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    Save Lancia!

    I’ve done 9k miles in a Giulia since Jan, great car, as reliable as any Audi I ever had (incl. A5 / TTRS / S4) Our MD has an X5, same age, fewer miles, rattles are driving him nuts (I told him yesterday he should chop it in for a reliable Italian car). My first Alfa & would have another!
  2. Great photos - thanks for posting! I remember going in there to blag some brochures when I was on holiday in Worthing as a kid!
  3. I saw an immaculate - white! - 08-plate pre-facelift 75 Tourer in Princes Risborough yesterday, an old boy in his 70s loading his shopping into it ????
  4. Holy thread resurrection Batman (etc.) I sourced this from the attic of a former dealership a fortnight ago - makes me smile just thinking that it had probably been sitting there since c. 1984! Looking vastly better after a shampoo & rinse: This will feature in the new Autoshite Northamptonshire showroom that is being built in Q1/2 2017 - watch this space!
  5. Stumbled across this yesterday - not sure if it's been posted before, but 5 minutes of pure gold - makes 1981 seem like a very, very long time ago... Would have loved to have been at that Birmingham City Council / Tourist Board meeting: "Right, who's the best ambassador for our great city? Jasper Carrott? Martin Shaw? One of Duran Duran?" "Nah, Telly Savalas." Great soundtrack - I was half expecting CHiPs' own Jon Baker & Frank Poncherello to be in pursuit of the Allegro bombing down the outside lane of the "multi-carriageway motorway" - makes Brum look like LA! According to the comments on YouTube, Telly never even visited - his voiceover was recorded in Soho. So much for spending "hours" in the Botanical Gardens, eh Tel?
  6. Excellent! I've still got mine (the silver D-reg), but it's now gone back to sleep after a close shave with a dodgy bodyshop that was meant to restore it but instead partially dismantled it then did a runner with both mine & some other customers' money... plus I lost a battery and set of keys (just as well I'd had a spare set cut). Thieving c**t! But hey, on the bright side, he was up-to-date on the rent on his unit so his landlord released my car back to me. Lessons learned? Far too many...
  7. I'm going - and I'm pleased to announce that my Subaru pickup is going to be one of the (75?) vehicles on display Got to wash, polish & vacuum it beforehand, though
  8. Only just stumbled across this! As resident old-skool Subaru fan, how are you getting on with it?
  9. ...which clearly Range Rover thought was a great idea... coming to a hairdresser's near you soon:
  10. Volvo clearly think that the car-buying public have missed the AMC Eagle so much that they've decided to re-invent it... enter the new S60 XC! The latest answer to a question nobody asked...
  11. Never driven one but I like the look of these... and so much cooler than the ubiquitous Mk1 VW Caddy, too
  12. Makes my upcoming Subaru 1800 GLF Hatchback restoration look like a walk in the park by comparison... I shall no longer be frightened of getting in quotes for the job! Just brilliant... keep on posting the updates... like many on here I'm loving this!
  13. Peter Stevens' MG Rectum prototype (funny how both MG and Ssangyong are both now owned by SAIC) Apparently a handful of the below were "officially" built before Honda expressed their displeasure...
  14. Renault Fuego convertible (one-off concept) by Heuliez... ...and Subaru XT convertible, a period US-market local conversion that looks good enough to be factory:
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