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  1. Goldendays could be an option as well. http://goldendaysparts.co.uk/
  2. NHK296M - I noticed that the Cortina in one of the shots had lights on the roof. Were these a later addition or just temporary for a particular show?
  3. Wuvvum is in Norwich so nice and local for you.
  4. The cassette has decided to go on a go slow. Have tried different head cleaners to no avail. Assuming it is knackered does anyone know if they were specific to the Rav or would Toyota have used them across the range? She uses the cassette to listen to plays and is loathe to move into the 20th century world of cd.
  5. not sure on age of pics. just checked details of another car in the pic and the liability date was 2002 so assume they are at least that old.
  6. It's Coleman milne but that doesn't show up on dvla.
  7. now that is funny.I really should check all spellings of hearse.
  8. Got the number from a pic. it is a ford hearse.
  9. Thanks for the replys.Have tried a couple of the sites and the number doesn't show up(including DVLA).I assume the car has been stored for a while but thought it should still be registered. The reg is eun766d. Would someone check for me to see if I have done something wrong. Thanks again.
  10. what site can I check vehicle details from it's reg number. I have seen people on here put up details before but can't find the thread.Thanks in advance.
  11. That was at the NEC last year.
  12. jjp666

    Solara spot

    Spotted this in Kings lynn.
  13. As the treasurer of a club that has exhibited for years I can confirm that the stand is free and you just pay through the nose for anything from the NEC.
  14. Just checked the Radio times and it is on in England as well.I'll get me coat!!!!!!!!
  15. "Does any of London actually look like this? "That looks like the old Beckton gasworks. It crops up in lots of films and tv. Oasis used it in one of their videos as well.The Mercury phone is in Liverpool st station.
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