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  1. This Rover 45 1.6 Impression makes a good, errrr....impression if genuine. 25k miles, realistic starting price, MOT til 22 Nov 21 and a FSH. It does have a rogue engine light. Impressive
  2. What a lovely lesser spotted Panda. Well bought @Kiltox
  3. I got two separate recalls for the Takata airbags on my Almera over the past few years. I certainly felt like a pauper taking it to Nissan Main Dealer. Takata are no longer in business unsurprisingly.
  4. The headteacher of my 1st school had a Toyota Cressida! (circa 1983) Or maybe a Corona? I don't quite know how I worked that one out as the name on the boot was in italics and my acquired basic car knowledge at the time didn't extend to 1970s Japanese ones. Other than it began with "C". Perhaps I asked my mum, dad or one of my sisters what the "squiggly writing" on the back of the 'coke bottle' Toyota read. It was replaced by a Volvo 343 by the mid 80s.
  5. Consul or Granada? Sadly lacking a lot of glass, which I suspect may be hard to procure. Estate
  6. Seeing those 'Automatic' badges on the back of old Ford Granadas and Cortinas (usually in the middle above the the bumper?) gets me feeling all nostalgic.
  7. The Montego saloon C pillar glass not lining up with the rear door windows used to give me serious OCD back in the day.
  8. "The Cornwallis". Sounds like one of those names a new build house builder calls one of their overpriced detached dwellings.
  9. Have you ever driven a mark 3 Cavalier* on a skid pan track? Would that count? * might even have been an 2.0 Sri for extra bonus points. I've never driven a Maestro either. However if my parents had kept their shite MG 1600 for an extra year / 18 months I could have been a named learner driver on theirs.
  10. 1972 Vauxhalls and Bedfords! https://youtu.be/ogtV96GMLCg
  11. Seeing the pics of that Maestro kinda makes me want a curry.
  12. This very late Vauxhall VX looks rather tasty. It's in one of my favourite colours too. Current bidding up to £5.3k. VX 2300 GLS auto
  13. Hi 

    I’d like to buy your Ford Book please.

    my address is 

    RichRd Snelus

    20 Wingfield Grove


    Milton Keynes

    MK10 9 AU.

    Cheapest post method will be fine, send me your details and I’ll pay by PayPal or transfer now.



    1. ProgRocker


      Hi Richard,

      So that'll be £6 please.

      For paypal, my email address is: nurserycryme71@gmail.com .



  14. I've told this story before. Back in 2002 I rented a council lock up. Signed the paperwork, paid the first rent installment and picked up the keys at a local area housing office during my work lunch break. After work I drove straight to the garage in my 1990 Mini Racing Green to put it to bed. Unlocked it only to find someone had left an E or F reg mark 2 Fiesta in there! I wasn't sure if it was an XR2 or a Barried 957cc Popular Plus but it had a colour coded body kit and pepperpot alloys. Called the Police who confirmed it was stolen so they sent a couple of coppers to investigate,
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