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  1. finding one that is MOT'able would be the Challenge - fiat cinquecento. I have heard they are even more fun than the punto sporting I drove for a while and that was an absolute hoot. Would fit your brief for fun. Not a clue on prices though. Assume hot fords, renaults and peugots from the early 2000's are out of that price bracket now.
  2. If you stretch to a T6 lookout for the petrol 2litre. Tiz a slightly detuned GTI lump and goes like the clappers Unicorn jizz though....
  3. Drives my missus nuts when I say that.
  4. Start with the basics and build from there. Logically think things through rather than jumping to conclusions. Hence my advise ie to get hold of one of these and read. It covers the 1b1 and updates done to the 1b3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362422164877?epid=86407881&hash=item54620b5d8d:g:SmwAAOSwP65bgmBO I expect a PDF can be found somewhere. if you have vpn Looking at the photo you have no vacuum at the pulldown (black thing) Have you connected all the vacuum pipes correctly and the electrics? If I remember correctly there is an accelerator pump(?) the other side of the carb (from that picture) that needs 12 volts and is wired to some temp switches in the water system. On mine the switches were in the water feed to the auto choke. Also with carbs everything needs to be spotless bit of grit will block a jet! and no air leaks. Check the basics first!!!
  5. It will be fine Nothing that your growing arsenal of skills cannot fix .
  6. if have not had heated front screen before. ENJOY Did you look under the rear arch liners? If not worth a look and a paint if they are good as the rest of car....
  7. This just popped up on me faceache feed. Post it on AS I though. Hmmm! Where? Ah!! Should cause some more grumpiness or less depending where you sit on the "All Vauxhalls are shite!" Mantra
  8. I left on the north side of Bristol that I can go in.. All the rest closed down or they strip the bits... Times move on etc. most parts on Ebay now are from scrappies gone legit(ish) and blokes doing it from home as a sideline. I used to enjoy rummaging around when I was younger. Viva pedal boxes was the most common thing to go and get.
  9. Wheels are commonly referred to as golf g60 wheels. Those are 15". The car is sat on lowered springs and had the arches rolled as well. All done before I bought it Helpful if you know your engine designation. (1st 2 letters of the engine serial number. Memory is cloudy on that detail) Vapour trap - No 36 in this parts diagram https://audi.7zap.com/en/rdw/audi+80+90+avant/a80/1982-3/1/129-26000/ I found that using german sites and german ebay was useful. Ask nicely and a lot of sellers on german ebay will ship to you. Lots of parts are common to VW as well so having the part number helps cross reference. 7 zap helps a lot. For water temp - iirc there is a hole in the head at the back of the engine. A sender some wires and a gauge should do the trick.
  10. Did think of you when it was mentioned on the radio the other day. Glad to hear you and family are OK. Fingers crossed for the house.
  11. Very nice. 1600 CL same as mine was. Enjoy as they are a nice car. Be very careful with the vapour trap when you replace the pipes. NLA and only fitted for a year or so. Also make sure you really check the rear of the sills and around the rear axle trailing arm(?) mounts to the body they hide the rust in this area very well. Look through 'Dodgey Bastards' posts on here. If I remember correctly the B2 he had broke there whilst on the motorway . An acquaintance of his now owns mine Last I heard it was stripped ready for another engine but have not heard of it since. That was a couple of years ago. A picture of it polished to oblivion. Rust was just starting to take hold and It looked better at 10 feet. Let me know if you need spares. I have some bits left lurking in the garage that I was going to sell but never got around to. Some alternators starter motors and distributors. Shipping will be very expensive though
  12. Sedan! AAAARRRRRFFFGGHHHHHH It is a saloon. Just as an estate is not a fudgepacking wagon! Had to let it out somewhere
  13. ^^^ what he said. NO! A chat with my misses Not holbecks. Please pm when you have definitely made your mind up. Preferably in 2 months time. Will be back in my own house by then.
  14. and me. seriously tempted always wanted one.
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