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  1. No picture sadly but there's a red 1989 Peugeot 405 GR that is due to be going through the auction in mid May. MOT expires in July though. EAMA Classic & retro auction - Norfolk
  2. I'm convinced that the Fiat 130 coupé & Gamma coupé influenced the styling of the Ford Granada mark 2 (designed by Uwe Bahnsen?).
  3. Nice buy @richykitchy . Best of British Luck with it. The only SM I've ever seen in the flesh is this one a decade ago:
  4. I vaguely recall this model was being considered for the UK market, to be sold as a Lada for a list price of under £3000 (1990 ish). Of course it never happened. Bugger all profit margin I suspect.
  5. I had one in an identical colour during the 2000s. The best car I've owned to date. 1999 1.4 S - bigger steel wheels I think but no aircon.
  6. 1977/78 Lotus Elite driving past making a high pitch whine. @Skizzer
  7. Nice Granada! My parents owned a not so posh 1976 2000 L in the early 1980s in diamont white + vinyl roof.
  8. I was about comment about this. What a beast!
  9. AMC, Easy as 1 2 3, Easy as Doh Ray Me AMC, 1 2 3, Baby you and me.
  10. I'm keeping my late dad's old tools. I just need to sort out some heavy duty storage boxes for the bigger stuff. My sister has removed the two decades old vices from his workbench. A photo of which is on @ETCHY 's Autoshite Vice thread.
  11. I remember that group road test. It included the 'new' Peugeot 406. They described the Toyota Carina E as the ideal bank robber's car because few witnesses would able to remember it.
  12. Brewed in my home city apparently. My dad told me it wasn't very nice.
  13. @vulgalourI think this one needs adding to the wedgister: Princess 2.2 HLS What does HLS stand for - HighLine Special? Sounds palatial.
  14. I watched this a couple of years ago. The pompous cow lost her job over it iirc so karma got served.
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