I'm on tenterhooks now.
  12. This Rover 75 V6 looks a bit tasty for £1,400. Connousseur auto
  13. Early mark 2 Fiesta 1.1 Ghia needing quite a bit of recommissioning, local registered car as well. Almost completely forgot about those front bumpers with built in overriders. 1984 Fiesta Ghia, 38k, £1695
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