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  1. done, After an almighty struggle logging into paypal. Still cannot get in on my PC. ggggrrrr
  2. PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR A CRAPPY CALENDAR PURPLE MONKEY DISHWATERORNAMENT FAKE LOL DOLL INFLATABLE DOUBLE ACTING WOOFTY-VALVE 1; barefoot 2; Craig the Princess 3; Sickboy 4; Rob88h 5: KruJoe 6: Fumbler 7: worldofceri 8: adw1977 9: Stephen01 10: djoptix 11: N19 12: NorthernMonkey 13: HillmanImp 14: gm 15: scdan4 16: MorrisItalSLX 17: Asimo 18: Frogchod 19: Captainboom 20
  3. always wondered if it was my aging brain mixing stuff up. Could not be bothered to look it up again as I will never have the money to do it.....
  4. Have you asked to see how they do it? Takes 2 shells to make a proper rally shortie. A 2 door shell to a approx a 6 inches behind the A pillar and the rest backwards from a hatchback shell. They are probably making a good living from it with the money that sloshes around. Need VERY good welding skills mind. I seem to remember reading somewhere the also narrowed the shell by a foot but I may just be making that up in my addled old brain. As with MK1 escorts it will not be too long before shells will be made from scratch. There cannot be many 2 door audi 80 b2 shells left in europe.
  5. ^^^^^ as stated in ad these change hands for north of 100k. People who buy these would not think twice about making a shortie with the running gear, log book and 2 other shells. Look up how much a genuine shortie changes hands for......
  6. Good man. All std. There are a few closet viva lickers on here... I had the privilege to own this for a few years. Back with its original owner now.
  7. Brilliant work Whose is that rather nice HC Viva?
  8. I suspect you will already have parts but this just turned up on a banger racing group on facebook. I joined years ago to try and save a Viva. Group is private and would need to be joined etc. Current owner is roffling it. Car looks like it is in Ireland as price in euro's. https://www.facebook.com/groups/132989750101871/permalink/3499046426829503/?__cft__[0]=AZUNyxCkWNXLOJtYBgraSFTipJp3gjFQzma2B8HgLc3yMKGVhmmuX2salOOHdNPV9ZSGZaTnDH_LZE3UTFaAdLDtpAd-FeGkQLWYCz5HIm6U3jNX5U7D7v6zgvqENegwxpXpj5QqdocyDSmYXq3lDKqABVy0uoomLsNfYgOZRPsqR6geRBAt6mtxETkaoZvVzA8&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  9. How much was being asked for the green cortina as sold already
  10. Could be worth the effort. smoke around for a year if the rear end is not too bad. Tis priced to sell!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-Lexus-LS400-V8-Spares-Repair-or-Export/254734610113?hash=item3b4f5daec1:g:xsIAAOSwfWJfJUUh How do you copy image into post. I have lost me phu skills. Only option seems to be download to hard disk and reupload?
  11. may be worth looking at. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1987-Nissan-Bluebird-sgx-not-turbo-jdm-Japanese-classic/133531968059?hash=item1f1720223b:g:-g8AAOSwX1pfci-0
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