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  1. one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SMART-FORFOUR-BRABUS-SMART-BRABUS/332850004180?hash=item4d7f6800d4:g:y6UAAOSw0W9bzhSb
  2. MK1 forum is usually pretty good. I used to ask stuff on there about my old Audi. They have a couple of VW electrical whisperers on there as well. Relay/ignition - Fuse boxes on these are notoriously weak so make sure ALL connections are OK. Check for heating/burn around the plugs on the rear. Good pin connector function guides on the MK1 forum on these as well. Looking at the age of the car you should have the better* mk2 version of the fusebox. Think you are right track at moment and good perseverance sir!
  3. well bought sir. Been thinking about a 400 for a while now. Cannot force myself off the wall though....
  4. My bet is they are mini wheels. You can still buy them in 4" pcd
  5. Sills and arches are available now. Also wings but expect to pay top dollar for 2nd hand NOS. Club is helpfull/good in my experience current commitee seem to be very open to all walks of Viva owners. If you are going to buy one do it now as prices are starting to rise quickly...
  6. Post on ebay says the Cortina got nicked over the weekend. Very sad sad for the owner.
  7. Went to Louth in deepest Linconshire, against all advice form some parties in this parish.... Saw plenty of tat and 2 bucket specials going to shows only managed to pap a couple though. Spot of the day was a matt black 55 or 56 Chevy in pro street format just outside Lincoln We waved at this bloke. a couple of times. Must have thought we had an allegro licking problem. Swear I have seen this or its ilk on the Blue forum...
  8. Followed this on the way home yesterday sorry absolute shite pic. This was parked next to an older range rover. Again on the way home. shite photo. Rather nice pair to see. Wondered if the cortina was a 2.3 after I went past but alas no its a 2.0ghia
  9. not exactly a spot. At local car show. I did have a moment. Thankfully tissues were not needed
  10. Depends what your mate is looking for. I have various bits engine ancillaries stripped off it. No interior parts though and I am still talking to the new owner.
  11. If its the red one you talking about thats a £5 more than I paid for it. NOS too never been fitted And it wasn't just a loose pipe. Believe me....
  12. my little (zilch) knowledge of caravans says those wheels are 4" PCD which means they are probably Vauxhall or early BL. BUT they look like capri ones. Shame tis not a twin axle!!
  13. Well its back up.(insert Finbar Comment here!). Took the column assembly out of the car looked everywhere for a bolt hole, remains of plastic stopper, thingmyajig in a hole and finding no trace. Staring at pictures on fleabay to see if there was something missing. I decided to have a go at getting it back up. At my age this is some challenge! So ignition key in position one, holding the column frame between me feet sit on the garden bench and pull on the bolt with a pair of molegrips. Expecting to rearrange my teeth when the tiny bit of fine threaded bolt engaged in the coarse threaded column gave up the fight. A couple of goes a bit of jiggling to get the right spot and it came up far enough for me to remove the key and the steering lock now holds it. Sill got my teeth I thought. Will it stay there! Quick get it into the car! 15 minutes later. Well nearer 30. Got it in the car and after a quick test drive I need to get the cowlings back on and get the wheel and clock spring in the correct position. Air bag light is on as I did not put it back on so battery is disconnected and the wait begins.....Hopefully will have an unstreet ornament by this afternoon.
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