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  1. I don't think so as if I remember correctly his was in a dark metallic grey which I thought really suited the car, I think it was an S reg. If it wasn't him then someone had one on here like that years ago.
  2. Is that the one that was photographed in a shed somewhere in Scotland that disappeared shorty after the photo was taken and feared scrapped by most? If so would be great to know that it's survived. (your comment about being in a different part of the UK to you hints it could be). The car in question : Also re the 4th car its nice to know another special edition Regency survives other than the carcass that was bravely dragged from a farmers field a few years ago.
  3. Although new road legal number plates made must contain the BS number and the plate makers name and postcode, MOT inspectors are NOT required to check that any of these are present so they can't fail a vehicle for not having them. This is taken from the latest MOT manual (from 20/5/18) The inspection doesn’t include: the suppliers name outside of the minimum margin around the registration numberpostcode outside of the minimum margin around the registration numberBS number outside of the minimum margin around the registration numberlogos or emblems outside of the minimum margin around the registration number Another interesting line from the manual: Vehicles registered before 1 September 2001 can have larger plates fitted with characters 89mm high and other relevant dimensions that are subsequently larger. and even more interesting: Registration plate characters: must be laid out in the correct format for the age of vehicle So technically that means that pre 2001 cars should be displaying 'Old Charles Wright Font' and not 'New Charles Wright Font' as the format is different using 'New Charles Wright Font' as the sequence starts further in to both the left and the right. So the law contradicts itself by stating that new number plates fitted to pre 2001 vehicles must use the 'New Charles Wright Font' but to pass an MOT they must display plates that use the 'Old Charles Wright Font' which you cannot buy because it's illegal to make them.
  4. There appears to be a body slumped in the Mitsubishi
  5. Yes and a blueline which had er a blue line down the side. Redline Blueline In about 1994 a friend of mine who lived in the same village her father had the Blueline and I remember her telling me they did a Redline version aswell. It was exactly the same spec and colour as the one above it was also an F reg.
  6. A Rover Sterling is a nice car (my daily is a Rover 75) but i'm not looking to swap/px the Audi for anything but thanks for the offer.
  7. So far i've only advertised it on here as I figured this would be the best place to find it a good home and the Autoshite community would see its merit more than most. I shall advertise it more widely if there are no takers here.
  8. I'm in Pembrokeshire. Thanks for the positive comments guys. I'm not looking to make big money on it just like to find it a good home. My dad passed away in February this year and I had planned to keep it but as i'm not going to use it and the tax/insurance has run out its now just sitting on my Mums drive so i've realised it's probably best to sell it on. My father used it every other day to go from the village to the local town but didn't drive far as he was 90.
  9. For sale Audi 80 SE 1994 L reg 1.6 petrol in Indigo Blue Metallic. This was my late fathers car I had considered keeping it but have now decided to sell it. It was originally my car and I bought it in January 2009 and passed it on to my Dad in late 2010 prior to us it’s had three owners I think the first owner was Audi themselves as according to the service book they carried out the delivery inspection and their head office address is given, also I’ve noticed quite a few Audi 80s with L***JRX number plates so probably a staff car or possibly a press one. It’s MOTd until 11th December 2015 and the mileage is 109552. The mileage on the current MOT when it was carried out was 109345 so it hasn’t done a lot since then it also had no advisories. The cam belt was changed at 99485. The car is in good condition for it’s age but does have a few scratches on it (a lot of fine ones on the bonnet/boot) but these may polish out. The interior is in excellent condition with no rips to the seats or damage, there is slight wear to the steering wheel, the radio has been disconnected but it can be reconnected and it then works. The car drives nicely and good tyres all round and stops and starts no problem. The original owner (Audi?) specified quite a few options, it has sports seats, sports steering wheel (possibly leather), alloy wheels (5), extra gauges, rear spoiler (rare) and I think the Sony Radio was an optional extra. The worst part of the car is that the lacquer has peeled off the rear wing on the passenger side and there is some smaller lacquer peel to the rear bumper. This happened when we had a bad winter a couple of years ago and doesn’t seem to have got any worst. It also needs an exhaust rubber in the centre as the rubber has split this means the exhaust slightly rattles normally when cornering but its not hanging down so you don’t notice. But its an easy and cheap fix and doesn’t affect how it drives. I have the handbooks/service books in the dealer wallet, the service book shows an Audi main dealer stamped service up to 56686. There are three original keys with two dealer key fobs (Sinclair Audi) the number plates also have Sinclair Audi surrounds fitted and they are the correct original 90’s font. I also have a folder of receipts for work carried out over the years, items bought and old MOT certificates. Although my father wasn’t a car enthusiast he did believe in looking after his cars and always checked the fluids and had the car serviced if it needed anything he‘d get it done. He also regularly washed it and took good care of it. It would be nice to see it go to someone who would appreciate it. I'm guessing my location may be a problem for many as i'm in West Wales. £350
  10. Exactly what I thought. Kate Humble was a Top Gear presenter long before her Springwatch days. I always thought she was really good on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MJFesHH0UA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfu5K2RsQqU How many people know that Julia Bradbury was also a Top Gear presenter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Roaq5YCMJsk
  11. The 2.5 has belts that need changing this is a difficult and expensive job. (edit: after reading the above post I guess the 2.0 also has difficult to change belts) I have a 75 Club diesel and they are amazing cars, the interior feels very upmarket far more than a Merc or BMW and they won't rust like a Merc or BMW. Whatever one you go for i'm sure you'll really like it.
  12. I didn’t mention the 70’s as being good for not rusting. Car Mechanics magazine did an article in 2013 looking at cars built from 1998-2008 and they mentioned that cars from this period (and probably newer time will tell) have not been as well rust proofed as cars from the 80’s to mid 90’s. Mercedes Benz and Mazda are a good example of manufacturers whose cars built in the late 80’s early 90’s are far most rust resistant than the cars they have built in the 00’s. Statistics show that cars don’t last as long as they previously did with the previous average age lifespan for a car being 12 years this is now 9 years, mainly due to electrical problems and cost of repairs because of complex layouts hence I mentioned manufacturers don’t rust proof as well as they don’t expect/want their cars to last that long in todays throw away society.
  13. If it does let's hope that the current owner can access names and addresses of all previous owners for the said vehicle that will save £5 and a V888. (Just like you can print out all previous MOT history).
  14. I think one of the reasons for these rusting so badly is that they are made at Fords Valencia factory in Spain. Cars made in this factory often appear to rust far worst than those made in their British, German and Belgium factories, possibly the reason being poor quality Spanish steel. Of course alot of cars (of all makes) made since the Millennium are poorly rust protected compared to cars made in the 80's/90's as for one thing they are cutting production costs and another is that they don't expect new cars to last much longer than about 8/9 years partly because of all the electrical crap they put in and partly because they don't want them to last so joe public have to buy new ones.
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