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  1. It's been up for sale for a few weeks now.
  2. Sept 1994 - Jan 1995, I learned to drive withe AA, who used the phase 2 of the mark 2 VW Polo 'coupe' with rectangular headlamps (L or M reg). It was a CL spec. Instructor confirmed that it was the 1.3 l engine. Passed 2nd time.
  3. My Almera's top o'the range, so no. However, my previous car: the stop gap Escort 1.8 L diesel, most certainly is. I think some grandpas may appreciate a naturally aspirated diesel engine if they are tight.
  4. Some hot* Mitsubishi Galant V6 & Peugeot 607 action:
  5. Peak Mitsubishi styling imo along with the Galant.
  6. I made a comment on this video 5 years ago... As well as the buses there's some some Stellar action at 1:27 and a beige base looking Monty @ 2:48.
  7. I used to get 'What Car?' magazine from the late 1980s. A couple of times they ran group tests of the Yugo 45a and 65a against the Austin Rover/Rover Group Mini 1000. The Yugo would get rated one place below the the Mini, which I couldn't quite understand. The Mini didn't have a proper hatchback or a folding rear seat. Is the Yugo really that cramped inside? Maybe the Mini trumped the Yugo with it's large dashboard storage?
  8. Proton 1.5 with some funky side graphics. No bids so far, starting at £850 with 36 hours to go. LE for 'Limited Edition' ? Proton in Doom grey
  9. That car's reg looks vaguely familiar, I wonder if I have seen it in the past? I had to check my flickr photos but haven't snapped any Acclaims in this colour. DPW is a Norfolk reg. A former neighbour once had one in the late 80s or early 90s like this but that reg started 'A999...'
  10. ProgRocker

    TV cars

    Yep, growing up in the 80s I loved Kitt on Knight Rider. 'Turbo Boost'. I've been watching old episodes of Columbo over the past few years (channel 5 USA) and it's interesting to see the cars featured. Of course there's the lieutenant's PooJoe convertible but then the villans drive some interesting motors, more often often European cars over the Yank landyachts. Eg: the Citroen SM driven by Patrick McGooghan's character in the 1975 episode 'Identity Crisis':
  11. One of my 'dream garage' cars. I'd have one of these over a 130 coupé. I've never seen one in the flesh. I've never seen a pic of a red one, only silver, blue and black.
  12. Vauxhall Royale coupé convertible: Royale Not the most gracious looking of the big GM cars.
  13. One of my favourites. I regret not owning one of these (or an R8) when they were still a common sight on the road. Rover 213S auto. No MOT, will need a fair amount of welding though. SD3
  14. Wow, the Ford Aspire looks shite. Somehow I ended up in posession of a CD ROM of the original Ford Focus back in 1998/9. I didn'y have a PC then so I used one of the PCs at college to check it out. I think I flogged it on eBay some years ago.
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